Touching video: Obama comforts distraught marina owner in NJ

I just saw this on MSNBC and had to find the video. This is the best I can find, if you turn your speaker up you can just hear the woman speaking. Her name is Donna Vanzant, and she owns the marina that the President was visiting. Apparently she started crying when she met the President, and he gave her a huge

I transcribed a little bit of the video:

President Obama comforting Donna Vanzant, New Jersey marine owner hit hard by Hurricane Sandy

President Obama comforting Donna Vanzant, New Jersey marine owner hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

OBAMA: (Sees Vanzant, turns around, walks over to her. At this point, I think the woman was already crying and Obama saw it, that’s why he came over.)

How are you? Are you okay? (Obama comes closer and gives her a hug.)

It’s tougher here. We’re gonna help you, we’re gonna help you get it all together, all right? I promise, promise. You’re gonna be okay. Everybody’s safe, right?

VANZANT (nods).

OBAMA: That’s the most important thing, then we’re gonna get this whole thing set up. I got my guy Craig (Obama, still hugging woman, yells for Craig).

CRAIG: Yes sir.

OBAMA: This is the owner of the marina, right here. I wanna make sure that she knows that we’re gonna immediately make sure that she gets the help she needs to get this all back together again.

VANZANT (Voice breaking, President still holding her): Thank you, thank you.

Here’s a great AP of the President comforting her.  These kind of moments matters in campaigns.  They’re difficult to fake, but they’re also difficult to prepare for – imagine Mitt Romney confronted with a crying woman.  What would he do?  One suspects: Not this.

Below is the video:

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18 Responses to “Touching video: Obama comforts distraught marina owner in NJ”

  1. Buddy Dallas says:

    HOw is it going liberal bloggers, way to make compariiosn illumination your insane love for the empty suit of the united states You Liberal make me sick, becuase you have no intellectutal brain cells to comprehend that the president can’t do a Damn thing, no president can’t. If Obama can;t get it done an now its been 2.5 months no one. 1 month from now I’m going to be laughing. Let me ask one thing, if you know your right, how do you know your 100% right. with out reading. I know I’m 100% right because I raed, I have deductive reasoning. Everything on her is talking about points. I’ll be a winnner when it all fails for you liberals, Its Bush’s falt yep. Well Obama can’t use that line now, so who is he going to blaim now.

  2. Buddy Dallas says:

    and your real idiot

  3. SandyVic says:

    OK, it has been a month – Still No Help for her !!!!

  4. milli2 says:

     Olympia Snowe is leaving the Senate specifically because she can’t take
    the insanity of her party anymore. Sad. She’s the ONLY republican that I
    ever voted for.

  5. HelenRainier says:

    This was amazingly touching and heartfelt. This kind of compassion and sincerity is very difficult to fake. This makes me proud of both President Obama and Governor Christie — seeing and watching working together to help people who have just lived through perhaps the most devastating experience of their lives. Bravo!

  6. guest says:

     I think it was Jon Stewart who explained it best lately…he said that Romney was assembled at FoxConn in China, the factor where they make the Iphones.

  7. Naja pallida says:

    Bush didn’t even cancel his vacation until 2 days after Katrina.

  8. Robert says:

    Hurricane Sandy has given our east coast, particularly New Jersey, a pre-election dose of reality. Reguardless

  9. Guest says:

    What’s interesting is that the Republican Party is splitting apart.  I thought it would only happen if Romney lost, but it’s in full bore already:  Chris Christie, Mike Bloomberg, Colin Powell, Chuck Hagel, Susan Eisenhower.  Will there be more before election day?  What’s becoming clear is that the lunatic, no-nothing right-wing has so co-opted the Party and indimidated their wet-noodle candidate that moderate, thinking people who have some respect for facts, knowledge and learning have been driven to conclude that there is no room for them in this insanity. So, OK, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Mike Voinovich, Christie Whitman, etc?  Do you have the courage of your convictions?  Or are you content to remain cowards?  Any willingness to step up to the plate and call things as they are? 

  10. Romney would tell her to borrow money from her parents.

  11. BeccaM says:

    No, I think this is an excellent point you make. The side-by-side comparisons would be illuminating.

  12. guest says:

    What are you guys talking about?  Mitt always shows so much concern for us common folk!   like when Mitt said to a woman during Hurricane Issac–when she told him that her house was gone and she had no place to go 
    “go home and dial 211”.  Duh?  The man doesn’t have a caring bone in his body! 

  13. Billcoop4 says:

    I cannot see the former Gov. of Massachusetts even remotely being able to emote this well–both the President and Gov. Christie are clearly showing their empathy.  Even if it’s acting (which I do not think at all), Mitt could not do this

    This was a President caring and being careful also not to overcommit or over-promise.  But he was also clearly a caring human being, and gets it (as does, I think, Gov. Christie).

  14. Guest says:

    Mitt Romney is unquestionably the weirdest major party candidate I’ve seen in my 70 years of life in this country.

  15. Peteagassi says:

    President Obama is a REAL HUMAN BEING. 

  16. Guest says:

    Uh yeah:  “There’s this woman, I think she owns a marina.  I think it’s someplace like, uh, New Jersey — or somewhere.  And we need to absolutely make sure the Federal government gets out of the way so –uh, uh — the local people or –uh, uh, uh — better yet the — uh — private sector — uh — can give her a chance to pull herself up by her bootstraps and get behind herself and — uh — push her way back to creating jobs as a small businessperson,  blah, blah, blah.”,

  17. psychobroad says:

    OMG awesome! Can you imagine Romney, or God forbid GW Bush in this situation? It would be cringe-worthy!

  18. HereinDC says:

    This is 2 days after the hurricane Sandy that President Obama is on the ground.

    John, how about the a parallel pic of 4th day after Katrina of President W Bush flying over New Orleans.

    Yes, I know it’s a dig, but since this is election time, wouldn’t hurt to remind people of a Republican’s govern.

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