Romney rally jokes about Hurricane Sandy flooding NYC

Yes, that whole thing about over 100 people dying, and billions of dollars of damage from Hurricane Sandy, is hysterical.

This man is a top Romney surrogate.  He spoke at the Republican convention.  And he’s making jokes at a Romney rally about New York City being devastated by Hurricane Sandy

Artur Davis, a former Democrat (from Alabama), is now doing his best to fit in with the intolerant extremists who now run the Republican party.

And by the way, “Al Gore” was proven right about climate change.

LA Times:

“Now four years ago, ladies and gentleman, the president sounded so good. Remember the rise of the oceans, which began to slow, the planet would began to heal,” Davis said. “Now I don’t know about the oceans; ask Mayor Bloomberg and Al Gore about that.”

The bigger issue now is whether President Obama and the Democrats will actually reach out to people like this after the election.

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24 Responses to “Romney rally jokes about Hurricane Sandy flooding NYC”

  1. April Manns says:

    OH maybe they hate the president because OF his white Mom?

  2. EdM01 says:

    Their minds certainly seem to be stuck in the Middle Ages. And wax indignant when you remind them, “This is the twenty-first century not the twelfth.”

  3. Papa Bear says:


  4. ” are real stupid people. ”

     vs what… fake stupid people. Surely, someone as intelligent as yourself knows the difference?

    Never mind… yes?

  5.  Correct. They would just be your average asshole.

  6.  So you are arguing that your negro guy is blacker than our negro guy?

    And you have the audacity to pull the race card?

  7.  What I remember is what stupid is; try a comprehensive reading course, for a start.

  8. BeccaM says:

    Hey, nice job completely missing the extended point (i.e., Mitt Romney is a climate change denier) and going instead for the ad hominem name-calling. Definitely the go-to strategy when you don’t know anything and can’t make an argument using those pesky things called facts.

  9. Tcbegay says:

    All but your first two sentences.:) Condolizza Rice came to our state and I wish she would stand out more nationally for us more “simple” republican Romney supporters!!! Same with Colin Powell and Michael Bloomberg!! I despise Rush, he does NOT represent the majority of us!!! I wish he would just SHUT UP!!!!

  10. Guesto says:

    It does take a little bit of talent to shill for the billionaires.  See, for example, S.E. Cupp’s failing efforts to grab the gold.

  11. Guesto says:

    Artur Davis is going for the gold.  There is a luxurious lifestyle waiting for you if you’re willing to spin for the billionaire’s.  All it takes is a little tiny bit of talent, and a willingness to sell out your fellow citizens.

  12. David says:

    When did we elect a black President? Obama has a white Mother. As a Conservative I was backing Herman Cain, a full blooded Black Man. You racists were AGAINST Herman Cain because he is a full African American. Nearly 50% of the white people voted for Barrack Oblamer the first time around, the race card isn’t working anymore, stop whining and get a legitimate argument.

  13. Nuqueen1 says:

    But he did make the comment, dissing climate change….too clueless for words

  14. Ramfam says:

    Wow that’s impressive that Romney made a joke about sandy at the GOP convention. Sandy wasn’t even a storm then…..your comment just proves the joke was about Obama and not sandy…you foaming at the mouth nut case liberals are real stupid people.

  15. Ramfam says:

    He was not making a joke about sandy. He was making a joke about Obama’s comments four years ago. Most liberals are too stupid to understand that.

  16. Shoshiru Takemitsu says:

    He is probably the typical Tea Party Romney supporter, the undereducated, ignorant, gun totting, bible thumping, rednecked loudmouth….just like Rick Perry

  17. fredamae says:

    Everyday I have a WTF!?? Moment. It’s gotten so bad even Trump & his $5 million couldn’t get traction…..
    I knew it was going to get nasty-I think we all did; but I was not prepared for what it became. Surreal.

  18. Guest says:

    The election of a Black president drove the right-wing out of its mind.  They were bat-shit crazy before that.  The election confirmed their worst nightmares.  They can’t get over it.  As for sane Republicans, they’ve concluded there’s no room for them in national Republican politics as it is now:  Colin Powell, Chris Christie, Susan Eisenhower, Chuch Hagel, Michael Bloomberg  .  .  ..   The list goes on.  The only question at this point is where are the cowards like Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Richard Lugar, John Danforth and the like?  When will they muster the guts to stand up to the clowns who have usurped the Republican Party?  Who elected Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist to anything? 

  19. Papa Bear says:

    If there were any sane Republicans, they wouldn’t be Republicans…

  20. nicho says:

    I have never seen politics as hateful as the GOP campaigns this year — across the board — absolutely disgusting. If there are any sane Republicans, they should be walking around with bags over their heads from shame.

  21. Jeffrey says:

    With their End Days mentality, they take great, humorous pleasure in all disasters, haven’t you noticed? They’re aching for Armageddon.

  22. lynchie says:

    But Romney still enjoys close to 50% of the vote. We are such a selfish country where we allow politicians to represent everyone but the people and to continually demonize the least among us. But it is amazing the the right is so arrogant in its hypocrisy. John Stossel of Fox has had 3 homes destroyed and received FEMA money for each of them yet says to privatize FEMA. I guess the right believes this will insure the 1% et first dibs at the Government trough and you know what they would not be wrong.

  23. Not only do the republicans need to lose on Tuesday, they need to be smacked back to the middle ages, where they are apparently quite content to be living.

  24. BeccaM says:

    The candidate himself, Mitt Romney, made the same joke. At the GOP convention.

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