Romney Facebook page hemorrhaging “likes” with every refresh

Slate has an interesting story up, based on something first reported by the Washington Post, that Mitt Romney’s Facebook page is hemorrhaging fans.

All you need do is go visit Romney’s Facebook page, hit refresh on your browser, and watch the number of “likes” (or, in essence, fans of the page) diminish each time.

Over the past three hours alone, the number of “likes” on Romney’s page have gone down from 12,036,689 to 12,034,769: that’s a loss of 1,920 people in three hours, or about 640 people an hour.

Obama’s page, during the same time period, have increased from 33,274,995 to 33,278,970: that’s a gain of 3,975 people in three hours, or 1,325 people an hour.

Here are a few screen caps of Romney’s page going down.

Romney’s Facebook page three hours ago:

Romney’s Facebook page now:

Obama’s Facebook page three hours ago:

Obama’s Facebook page now:

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