Romney “shellshocked,” fell for “unskewed” polls and Fox’s “unskewed” News

So it seems that Mitt Romney, the “numbers” candidate, and his staff, are “shellshocked” about the election results because they believed all the Fox News types who kept saying the polls were “skewed” against Republicans (and that if you “unskewed” the polls, Romney was really winning nationwide by 11 points).

Even worse, Romney decided to use a pollster who skewed more to the right than all the normal pollster, so they actually thought they were winning in the days leading up to the election, and that’s why they wasted time and money in places like Pennsylvania.

From CBS News:

As a result, they believed the public/media polls were skewed – they thought those polls oversampled Democrats and didn’t reflect Republican enthusiasm. They based their own internal polls on turnout levels more favorable to Romney. That was a grave miscalculation, as they would see on election night.

Those assumptions drove their campaign strategy: their internal polling showed them leading in key states, so they decided to make a play for a broad victory: go to places like Pennsylvania while also playing it safe in the last two weeks.

Those assessments were wrong.

“Unskewed polls” showed Romney winning the election by 11 points.

What kind of an idiot chooses a pollster who at best is spot on, and at worst is over-estimating your chances?

I talked to a senior aide on the Hill who told me that his boss always chooses the pollster who shows him lowest in the polls. That way, if anything, the campaign is scared into trying harder, rather than given a false sense of security that leads them to try to compete in Pennsylvania when they can’t even win Ohio and Virginia.

More from the folks at Unskewed Polls, who are the election version of “birthers”:

Our polls about doubly-weighted, to doubly insure the results are most accurate and not skewed, by both party identification and self-identified ideology. For instance, no matter how many Republicans answer our survey, they are weighted at 37.6 percent. If conservatives are over-represented among Republicans in the raw sample, they are still weighted at 68 percent of Republicans regardless. This system of double weighting should insure our survey produces very accurate results, not skewed either way for the Democrats or for the Republicans.

Not just accurate results, but “very” accurate results.

How’d that work out for you?

It’s one thing for Fox to try to sell the country a lie, that’s par for the course.  But for Romney to believed it?  As Chris wrote nearly two months ago, the skills that made Romney a good CEO do not necessarily make him a good president, or a good presidential candidate.  But I took Chris’ argument one step further and wrote that it’s a myth that Romney’s even a good CEO.

Here’s a snippet from my earlier piece:

The idea that Mitt Romney is a “good manager” has now been proven false. The ongoing disaster that is his presidential campaign proves that Romney isn’t Mr. Fix-it, he’s Mr. Broke-it…

Remember when Romney botched the religious right furor over his foreign policy spokesman being gay?  It was clear that Romney mishandled the situation, but no one realized at the time that Romney’s poor management skills weren’t a gaffe, they’re a feature.

Look at his foreign trip. His big chance to prove himself on the world stage. What did Romney do? He offended the British, insulted both the Israelis and the Palestinians, and thendesecrated a Polish holy site for good measure. By the time his trip was finished, all three countries were ready for Romney to self-deport asap.

Then there’s the Republican convention, which Romney was in charge of. In addition to being incredibly boring, on Romney’s big night they let Clint Eastwood go on stage, unscripted, and wing it for 20 minutes. I don’t care how good an actor he is, no one gets on that stage without a pre-approved script. Who would permit such a thing on Romney’s big night?

Mitt Romney isn’t a bad presidential candidate because he’s a good CEO.  Maybe he’s a bad candidate because he’s a bad CEO.

Remember when, during the second presidential debate, Romney was asked what happens if the numbers for his $5 trillion tax cut for the rich don’t add up?

CROWLEY: If somehow when you get in there, there isn’t enough tax revenue coming in. If somehow the numbers don’t add up, would you be willing to look again at a 20 percent…

Do you remember how an indignant Romney responded?

ROMNEY: Well of course they add up. I — I was — I was someone who ran businesses for 25 years, and balanced the budget. I ran the Olympics and balanced the budget. I ran the — the state of Massachusetts as a governor, to the extent any governor does, and balanced the budget all four years.

