Racist Ole Miss students riot over Obama win

Just go away.

Mississippi is also the state, by the way, in which 46% of Republicans think that inter-racial marriage should be illegal.  So let’s not to be too surprised that their children start violent protests when a black man wins the presidency.  Racism starts at home.

More from AP:

A protest at the University of Mississippi against the re-election of President Barack Obama grew into crowd of about 400 people with shouted racial slurs as rumors of a riot spread on social media. Two people were arrested on minor charges.

The university said in a statement Wednesday that the gathering at the student union began late Tuesday night with about 30 to 40 students, but grew within 20 minutes as word spread. Some students chanted political slogans while others used derogatory racial statements and profanity, the statement said.

The incident comes just after the 50th anniversary of violent rioting that greeted the forced integration of Ole Miss with the enrollment of its first black student, James Meredith.

Riot over Obama election at Ole Miss

Riot over Obama election at Ole Miss

A Romney voter, who went to Ole Miss, left a comment about the mess on the university newspaper Web site:

Protesting what?

It’s called democracy. This sounds like a bunch of immature 18-year-olds (Kincannon is a freshman dorm) who were raised in an ignorant little bubble and are now embarrassing themselves and everyone else associated with Ole Miss, the state of Mississippi, and the entire South. They are too naive/immature to realize how stupid they look and how embarrassing this is for all associated.

They need to realize it’s 2012 and there is a lot they need to learn and understand about the world outside of the communities they grew up in, the college they go to, and the state they live in. They are all too self consumed because to this point many of them have lived a very comfortable/easy life. Mind you, I went to Ole Miss, I am from the South, and I voted for Romney, so I am not calling out the opposition but rather people I can relate to.

Not everyone thinks it’s “democracy”:

donald trump election tweet

Trump went on to call for a “revolution” in response to a democratic election.  Nice.

At least all is not lost. As the blog I linked to above noted, in good news, Ole Miss elected it first African-American homecoming queen this year.  It may sound like small bits, but that kind of social acceptance, and cultural normalization, is a big deal when you’re young  It sends an important message about race and tolerance, that apparently Mississippi (and Alabama too) is still in dire need of.

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69 Responses to “Racist Ole Miss students riot over Obama win”

  1. Joy says:

    If your not a true Southerner you will never understand it…………Obama is a slap in the face to many Southerners for obvious reasons. I think a lot of these liberal people would have a different opinion about race relations if they lived lived in a state that had the largest population of black people in the country, It is a totally different culture because of the past and some of those feelings will never die.
    So most folks will trash what they don’t understand or have experienced.

  2. go ahead and try to confiscate our guns, i’ll be sure to put a bullet up the twats of old, white sluts like you for contributing to chiping away of yet more of our freedoms that the founding fathers fought and died for so that we could enjoy individual freedom from oppressive big governments. apparently, you far-left socialists are too stupid to handle your own lives, and need some cock sucker in the white house to nanny-state you. and i invite you to report me to the police- it will be too late to save your kind from me. let me know how relying on someone else to save your life works out for you.

  3. L Bridges says:

    We sure do have the best conference in College football now don’t we here in the south.

  4. ComradeRutherford says:

    i keep having to remind myself that not all southerners are racist bigots still angry that they lost the Civil War.

  5. karmanot says:

    They can be dismissed based solely on the fact they prefer to wear pastel tuxedos.

  6. hahaha says:

    hahahahahahahaahhah. You suck. Loser

  7. auntgiddy says:

    Ummm… lets be clear…. having covered riots… this was not one. These were a small group of BOTH Obama and Romney supporters hurling insults back and forth. They got into each others faces (didn’t our Prez tell us we should get into other peoples faces???). A “journalism” student tweeted about a “riot” and another 400 students showed up to see what was happening. No punches thrown, no injuries, no property damage. Cops arrested two students in front of their own dormitory because they didn’t “disperse” quickly enough. (Memo: when a Mississippi cop says MOVE don’t dawdle!). The kids arrested had not been engaged in any racial incident. If this had been NY and the OWS (or had these students been black) there’rd be ACLU lawyers all over that campus suing anything that moved.

    It’s sad for Ole Miss. The school has made huge strides over the past 15 years. Racial slurs are not acceptable — but the vitriol on this and other threads is equally wrong. Look in the mirror…

  8. auntgiddy says:

    …there’re actually lots of good and talented southern writers living and recently passed — but I don’t think you’re much interested in having an intelligent exchange about southern literature. This thread is about spreading vitriol. So vitriol-away… It’s obviously your best talent…and you excel at it…

  9. joey2zs says:

    Then secede already.

