Top farm subsidy areas overwhelmingly supported Romney


Just as the Romney class conveniently forgets that they are recipients of federal giveaways, many farmers also have a convenient memory. They just hate the 47% types of people who can’t get enough of those federal tax dollars but hey, it’s completely different when it’s them who are receiving the cash.

It’s not just Red State Socialism that is popular, but Red County Socialism as well. And then there’s Corporate Socialism, CEO Socialism, Wall Street Socialism, Big Oil Socialism and well, you get the picture.

Much like Texas asking to secede, the freeloading farmers who voted for Romney can also turn in their citizenship any time they like. Just pay back what you received and we can call it a day.

Mmmm, smells like hypocrisy:

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The BGOV Barometer shows nine of the 10 counties collecting the most in farm subsidies last year backed Romney, with Stoddard County, a rice, corn and cotton producer in southeast Missouri, voting for the Republican over President Barack Obama by the biggest margin, almost three-to-one. Farmers there got $13.5 million in farm subsidies in 2011, ranking seventh on the list.“Farmers vote Republican but they like Democratic programs,” said former Representative Charles Stenholm of Texas, who served as the top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee while in office and is now a lobbyist. “They consider themselves to be conservative, and if something is important to them, then they don’t consider that liberal.”

Of the top 10, only majority-black Bolivar County, Mississippi, supported Obama. Bolivar County, in the state’s rural Delta region, took in $13.6 million in farm aid in 2011. Seven other counties — four in Arkansas, two in California, and one in Texas — gave Romney at least 60 percent of the vote, according to an analysis of election data and agricultural subsidies. Whitman County, Washington, also favored Romney, though only by a 50-47 percent margin with about 5 percent of the vote left to count.

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