And you were someone who believed the skewed truth coming from Fox News and the skewed polls from your own pollster, and now, as a result, will never be President of the United States.  That alone should disqualify you from being President.  And it did.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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82 Responses to “Romney “shellshocked,” fell for “unskewed” polls and Fox’s “unskewed” News”

  1. Barry_D says:

    IIRC, the Olympics which Romney ran had a record subsidy from the US government. The real story was that it wasn’t going well, Romney took over, the US government cut a really large check, and then it went well.

  2. petrolhed says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing. You have done a brilliant job. Your article is truly relevant to my study at this moment, and I am really happy I discovered your website

  3. longmountain says:

    Who is John Galt?

  4. Dakotahgeo says:

    It’s sure been quiet around the Rmoney/Lyin’ Ryan camp lately… ohhhhhh, that’s right, they fired them all! Unemployment compensation time, heh heh heh! I couldn’t be happier!

  5. Aerin_S says:

    He didn’t know he was almost certainly going to lose? All he had to do was check 538! Oh, wait! Republicans don’t believe in science or math or objectivity (or even the concept of “facts”). I guess it stands to reason that a man who would say or do anything whatsoever to get elected just assumes that everyone else is equally corrupt and morally bankrupt. Shellshocked? Serves him right. Now for all those Republicans who want their states to secede — how about self-deporting, instead?

  6. benb says:

    I can understand the Romney Campaign thinking other polls, as a group, might be systematically skewed but…’Shellshocked’? Says to me they were sure they were right and everyone else was wrong and, in the Real World, that’s really, really unlikely.

  7. hollywoodstein says:

    He made a lot of money for himself. That is the way of keeping score. Ergo, good CEO.

  8. hollywoodstein says:

    un oiseau a les temps told me they are looking for ways to make it methodology pertinent year round i( i.e. monetize it) instead of relevant every 4 and somewhat 2 years.

  9. MyrddinWilt says:

    Which started in August 2010, so Nate’s agent should be starting the negotiations for the extension right now…

  10. MyrddinWilt says:

    This is really interesting as I had interpreted the move into Pennsylvania as being quite the opposite, I thought it was a desperate last roll of the dice to try and pull out a victory.

    Romney was stuck in the battleground states, he simply could not move the needle given the weight of all the negative ads that had established that Romney was a cold, ruthless rich guy who made his billions out of other people’s misery. Pouring a few million more into those markets was not going to win the election for Romney and he had to win not just one of those states, he had to win almost all of them.

    Winning PA was a long shot but Romney’s chance of winning PA was much better than his chance of winning all the battleground states he needed. So it did kind of make sense.

    I don’t doubt that Romney thought he was going for a broad victory as the article suggests. He was a bubble boy who only wanted to be told good news. If I was a quant working for the loathesome toad I would be pretty sure winning PA was his only shot at victory left, but how to get them to accept it? Dress it up as taking a victory lap of course.

    The man was such a complete fool. It is a really good thing he will never be running the country.

  11. theoracle says:

    Mitt Romney, inflexible, right-wing and religious fundamentalist ideologue.

    Paul Ryan, inflexible, right-wing and religious fundamentalist ideologue.

    President Obama, sometimes too flexible, someone who often starts “negotiations” with entrenched, inflexible Republicans (and blue dog DLC DINO Democrats) from the middle or even the right. For instance, TARP II could have started with a $1.5 trillion Obama request, then he could have negotiated downward. He didn’t. Reforming healthcare could have started with universal healthcare, then President Obama could have negotiated toward the middle. He didn’t. In the upcoming battle over letting the revenue-draining deficit-exploding Bush era tax cuts expire as scheduled, Obama could say that he wants to keep those tax cuts for those making less than $250,000/year, BUT he wants to see the marginal tax rate for those making over $250,000/year rise to 45 PERCENT (not the 39 percent rate during the Clinton years) while also asking for higher capital gains tax rate (above what the rates will revert to IF these Bush era tax cuts are allowed to (finally) expire). And lastly, why doesn’t the newly reelected President Obama block recess appoint all his nominees during the next Capitol Hill recess, nominees whose appointments have been held hostage by recalcitrant right-wing ideologues…or, at least, he can say he’ll do this unless Republicans budge and finally “negotiate” in good faith for a change.