  10. joey2zs says:

    You’re a college student? Very impressive.

  11. joey2zs says:

    A racial riot at the state university of Mississippi has nothing to do with the university, the state, the culture that produces these people, and your dismissal of it? Check. Got it.
    BTW… it IS a reflection on the culture of the South, because it affirms stereotypes.
    You’re the type that demands bended-knee apologies from moderate Muslims for radical transgressions, right? I demand you get on your knees and apologize and promise a laundry list of solutions that you’ll work overtime to put into place until our disgust with your stereotyped brethren subsides.

  12. joey2zs says:

    Who were his stories about? Also, that you can come up with a man who’s best work was done 80 years ago as “proof” of Southern culture is something you need to think about.

  13. joey2zs says:

    Then, Slynn61, please explain the chanting of racial slurs? That’s a fun saying you have about the North and South, but again, please explain the slurs? Seems like a personal attack AND a racial attack. This did not occur in Boston or Chicago, Slynn61. It occurred where it did and it happened as described. Why are you deflecting the facts of it?

  14. slynn61 says:

    I live in Mississippi and don’t recall “riots” 4 years ago when President Obama was elected…and I think he was half black back then. I understand it was a protest of him belng re-elected…hence…Romney supporters and Obama supporters being young and stupid. It’s nothing to do with being at Ole Miss or in Mississippi. If it had been in Boston or Chicago…no big deal. But as the old saying goes “In the South they hate the race but love the people. In the North they hate the people but love the race”.

  15. auntgiddy says:

    ummm… William Faulkner may not have agreed…

  16. auntgiddy says:

    Lets be clear…this was NOT a riot.  This was trash talking back and forth between supporters of Obama and supporters of Romney.  Then a journalism student (what do they teach them now in journalism school???) tweets “riot” and PRESTO 400 kids turn out to see it.  Sorta like yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre. When the kids went back to their dorms a bunch of Obama supporters continued on to a dorm where there were Romney supporters, lobed some firecrackers and continued to get in each others faces (ummm… didn’t the Prez tell us to get into each others faces…).  No punches, no injuries, no property damage.  The police were there and arrested two students (white cops, white students who were in front of their dorm watching events unfold) because they didn’t “disperse” quick enough. (Memo: don’t dawdle when a MS cop say’s MOVE!)  The kids arrested have a very good case against the police and University.  If this were NY and the OWS (or black students arrested) they’d have 1000 ACLU lawyers fanned out all over northern MS suing anything that moved.

    It’s sad for Ole Miss.  The school has made huge strides over the past 20 years.  All groups should want to see that continue. Racial slurs are not acceptable from any quarter – but they pale in comparison to some of the vitriol I’ve seen on sites and threads like this one.  Blaming a couple of white kids for a “riot” is not good for anyone at Ole Miss — regardless of race or party affiliation. 

  17. Kes says:

    As a fellow Rebel, this level of “analysis” is embarrassing, Bryan. It wasn’t “protesting the election” that revealed the deep-seated racism involved, it was chanting racist epithets while doing so. As for suggesting that black Americans are bigoted because they voted en masse for Obama; in case you hadn’t noticed, genius, black Americans vote for Democrats in those percentages all the time. Black Americans didn’t support Herman Cain.

    Stop embarrassing Ole Miss and go post on The DM Online or something. Or do they no longer tolerate nonsensical and racist screeds like this there, either?

  18. Method Man says:

    Backwoods fools.  There is a reason all the educated people live in the North, Northeast and Northwest.  Also  a reason all the states in those areas are blue.  You will never see a blue state in the south, because they are a bunch of uncultured idiots.  

  19. Guest says:

    Ah yes.  But you breed these monsters.  You nurture them.  You coddle them.  And you apologize for them or try to explain them away.  Face it.  There’s a strain of deep, endemic ancestral sickness in the South.  It won’t be extirpated until some of you have the guts to stand up to it.

  20. Guest says:

    I find it appalling that this article resorts to stereotyping all Mississippians as ignorant and racist. It is just as disgusting and hateful as the “riots” you are discussing. As an Ole Miss student and proud Mississippi resident, I believe in both showing respect to all people equally AND the freedom to express our opinions. The protest should have been conducted in such a way that both of these were upheld, and it is unfortunate that their opinion was marred by their individual prejudice. This is not a reflection on the university or state as much as those making the statements.

