Red Cross issues annoyed statement about Romney “relief” donations


It seems the Red Cross wasn’t entirely pleased to receive Mitt Romney’s busload of donated food and supplies that the Red Cross’ own Web site says they not only do not need, but such supplies actually impede the organization’s disaster relief.

From the Cincinnati Enquirer we learn that the Red Cross issued a passive-aggressive statement about Romney’s “gift” yesterday:

Agency officials told The Enquirer they are grateful for help, but don’t want people – including political candidates – sending supplies. They would rather have donations of money and blood.

We are not asking for material donations,” said Laura Steinmetz, spokeswoman for the South Jersey Region of the organization. “Financial donations allow us to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of the people in a disaster. It’s far more expensive for us to receive the donated goods, sort them, warehouse them and transport them. So our financial donations are much more cost effective.”

That’s “Red Cross”-speak for: Stop it.

We reported earlier in the week on how Mitt Romney’s Hurricane Sandy “relief” rallies were actually not-very-well-camouflaged Romney political rallies meant to take political advantage of the disaster that had just befallen NYC and the entire east coast of the United States.

Note that that woman must have gotten that Obama t-shirt at the non-partisan disaster relief rally.

Romney even had his staff buy $5,000 worth of “donations” that were then handed to attendees to then hand back to Romney for the cameras.  It never occurred to Romney to ask attendees to give money, or blood – the two things the Red Cross wants – rather than things they don’t want.  (And as a reader noted, if you have the money to buy food to donate, then you have the money to donate in and of itself.)

Of course, it did occur to Romney that his donations were counterproductive.  But “relief” wasn’t the point of these campaign rallies, was it. After all, if you really want to help someone in need, you give them what they need, not what looks best at your photo opp.

Speaking of looking good at photo opps, Paul Ryan’s “hurricane relief” events, held at Romney campaign offices, were no better.  Reminiscent of Ryan’s infamous visit to a closed soup kitchen, where he donned an apron and washed already-clean dishes for the cameras, then immediately left, only to have Romney/Ryan voters to try shut down the soup kitchen for good, Ryan actually had his staff stop their hurricane relief effort until he could arrive for a photo opp, since a PR photo was apparently more important than getting help to the disaster victims as quickly as possible.

In Romney-land, everything is an “opportunity,”even death and destruction.  After all, it was Mitt Romney himself on the infamous 47%-tape who called the 1979 Iran-hostage crisis the kind of “opportunity” that he “will work to find a way to advantage.” Who calls the Iran-hostage crisis an opportunity?  Who talks like that?

I’ll tell you who.  Financial vultures who live off of the destitution of others.

That is Mitt Romney’s background, buying and selling companies, regardless of whether he had to destroy them in order to make money.  In the soul-less world of Wall Street, greed is good, and you have to be willing to step on anyone, take advantage of any adversity, in order to win.  A recent example of this was Romney’s ongoing effort to turn the attack on our consulate in Libya into a political “opportunity.” Our ambassador and three other Americans were barely dead before Mitt Romney jumped up and tried to claim as much political advantage as he could.

I’ll ask again: What kind of person gives the Red Cross donations that the organization keeps telling them not to give? I’ll tell you who: Remember this guy?  The London trader who dreams of a market crash and another recession so he can rake in the bucks?

Here’s the short transcript of what the London trader said:

BBC: Can you pin down exactly what would keep investors happy, make them feel more confident? TRADER: That’s a tough one.  Personally, it doesn’t matter. I’m a trader.  I dont’ care about that stuff… We don’t really care how they’re gonna fix the economy, how they’re gonna fix the situation.  Our job is to make money from it.  And personally, I’ve been dreaming of this moment for three years.  I have a confession, which is, I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession, I dream of another moment like this.

BBC: Why?

TRADER: Because, people don’t seem to maybe remember, the 30s Depression, the Depression in the 30s, wasn’t just about a market crash.  There were some people who were prepared to make money from that crash.  And I think anybody can do that.  It isn’t just for some people in the elite.  Anybody can make money, it’s an opportunity.

BBC: If you could see the people around me, jaws have collectively dropped at what you just said.

It’s an opportunity. Where have I heard that before?

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