  12. kcteacher says:

    Just unbelievable stupidity. I almost feel sorry for the uninformed voters who believed the Romney campaign and trusted their information. But there were so many signs they were wrong. If they weren’t stuck on ‘liberal media is bad’ then maybe their critical thinking skills would have kicked in and they would have seen the truth. Of course, we’ll never know and the country did benefit from their stupidity.

  13. karmanot says:

    Shamus and god against Mitty!—-karma. I’m Schaden’n my Freude every time I think of that loser.

  14. RepubAnon says:

    Businesses can’t raise prices (taxes are to government what prices are to busineses) or cut services? Funny, I’ve seen lots of businesses raise or lower prices. I’ve seen even more businesses cut back on services (fewer staff, shorter hours, etc.)

    I’ve seen lots of businesses fail when they addressed tough times by cutting back on services, cutting prices, and treating their employees poorly. In short, both businesses and governments fall apart when run under strict Republican rules. (However, the folks at places like Bain Capital always seem to get their rake-off anyway.)

  15. BlueIdaho says:

    I live in the midst of Mormon country (Idaho and Utah) and the faithful here actually did believe that God had chosen Romney to rule America. They think it is their destiny. Thankfully God had other plans. Well I guess it’s back to the drawing board for the temple worshipers.

  16. DCinDC says:

    This is an article from the Daily Kos:

    Rethinking “shellshocked” Romney

    Option A: admit that you were operating in a bubble, that your pollsters were making faulty assumptions, and that despite the fact that your pollsters were coming up with numbers that didn’t look like anyone else’s, you were so reliant on gut feelings about voter enthusiasm that you didn’t bother to seek a second opinion. (That’s the CBS article, in a nutshell.)

    Or Option B: admit that your data looked much like everyone else’s and that you’re smart enough to know that all along that you were losing, but that the rules of the game prevented you from publicly admitting that. That’s partially because, via the ‘bandwagon effect,’ it might depress turnout, but mostly because it would depress contributions from big money donors who don’t want to waste their money — thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy because you then wouldn’t have the money you’d need to even have a shot at winning.

    Team Romney might be falling on its sword here and choosing Option A — even though it has the effect of demolishing what remained of his pragmatic numbers-driven wonk brand, making him look like a self-absorbed fool selectively listening only to yes men — because Option B would be even more unthinkable, in terms of Republican hopes for future races.

    I think this sums up the real reason Mitt Romney did not deal with the facts.

  17. therling says:

    Well, he showed us all how his experience as a businessman would have shaped his presidency. Just like the “job creators” that landed us in the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, the “Bushies” who got us into war in Iraq, Romney only wanted to hear the numbers he wanted to hear, not the numbers that reflected reality, and likely shut down anyone who differed with his wishful thinking. His campaign is a perfect illustration of what’s wrong with corporate America and its handmaiden, the Republican party and megaphone, Fox News.

  18. Monoceros says:

    I suppose it’s some consolation that Republicans are feeling just a bit ashamed of calling themselves that now, and “Independent” is more respectable a euphemism than “Libertarian”.

  19. Krusher says:

    So much for Romney’s clear-eyed business executive schtick. Anybody who fools themselves that badly is eminently unqualified to run ANYTHING. In fact, people that self-deceiving need a full-time keeper just to keep them from replying to those Nigerian e-mail scams.

  20. madcap says:

    Perhaps the Media Polls intentionally skewed the poll results to encourage more advertising dollars after the first debate and through election day?