  21. Mike Meyer says:


  22. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Since you’re concerned with definitions, this is a blog and not a news website. The writings in the gray blocks were quotes. Thus a Romney voter was the one who introduced the word “democracy.” It was appropriate to use the word in the discussion, especially since Mr. Trump also used it. We all can say “The Pledge of Allegiance,” so we didn’t need that civics lesson.

    I grew up in the Carolinas. Many of the people were racist, but I do agree not all. I think I was more disliked for my sexual orientation than for the fact that I’m a lovely latte color.

  23.  Actually, they’re kind of the opposite of white trash. They’re Ole Miss Frat Boys, largely the sons of wealthy Mississippi families who can trace their fortunes back to the days of plantations and slaves. And they largely look down on poor Mississippi whites just as much as they do blacks.

  24. Jimmy says:

    You my friend could do with some Zoloft. 

    Four more years.

  25. BeccaM says:

    Not at all. The two-party system sucks donkey and elephant balls, simultaneously. It is, however, not monolithic and not every candidate is worthless. I’m sorry, but I am damned glad to see Elizabeth Warren going to the Senate — and surely you can’t suggest it wasn’t worth voting for her (for MA residents) or donating to her campaign (as we did).

    All I’m saying is the choice not to vote at all, not even to register your preference for additional school funding or whatever, and not to participate in any level is a sure-fire way to guarantee that the forces of evil will operate unopposed and unchallenged. Their entire power model depends on the disaffected failing to partcipate.

    Passive abdication isn’t resistance. It’s surrender.

  26. Bryan says:

    I am currently a student at ole miss and although I didn’t go to the riot I know some people who were there and they say it wasn’t nearly as bad as the media is making it out to be. There were students there of many different racial backgrounds. I don’t understand why ole miss is racist for protesting the presidential election. Is it racist if you didn’t vote for obama? If the election had gone the other way and the protesters were against romney would the media outrage be the same?  93% of blacks voted for obama compared to 30% of whites voted for obama. It seems now the blacks are really the ones being racist and the whites have learned to tolerate racial diversity

  27. mf_roe says:

     Re-read Orwell’s “1984”.  The most chilling aspect of Winston’s defeat was how it was achieved–thru false flag “resistance” operations.  If you expect the problems confronting this nation to be corrected by elections based on the current political construct good luck.  Half the country voted for Rmoney, at least half of Obama’s votes came from people totally ignorant of his massive efforts to shift to the right.  That system is our salvation?

  28. Barry O says:

    John Aravosis has to be borderline retaded or very metro sexual to write a piece like this  lol

  29. mf_roe says:

     I understand the language limited find it english friendly.

  30. LSwho? says:

    Liberal media slandering what actually happened……i did not see any riots

  31. James says:

    That is , as usual, the EXTREME LEFTIST/Marxist-Obumer. I am not worried. Read the Bible. Numbers 23. Never read such a passage and at once think of a man who needs to heed it….Hey Obumer? I know you are the new Messiah to every wet    back   Pedophile praying cult GOD. But remember this Satan l.e. Obumer. GOD (There is no Muhamad ALllah Baba) Only GOD will cast judgement on you that last an eternity. But then again, you have no soul to sell. We, America, are officially the laughingstock of every diaper head in the middle east. Enjoy your time the next four years. I give you two years before the side of the 50 percent of AMERICA that is quoted as saying the hate is not a strong enough word for this boy. ByE bYe aMERICA. i HOPE THE OTHER HALF THAT VOTED FOR OBAMA.? g  o  G ET  F   U C  K  ED U  P  TH  E  A  SS OF  YOUR PEDOPHILE BITCH.

  32. lols says:

    lol. im not offended by this blog post. I live in mississippi. definitely a racist state. the student who replied to the newspaper is spot on

  33. BeccaM says:

    Costa Rica is also popular, I hear.

  34. BeccaM says:

    Hi Tom. I appreciate your thoughtful reply here.

    I’d like to ask that the next time you’re sitting outside that polling place, that you do consider going in anyway. Fine — don’t vote for anybody you don’t like. But our favored third party candidates won’t get anywhere if we don’t at least put them on the school boards or positions on the local utility commission or whatever. There are Green party members and genuine independents on ballots. Not many, not nearly enough, but they’re there and they won’t get into office if the only people voting are satisfied partisan Dems and GOPers.

