Romney Facebook page hemorrhaging “likes” with every refresh

Slate has an interesting story up, based on something first reported by the Washington Post, that Mitt Romney’s Facebook page is hemorrhaging fans.

All you need do is go visit Romney’s Facebook page, hit refresh on your browser, and watch the number of “likes” (or, in essence, fans of the page) diminish each time.

Over the past three hours alone, the number of “likes” on Romney’s page have gone down from 12,036,689 to 12,034,769: that’s a loss of 1,920 people in three hours, or about 640 people an hour.

Obama’s page, during the same time period, have increased from 33,274,995 to 33,278,970: that’s a gain of 3,975 people in three hours, or 1,325 people an hour.

Here are a few screen caps of Romney’s page going down.

Romney’s Facebook page three hours ago:

Romney’s Facebook page now:

Obama’s Facebook page three hours ago:

Obama’s Facebook page now:

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19 Responses to “Romney Facebook page hemorrhaging “likes” with every refresh”

  1. leliorisen says:

    Now under 12 million and still dropping. And Obama has gained nearly 200,000 likes in the same span.

  2. ezpz says:


  3. OtterQueen says:

    I’m guessing people “liked” Romney so they could see the information he was publishing through fb. They’re probably “liking” Obama for the same reason. Just keeping tabs on them.

  4. Tim Fuller says:

    Prepping for the war crimes trials. “I was not now, nor was I ever a supporter of the Republican torture party. You can call home and ask my wife” (h/t Uneasy Rider) Enjoy.

  5. Tim Fuller says:

    And no, I have not forgotten about all my gay friends and the good cheer we all shared back during the era of GannonGate.

    2012 ELECTION RECAP JUST POSTED. Some juicy tidbits:

    In fact, the night of the election my fingertips were bouncing off my

    keyboard faster and harder than a midget cowboy riding a Dutch hooker.

    Dixie hadn’t experienced a November event anything nearly this tragic

    since Sherman’s March to the Sea in 1864.

    I finally found an EXCUSE for them to pass around that doesn’t rely on

    Karl Rove under-counting the Black kids crowding the candy aisle at



    Full post includes Ole Missi post riot election analysis.

  6. MyrddinWilt says:

    I suspect the fake fake likes are going to be around pretty much forever, or at least until FB nukes the accounts. It takes effort to unlike someone.

    This is pretty much all down to Republicans who are either deleting their FB accounts completely or removing the like of a candidate they never much cared for in the first place but put a like to as a dutiful GOP foot soldier in the cause of increasing the wealth of the 0.001%

  7. J.P. Melle says:

    I love this site usually, but you guys have been really petty the last couple of days. We won. He lost. How about some news coverage?

  8. Tony T says:

    See a real-time graph of this at

  9. A reader in Colorado says:

    No, Democrats use their power to the exact ends and objectives they wind up actually achieving.

    Democrats are neither weak nor foolish. They use their power carefully and wisely, for those goals which they actually have, and the results are almost always exactly what they as a party wanted. It helps them to be seen as well meaning but incompetent, though.

  10. A reader in Colorado says:

    And, um, no. What’s important is facebook likes, how popular the great one is and how unpopular his former opponent, a cute little way of mis-titling Paula Broadwell’s book, the fashion sense of David Petraus’ spokesperson, or lack thereof, what fictional character Bart Simpson thinks about Karl Rove and Mitt Romney’s lack of a concession speech in a timely manner.

    Nominating Republicans to be Secretary of State is surely boring, not at all pro Obama subject matter, and far less interesting.

    Your vocal lack of interest in such material marks you as a potential critic and a well poisoner.

    If you don’t stop at once, FLL will have to begin to observe you closely for signs of incipient Republicanness or not wearing you’re “I’m not a Republican” badge as all non-Democrats have to do here, and you don’t want to be sent to internet reeducation camp, believe me.

  11. A reader in Colorado says:

    Oh, now you’ve done did it. You’ve joined the ranks of those people who are surely infiltrating Republicans, observing how cutesy and downright stupid so many of the posts on this site have become.

    You must be a Romney supporter; for there is no more important matter than how little liked Romney is on facebook after the election in which he was defeated.

    Surely, you can see the sociological import of facebook likes? No? Well, everyone else here likes the kitsch and the little dance. It’s not John’s fault if he doesn’t talk about picking Republicans for defense and national security positions. Why, he doesn’t even know what you’re talking about.

    You can always raise such minor matters that trouble such small little detail oriented minds as off topic material in the comments.

  12. BeccaM says:

    Er… a loss of 20k ‘likes’ against 12 million is an insignificant number. 0.17% by my calculation. Obama’s gain is just about as statistically insignificant. And people tend to like winners better than losers in any case.

    Don’t we have more important things to talk about? Like the still uncounted votes in Arizona. The impending ‘Grand Bargain’ safety net slashing? Hell, how about the the wisdom of Democratic presidents constantly picking Republicans for defense and national security positions?

  13. Dakotahgeo says:

    Deeeeeeeeeee-licious!!! Proud, so proud of my President, Barack Hussein Obama!!!!

  14. kennkoy says:

    Here’s a site where you can conveniently track Romney’s loss of likes real time: Now that the Romney campaign credit cards have been cut off we’re likely to see a huge plunge in numbers.

  15. Outspoken1 says:

    No offense, but Facebook is not real life.

  16. Drew2u says:

    It’s traditional Democratic Strategy to give away the shop. Democrats are horrible with power, they always never use it, while Republicans are horrible with power because they always abuse it.

  17. karmanot says:

    Morm bots got better things to do now that Mitty loser is passe.

  18. hollywoodstein says:

    So why have Mitt Romney over to the WH to legitimize his ideas on good business. And validate the myth Republicans are superior on the Economy as in National Security. There are hundreds of qualified Democrats. They won. Convene a Council of Democratic Business leaders and come out with a plan that makes sense ( not a GB), for the American people to see that Democrats are credible leaders on the economy. It’s just good politics.

  19. It’s my assumption that Romney simply stopped paying for whatever service in China was giving him fake Likes, so they’re pulling out and going back to the more profitable business of farming World of Warcraft gold or whatever.

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