  21. Scary thing is, Romney ‘balanced’ budgets with huge amounts of external help – benefactors who did it for him. MA legislature requires a balanced budget, so MA law-makers saw to it that the budget was balanced; Olympics got record amounts of bail-out $$$ from the Federal Govt. Romney seems to believe a myth that ‘he built that’ balanced budget with his own skills. Add to that the fact that benefactor Bill Bain handed Romney an already built company, and initially funded it for him. Mitt didn’t even have to scratch together a company with his own hands. These facts only add to your spot on conclusion that there is no evidence that Romney was a good CEO. He who is foolish enough to believe his own press will never succeed as a CEO (for long). It’s called hubris.

  22. Outspoken1 says:

    From the man who hides billions of tax-free dollars in the Caymans!

  23. goulo says:

    It is not surprising that science denialists who convince themselves that climatology, biology, geology, astronomy, etc are all wrong would ALSO use bogus mathematics and statistics.

  24. No, this is not about government employees at all. I am just pointing out that the business/corporation analogy is invalid. If the country is a business, and the president is the CEO, then it’s citizens are the employees. A business can fire employees…so how does the country run as a business fire citizens to cut costs? Line them up and shoot them? And who gets the profits?

  25. Stratplayer says:

    You’re missing the point. The whole underlying premise of Romney’s candidacy was that his alleged “success in business,” i.e., his having profited more than he lost, demonstrated ipso facto that he would be highly competent and successful president. His astonishing incompetence at managing his own campaign, however, conclusively establishes that having accumulated a tidy pile for yourself in the private sector proves pretty much nothing about your ability to do anything else. Republicans having been pushing this bullshit line for years and now we have a strong counternarrative that is well worth discussing.

  26. Miami77 says:

    The people on this website are truly scary. I am not a religious person (and, by the way, I am an Independent), but God help our country.

  27. Miami77 says:

    So now I see the problem, apparently Democrats like you think that once the government hires someone, they need to remain in employment unless you shoot them. The uneducated electorate deserves Obama and the economy that comes with it.

  28. HelenRainier says:

    “Each and every day business go bankrupt” :::as the camera pans to Donald Trump, the bankruptcy expert

  29. If? Az di bubbe volt gehat beytsim volt zi geven main zayde. (If my grandmother had balls she’d be my grandfather.) The bottom line is that today’s Fox Newsified Republican Party believed that Bush administration person who once told Ron Suskind that when you’re an empire, you create your own reality. Pride goeth before a fall, etc.

  30. So please explain how a country run like a business cuts staff to improve the bottom line? Does it line them up and shoot them, put something in the drinking water, or what?

  31. silas1898 says:

    I was having such a nice quiet election season here in the Philly market until about 10 days before the election then; wham! KKKarl’s and Mitten’s and other Dark Money barrage started. Relentless ads.

    Obama was quick to counter, but the ads were almost 3 to 1 the wrong way. It did make me wonder if PA was really in play, There was a short barrage in early Summer that thankfully didn’t last long.

    Tom Smith also wasted boatloads of money here.

    I know what those folks in Ohio went through

  32. eggroll_jr says:

    The CBS story lacks the ring of veracity as has widely been pointed out. Romney is a smart guy, perfectly capable of knowing how is being played, even when he is surrounded by yes-men. But what he and his backers were up to remains unclear. Popular theories included making Mormonism more acceptable to evangelicals (done), GOP never intended to take the presidency in this cycle and gave Mitt his shot (with the surprising shift around Oct. 12 that he might actually pull it off) and concentrate on holding the House (done) and taking the Senate (really not done). And finally a vulture fantasy of asset stripping, voucherization, and handing out contracts to buds to produce public good and services in the “private sector” (not done, fortunately for all of us).