    Even setting them aside, I can’t remember ever casting a ballot that didn’t have at least a few propositions on them. This time around, I cast affirmative votes on bond measures for local library support, public schools, a new senior center, and several other infrastructure projects. I also got to vote in favor of a proposal to make the Public Defender’s office a separate department. In the county just south of where I live, voters raised the minimum wage ($8.50, $1 higher) and passed a bond measure to improve one of the worst highway interchanges in the city (major 6-lane boulevard meeting a major north-south interstate highway).

    This stuff doesn’t pass unless people turn out and participate in this democratic-republic. At least consider making your voice heard, if not for the people you can’t stand, but those specific issues that matter to you personally.

  35. karmanot says:

     Thank you old white far left socialist voters like moi!

  36. karmanot says:

     Yep, Obama won by a few thousand votes. This country is not just polarized—-the gap is a chasm. The next four years will be just like the four: appeasement and wimping along to the Republican right. BTW, check out Panama as a possible place to seek haven.

  37. Buford says:

    Ah… the stupid is strong at Ole Miss.

  38. karmanot says:

     “neither Obama nor Romney won my vote”   Same here….voted down line for progressive Demos, except for Feinstein, who might as well be a Republican. That cow has been a burr in my blanket since her supervisor days. Can’t tell you what abuse and animosity came my way for voting Stein and Honkala.

  39. Tom says:

    As per local voting you’re correct. Had I lived in this area for any substantial period of time or were I not moving within the next month I should take part in local votes. That said, local votes still fall prey to many of the problems listed below:

    While you are idealistically correct in your beliefs on non-local votes, the reality is that for many reasons (not limited to the financial and structural corruption in our electoral system) our presidential election is not something most educated voters can have an impact on — it is a system inundated by skewed intent. For every one person who researches their candidate, there will be a thousand more who chose their candidate based on popularity, personal familiarity (religion, ethnicity, gender, etc), or because they belong to the party that voter was raised to believe is ‘right’. This saturation so completely undermines the rational voter that it is insulting. Our country is in such a state that I truly don’t believe things can ‘be different’ by such passive action as filling out a form and crossing your fingers, hoping that the general public will get it together.

    I can tell you are a researched and impassioned person, I respect that that a lot. The problem is that while the individual can be intelligent, the public is stupid and easily influenced. My refusal to vote isn’t out of laziness – I actually drove to the building and sat outside for a while considering it. It’s a calculated and somewhat difficult decision I made. There are some games that can only be won by not playing. 

  40. karmanot says:

     You are compassionate to strew pearls before swine.

  41. karmanot says:

     Yep, whiny Mitty losers trolling. Waaaaaaaaa!

  42. karmanot says:

     Do you wear a name tag on your hood?

  43. mf_roe says:

     Observe the bell curve, the smarter you are the more ignorance you are confronted with.

  44. Tom says:

    Hehe, Carlin may be pretty… rough, but he’s absolutely correct.

    Anyway, I’m not concerned with others’ approval so much as I am happy to see that there are others with a similar view. It gives me some level of hope that things can possibly change for the better. I still don’t think they will, but at least there’s hope. Sadly, the problem is much deeper than election methodology. Unless there’s drastic change nothing short of a large scale revolution – and soon – I really don’t think this country can go anywhere but the way of the Roman empire.

    It may be time to start considering other countries to call home; I only see things getting worse – a lot worse. That’s not something I consider lightly… but as a realist I’d be remiss to ignore the possibility.

  45. Dakotahgeo says:

    Shhhhhh!  (Most likely written by a white student wannabe who wants to be a black man!)

  46. BeccaM says:

    So… you didn’t vote for anything down-ticket? Nothing at all? Didn’t even exercise your vote on what were sure to be a number of initiatives on your local or state ballot? Refused to vote for your local mayor or sheriff or school board members? Never considered running for local office yourself so you could enact some of the changes you feel are necessary?

    Didn’t vote for any of the independent or third-party candidates, or write in somebody else?

    Do you think that not voting will result in anything being different? That somehow you’re entitled to having everybody else work to change American electoral system before you’ll bestir yourself to do your duty as a citizen?

    (On edit: I don’t mean to come across as hostile or confrontational. And I say this as someone who did vote — and neither Obama nor Romney won my vote. I’m just asking: Do you not vote at all?)

  47. Dakotahgeo says:

    You are right on the mark, Ed-words!

  48. Dakotahgeo says:

    You are right on!!!

  49. BeccaM says:

    Oh, I do. I’m just in a good mood and it’s fun using facts to show them up as the ignorant, uninformed yahoos they really are.