  33. K_L_Carten says:

    Would a half way decent, guy stop the business cards as soon as he lost. I felt kind of sorry for the poor slobs that had to pay their own way home. Ok, not really, they work for the bunch that are pushing the right to screw the working class, I mean the right to work. Now they kind of see the effects themselves. Really would some person that was even had half a heart do something like that, hell even darth cheney probably would have NOT done that, and that old fart really didn’t have much of a working heart!

  34. K_L_Carten says:

    Much easier to lay off people and send the work to low wage countries. Can’t do that with a country, and most of these CEO types keep going back to economic polices that well, just don’t work. Call it what you will trickle down economics, voodoo economics or The Austrian School of Economics, these polices can not sustain growth. Just saying! Greedy can just as easily bankrupt a company and drive a countries economic health in the ground.

  35. BeccaM says:

    Mitt Romney spent the entire campaign lying about nearly everything. When he wasn’t lying, he was exaggerating. When he wasn’t doing that, he was deliberately misleading or misrepresenting facts. When he wasn’t doing that, he was hiding important information.

    For his running mate, he picked another liar, Paul Ryan. Sworn acolyte of Ayn Rand — until it was pointed out she was an ardent atheist. Lied about his physical exploits. Lied about his budget proposals.

    Think this attitude doesn’t then begin to permeate the entire campaign organization? The notion of simply making up whatever facts and assertions are convenient becomes endemic. Solid, accurate poll numbers would have been useful — but that’s not what the guy at the top wanted to hear, so his people found polls that were more to the boss’s liking. Boss likes polls, and it doesn’t occur to him — given his already massive ego — to insist he be given accurate numbers even (or especially) when they’re not good.

    A leader, good or bad, sets the tone for an entire organization, and Mitt Romney’s tone was one comprised of equal parts mendacity and ego. I’d be surprised if he had anyone in his organization willing to tell him, “Boss, I know you’re not going to like this, but you’re wrong. And we’re in trouble.”

    It’s just as well, because he likely would’ve governed the same way he campaigned. As a liar. With an administration full of liars, spending their days lying to the Liar in Chief.

  36. hollywoodstein says:

    Everyone on these comments checked Nate like crack. dude youre missing the point it was a close run thing axelrod had to thread a needle if romney was just a little less incompetent Colorado would’ve swung his way too. A little less incompetence yielding one or two points better performance in swing states and Romney would be President .
    The election was a squeaker though the EV count was decisive. Could easily have been 300+ the other way. Aside from PR, why is this even a question?

  37. Naja pallida says:

    Or, more likely, simply a patsy for the Republican party. I have a hard time believing that they ever really wanted to deal with an incumbent President Romney for 2016. They knew they would keep the House, and that Harry Reid will never ever stand up to their stonewalling in the Senate, so can continue to create partisan gridlock for the remainder of Obama’s time in office without even trying. Then that gives them the chance to start over with a blank, hardcore, right-wing slate for 2016 when the Democrats will be scrambling to find a successor candidate – possibly with a messy primary season of their own.

  38. Just_AC says:

    umm, even losing Florida, Virginia and Ohio Obama wins with Colorado being tipping point. Check Nate Silver’s analysis

  39. AdmNaismith says:

    Boo f*ckin’ hoo for little Mittens. Waa, waa, waa.

    Romney can go back to any one of his FOUR estates and his car elevator and his dancing horse and his crooked sons and suck on it. Then he can use his millions to buy the therapy he needs to get over his gods damned daddy issues (would that W had a therapist, instead of Karl Rove, too).

    We dodged an economic bullet (if Obama doesn’t throw away the opportunity- again), and a war involving a nuclear power with an unstable leader (Israel).

    I’m tired of the Republicans throwing up these emotionally unstable and ideologically stunted morons for public office and for Fox News lying about everything under the sun to get them elected.

  40. SkippyFlipjack says:

    thanks, not sure if I conveyed just how nit-picky that request was :)

  41. FLL says:

    Romney’s insularity from the real world, and the hubris and lack of judgment that comes from it, stems from his upbringing as not just a spoiled rich kid, but the son of the governor of Michigan. Time and again, Romney acted like an arrogant fool who doesn’t perceive much about the world around him. Journalists have interviewed the guys he went to high school with, and it’s clear that most of them really weren’t into helping Romney kick that blond gay kid to the ground and cut off his hair, but Romney was the ringleader, and as son of the governor, he had real clout to threaten the other young men with if they didn’t play along. Journalists have interviewed the people in Romney’s Mormon congregation in Massachusetts, and it’s clear the people they interviewed were unenthusiastic or even troubled when Romney delivered his famous half-hour rant against the existence of gay people in the congregation and demanded that gay people be purged from the congregation. But Romney was the president of the congregation, from a powerful family and getting ready to challenge Ted Kennedy in the Senate race. It’s hard to stand up against that kind of power.

    Bain Capital? It didn’t require a whole lot of brains for him to make money at Bain because he started with millions inherited from Daddy and invested those millions in a parasitic venture that wrecked U.S. companies by outsourcing dirt-cheap labor from countries like China. Anyone of even mediocre intelligence could have done that—assuming, of course, that they had those inherited millions to begin with.

    And so you are tempted to conclude that the Republicans were insane to have chosen a mean-spirited dolt like Romney. No, actually they weren’t insane to do it. Look at the blithering idiots in the Republican clown car that ran against Romney in the primaries. Romney was actually the brightest and least offensive choice in the bunch—which is a pretty sad commentary on the state of today’s Republican Party. Now you’re tempted to conclude that all these people who are in charge of the Republican Party are the most deluded morons in American politics. Wrong again. That honor rightfully goes to the fools in the Log Cabin Republicans and GoProud, who most definitely are not in charge of the Republican Party. It’s humorous, but it’s very dark humor.

  42. hollywoodstein says:

    I believe in Gin.

  43. hollywoodstein says:

    Everyone talking about the Fox News bubble is missing the most important bubble of all. If we accept Mitt is a true Mormon believer, then Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney of the charmed life here on earth, and his wife Queen Ann, believed themselves elect, select, and graced by God, with all of their good Fortune, and Expected to fulfill the Mormon Prophesy of the Presidency. They were stunned, stunned I tell you, because they really thought God had chosen them to smite Obama.
    I guess Hurricane Isaac wasn’t enough of a clue, but a challenge, and Hurrican Sandy wasn’t God telling Her subjects that She was a Democrat, but instead it was a Harvard Business School Opportunity.
    That is why Queen Ann sobbed, and Mitt Romney was stunned. They had to countenance the fact that their imaginary sky man bear pig in the sky didn’t love them enough to let them realize the Mormon prophecy of the Presidency.
    I would cry too if God didn’t deem me select enough to be the Elect.
    But then I do not believe in imaginary sky men man dog manbitesdog man bear sky pigs in the sky.

  44. hollywoodstein says:

    Romney’s bubble.

    Romney was a horrible campaign CEO who picked a bad management team who grifted him, who picked a bad VP who reinforced his negatives and didn’t win his home state, who overruled aides to take a disastrous, unnecessary European trip when the election was a referendum on the economy, who wrote an op-ed the upshot of which was let Detroit go bankrupt, who let himself be defined by his opponent as the owner of dancing horses, and car elevators, who let his true feelings show when he made comments denigrating 47% of the electorate, who reinforced his known negative of flip flopping like a fish out of water by lying unnecessarily, who, who…
    Who only lost Florida, Virginia, and Ohio by an onion skin margin. Even a poor campaign instead of Romney’s disastrous campaign would’ve won.
    The election was Romney”s to lose and he lost it. Some genius.
    Everyone gloating should curb their enthusiasm and prepare to drive the stake. Up next mid-terms.

  45. hollywoodstein says:

    He was like a rookie salary quarterback who won the SuperBowl. They want to keep him on the roster. He likes the perch.

  46. hollywoodstein says:

    They bumped him up.