  50. Lakersfan242424 says:

     It was supposed to be @ Ed-Words

  51. Lakersfan242424 says:

     Sore loser? This isn’t a game, you idiot.

  52. Lakersfan242424 says:

    Are you guys stupid? First of all, we’re not a democracy, we’re a Republic, and I didn’t hear any racial slurs, and I did see a couple of black people in the crowd. So, your racist comment is just a liberal talking point, and completely outrages. Then you go into southern stereotypes calling people from Mississippi and Alabama racist. And the very beginning of the article has absolutely nothing to do with the story, except you’re just trying to stereotype Southerners as racist. This article is highly offensive to anyone living in the South. Is this supposed to be a news website? Because whoever wrote this needs to be fired for incompetence.
    Also, they’re using their first amendment right to protest, so I don’t see what the problem is, maybe you need to take a look at the Bill of Rights. 

  53. mf_roe says:

     I thought you understood the use of facts is pointless when dealing with fools. They are desperate for validation of their foolish ideas and arguing with them just convinces them that they have “Truths” that the lefties are threatened by. They are like farts, noxious facts of life best ignored rather than appraised.

  54. Ed-words says:

    Four more years. Sore loser!

  55. mf_roe says:

     I support your refusal to legitimize the false “choices” offered by our sham “democracy”.  Just don’t expect many others to applaud.

    Obama doesn’t champion minority causes, he manipulates them to achieve results beneficial to the plutocrats that control him.  Many worship Bill Clinton ignoring NAFTA and the repeal of Glass-Segal, primary causes of many of today’s woes. Obama knows he can be just as unfaithful to his followers and still escape accountability.  I voted for him the first time, but quickly regretted my mistake. I took George Carlin’s advise this time.

  56. BeccaM says:

    Um, yeah. It’s like the Bush II presidency never happened for them.

    “(L)etting Americans get killed” — Like the three thousand killed on 9/11/01? Or sending our troops to war in Iraq? And to Afghanistan, which wouldn’t have been warranted or necessary had 9/11 not happened?

    “(K)neeling to f****** dictators” — Like Prince Bandar bin Sultan…oh sorry, that was bowing and hand-holding. Or palling around with Hosni Mubarak. Or Islam Kamirov, dictator of Uzbekistan. Or Vladimir Putin. Or Perez Musharraf. Or all the other guys here: http://www.cogitamusblog.com/2008/02/president-bushs.html

    “(R)idiculous debt in one f****** term” — Which apparently has nothing to do with the revenue/spending shortfall created directly by two rounds of Bush/GOP tax cuts, an un-funded Medicare D program, two off-the-books wars, and a depression caused by the 2007 real estate crash, or the fact the House GOP refuses to increase taxes by a single dollar. Or the fact that Obama doesn’t actually pass budgets — it’s Congress. With funding bills originating in the House. Which has been controlled by the GOP for the last two years.

    Enraged — and factually challenged — yahoo, indeed.

  57. Above comment by an enraged yahoo. LOL


  58. Kselle7 says:

    I don’t think white trash is a good term to describe them….I just simply think that they don’t know any better and can use a little prayer. Unfortunately, their anger may be deep rooted. I think with a little more living, they’ll come around ;)


  59. Kselle7 says:

    Well said!!

  60. Kselle7 says:

    Well said!!

  61. Those rioters don’t look WHITE to me… Black guy and Native American right by the sign burner. Calm the FUCK down. They have every right to protest a SHITTY ASS PRESIDENT. This hasn’t got anything to do with race. If it was about race as you fucking race baiting mongers like to make it, there would have been huge riots by the “racists” after the FIRST election. People are fed up with OBUMBFUCKER and his shitty policies, letting Americans get killed, bowing down and kneeling to fucking dictators, and the scummy ass way he has been running the country into the GROUND and into ridiculous debt in ONE FUCKING TERM. THAT’S why this riot occurred. So sit the FUCK down.

  62. Tom says:

    This is pretty funny. I get the distinct feeling that, had Romney been elected, there would still be (black-on-white) racist riots. The fact of the matter is that with a black candidate the elections are going to be racially charged and this type of behavior is going to present itself no matter what. Obama is a good and smart man, but let’s not be so naive as to think that his candidacy had nothing to do with race. Quite frankly, it was a very clever (if not somewhat underhanded) tactical move by the democratic party to manipulate racist mentality in their favor. Point blank: white people have had the concept of racism legally beaten out of them for the past 30+ years while other ethnicities have had racist idealism instilled (via affirmative action, slanted legal recourse, etc). Is it really so surprising that a white audience would be more inclined to vote for Obama (thus being the open-minded ‘good guy’) and other ethnicities would not be so open-minded about Romney (white supremacist bastard)?