  47. “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” The Romney Con’s hauteur did him in. He never bothered to consider the irrationality of the unjustified anger against President Obama that emanated from dark places inside the heart of America’s right wing lunacy. They believed and invested in the right’s false narrative on Obama that is disconnected from the reality on the ground. Where the prevailing evidence should have led to a different approach, they doubled down on the deception, figuring that they could simply look Americans in the eye and deceive them because they believed that they possessed the moral high ground simply because they were white and had the country’s billionaires in their back pocket.

    The problem is that they attempted to build a Penthouse without laying a foundation for the building and were measuring the drapes in the White House confined by a right wing straight jacket. The Romney Con built a house of cards on stilts. It was so shaky that voters actually showing up to
    vote for the other guy seemed like a Hurricane Sandy had hit the GOP’s aspirations for the White House on election day.

    This election proved even more how ridiculous was the Romney Con’s hauteur in bringing forth to challenge the President, a man with an ongoing identity crisis and a political vision that resembles a bad caricature of 1980 Republican. Obama is a man that has governed this country with a steady, reasoned hand over the last several years. Obamacrats recognize that their leader has been guiding America back from the brink of despair and the most difficult period in American history since the Great Depression. Obama was reelected by a broad base of the American electorate which included thoughtful, educated, informed and engaged citizens who see their leader for what he is, a visionary leader who is rising to the challenges of our times. This is true despite the attempt to paint Obamacrats as unsophisticated sycophants worshiping at the celebrity alter of a cool black man. This “Reagan-Clinton Democrat” damn well LOVES this man and is proud of my President, your President, OUR President – Barack Obama. Forward 2012.

  48. karmanot says:


  49. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I have my doubts that he has a heart. I was willing to believe that he just had a fist sized chunk of ice.

  50. Romney was a corporate raider which involves a skill set not at all suited to being president. America dodged a huge bullet.

  51. Oh that was a mistake, sorry, happens sometimes.

  52. He’s got a three year contract, so it’s an interesting question.

  53. 2patricius2 says:

    Since we don’t have his records as a CEO, how would we even begin to know that he was the good CEO that he says he was? All we have for anything is his claims. He got rid of the records from his time at the Olympics and erased the information from his one term as governor. He hid his taxes and investments and had no plan for balancing the budget other than lowering taxes on his rich friends, closing some unnamed loopholes, and adopting the Ryan budget of vouchering Medicare, privatizing Social Security, and slashing Medicare and other programs that benefit anyone other than himself and his rich friends. Had he become president and been able to enact his tax cuts, he could have ended up having no federal taxes to pay at all. And we don’t know if he really did pay federal taxes these last many years.

  54. Tor says:

    I have my doubts about his heart.

  55. Padre Sadio Maturin says:

    Maybe you should take a first-grade civics class. A country is not a business and should not be run like one. The depth of Republican stupidity is truly bottomless.

  56. Dave of the Jungle says:

    They all drank their own Kool Aid. Now, they can live with the consequences.

  57. Padre Sadio Maturin says:

    Here’s a better idea: Obama won the election you @@#$# piece of crap, so why don’t YOU move on. The REAL “real Americans” won. Now it’s time for you and your lot to get the ##$% out of our way, stop obstructing our president, and let us get the country back on track.

  58. Indigo says:

    With advisers like that they’d be foolish enough to bomb Baghdad in a desperate attempt to prevent WMD from being deployed. Oh, wait . . .

  59. Naja pallida says:

    The unemployment rate for sycophants and yes-men shot up overnight.

  60. commenterx says:

    Let’s hope that Nate Silver’s approach is the way to go with current political punditry. Obama’s victory is a victory for cool-headed analysts, statisticians, and yes, economists. The way he ran his campaign is just as impressive as Nate’s blog

  61. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Hey John — usability request — please link to page 1 of articles :)

  62. SkippyFlipjack says:

    That was funny when Romney responded that of course his numbers added up. They only added up if the economy grew, and no accountant worth his wages would do that kind of assessment. Romney just figured that he could keep saying “revenue neutral!” and “20 percent tax cut!” and people wouldn’t think about it until after the election. That kind of dishonesty was one reason that, regardless of his actual ideology, he didn’t deserve to win this campaign.