    Elections and voters really are this simple. People don’t vote for the best man for the job, but for a) who they can relate to and b) who they think will win (the need to have been ‘right’). I didn’t vote and refuse to as long as my only options are equally bad. When I have more than 2 options that are chosen based on who has the most financial backing maybe I can start believing we have anything more than the illusion of democracy.

  63. Jim Olson says:

    Hmm. The only thing missing from the above picture are the white sheets.  

  64. Snaggletooth says:

    I’d like to see big media call out Donald Trump and remind the world he owns this now. 

  65. mf_roe says:

    White Trash 

  66. BeccaM says:

    As some others on ABlog have noted, the anger of much of the base-level right should not be surprising, nor should we be surprised either that they don’t think we just had a fair election. (Moreover, an election that would’ve swung even harder to the progressive side if not for GOP vote suppression and intimidation tactics.) Their leaders and preferred news and information sources have been assuring them for months that America is a very conservative country, that Republicans are popular, and their candidates were shoo-ins for victory.

    When the polls were against the Republicans and Romney/Ryan, they were told the polls were skewed. (They weren’t.) They were told Nate Silver couldn’t predict anything accurately. (Nate’s models were scarily accurate.) They were told there’d be a Romney/Ryan and GOP landslide. (There wasn’t.) They were certain that minority voters wouldn’t stand in line for hours and hours to cast their ballots. (Wrong again, the blatant attempts at disenfranchisement only made them defiant and resolute. People stayed in line in Virginia, Ohio, and Florida even after the election had been called for Obama.) They thought people really didn’t care if Romney lied his way into the presidency. (No, people do care about being told the truth, and become angry and insulted when the lies are blatant and shameless.)

    They believed the alternative narrative for that campaign-killing video of Romney berating the 47% being irresponsible moochers. That Mitt didn’t really mean to include them, accepting federally-funded student loans. Or their family members receiving Social Security or Medicare. Or their cousin serving in the military. Or when they themselves when are receiving unemployment insurance benefits or on disability compensation. In their minds, the 47% were all Democrats, all receiving open-ended welfare checks (which simply does not exist anymore) and buying steak and liquor with food stamps. And yes, the racists think that 47% consists almost entirely of people of color. Again, none of this is true. Mitt and his uber-wealthy plutocratic friends know the alternative narrative isn’t true, but they don’t care.

    Fox News, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, all their partisan pundits were insisting that a Romney & GOP sweep was a dead-on certainty. That God Himself had ordained the Republicans to win. What they weren’t saying is that older white voters are a steadily shrinking demographic. And while there are plenty of young religious conservatives, they’re strongly outnumbered by the increasingly progressive youngsters.

    The crazier the Tea Bagger contingent became, the more certain they were they could say anything, believe anything, and it would be true merely by stint of believing in it hard enough. Women don’t really mind having to endure a pregnancy and birth resulting from rape. Immigrants find nothing insulting about the suggestion they self-deport themselves. Nobody wants gay people ever to have the right to marry or have families. Everyone’s cool with the idea of going to war with Iran if Israel tells us to do so. Everybody hates unions and organized labor. Taxes on the rich and on corporations are too high, and it’s perfectly possible to close the deficit by reducing revenues with more tax cuts. All kinds of crazy shit.

    They were fed a steady stream of lies. Shown a house of cards built on a foundation of sand and told it was an impregnable fortress. No matter the delusions held, eventually reality intrudes and exposes the lies for what they are: Lies.

  67. Fireblazes says:

     The Tea Party seems to be disappearing faster than a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker on a warm November day!

  68. Kes says:

    I graduated from Ole Miss’s law school within the past 10 years. Frankly, this doesn’t surprise me at all. There are reasons I’m proud of my school and I got a great education there (in more ways than one, being a Northerner), but the stories I could tell…. Until the racist white frat culture changes, horrifying incidents like this will continue to occur. The school is putting on a “unity,” anti-racism candlelit march through the campus, but that kind of feel-good non-response doesn’t do anything. Racism runs deep there, and it needs to be looked in the eye by a university willing to adopt a zero-tolerance policy. Personally, I think they need to get rid of the frats, since it really breeds in those white fraternities…but that’s never going to happen.

  69. Seth Wright says:


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