  63. krissys says:

    Romney has a good heart, but poor judgment. It’s a good thing we’re in good hands with President Obama for another four years.

  64. commenterx says:

    Right wing pundits have distorted reality in such way the only reason to watch them is for comedy purposes. The misinformation they deliver is appalling and an insult to rational thinking. Not only they pulled their own “unskewed polls” out of their behinds, but their own “unskewed economics” based on voodoo tactics that don’t add up.

  65. Miami77 says:

    And if businesses were run like countries were run, more businesses would go bankrupt. Businesses do not have the power to simply raise taxes or cut services. Maybe your sister should stop running and screaming and take an economics class.

  66. Miami77 says:

    Romney was a success in business. This blogger will never achieve that kind of success in journalism, but he apparently thinks that he is qualified to try to pick apart Romney’s successful business career. Obama won the election so all of the Obama supporters should just move on. Perhaps they should focus their energies on the continued high unemployment rates in this country, especially for blacks, or the spiraling deficit.

  67. Naja pallida says:

    That’s generally what happens when you raid their liquid assets, dissolve their pension funds, and lard them up with debt and then jump ship. Even long-term companies that have been considered stable, like Staples, are suffering terribly now because they never bothered to plan for the future early on, in favor of only caring about quarterly profit reports.

  68. I think Romney was a patsy for the folly we call democracy.

  69. Naja pallida says:

    Let’s hope it’s bringing him a HUGE raise. :)

  70. confusion says:

    I would not want someone as stupid as Rmoney to represent me in any capacity. He is a complete idiot to believe in his own lies.

  71. Apparently Nate is bringing in HUGE traffic to the Times. Nowadays that’s golden.

  72. rerutled says:

    Romney’s real mistake wasn’t listening to skewed polls and a skewed network — it was, at the final of it, not listening to a network which was skewed enough. Surely, there is room to the right of Fox News, where they could simply remove states like California and New York from consideration in the Electoral College, as “un-American”, and once they make their own tally, simply move directly into the White House.

    Oh, you know that’s going to happen.

  73. usagi says:

    That Boss. To the bitter end. The one who makes decisions not based on data or even reality but on his personal desires. It always works until the faceplant into reality happens.

    Lost in this discussion of the Fox News bubble, however, is the fact that the MSM was treating it like a horse race until the end as well. xkcd put it best: (be sure to read the hover text: “As of this writing, the only thing that’s ‘razor-thin’ or ‘too close to call’ is the gap between the consensus poll forecast and the result.”)

  74. tomt says:

    Didn’t David Stockman, Reagan’s budget director, say that Romney’s big home runs at Bain Capital often crumbled quickly after he unloaded them on somebody else?

  75. Jim Olson says:

    Let’s hope that Nate Silver keeps doing exactly what he’s doing, and does not sell out to any future campaign on either side for the undoubtedly vast sums of money that will be offered. Let’s hope the NYT also does recognize what a treasure they have, and pays him accordingly.

  76. Naja pallida says:

    What are you looking at? You never seen a President-wannabe in a bubble before?

  77. caphillprof says:

    Every time anybody suggests that the country needs a businessman or that the country needs to be run like a business, my sister throws her hands into the air and goes running from the room screaming, “Each and every day businesses go bankrupt.”

  78. HolyMoly says:

    I just can’t help but to think of “The Bubble Boy” episode of “Seinfeld.” That kid was an insufferable jerk too.

  79. Naja pallida says:

    Live in the bubble, die in the bubble.

  80. hauksdottir says:

    A good CEO doesn’t enjoy firing people. He enjoys hiring and promoting the best people to ensure leadership for the future.

  81. samiinh says:

    Thank goodness that the Romney team proved themselves wrong. America won.

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