President Obama’s victory speech (video)

This is the speech President Obama gave last night after victory was assured.

It looks like, as of this writing, the popular vote split 50%–49% in Obama’s favor, and Obama says early in the speech that Romney has conceded, so this nightmare has been averted.

A listening note. About 10 minutes in (10:15 to be exact), Obama lists his “hopes” for America’s future. Here you should start your deconstruction. He’s identifying what he perceives to be his mandate, though he’d never use words like that. Listen carefully.

There are two broad sets of issues in modern domestic American politics — economic issues and identity (civil rights) issues. On identity issues, the parties are poles apart in a way that clearly benefits Democrats. On economic issues there is much more overlap. Notice these two types of issues as he names each one, moving through what amounts to a “here’s what to expect” set of policies. Granted some items in the list are the usual, what you always say to Americans. But many are not. I’m especially intrigued by the part starting “You voted for action” (14:15).

Finally, to those of you who worked for this day, enjoy. Despite the rampant inadequacy of the candidate Romney and the Party Republican, 49% of everyone who voted, worked to prevent this moment. So this was indeed work. The non-voters I get — they see no difference between D’s and R’s. The third-party voters I get — they see a better non-Republican alternative. But over 50 million voters, 49%, voted actual Republican.

I’m still amazed. I don’t get what, in the soul of our working class whites, pulls the lever for David Koch and blatant corporate control — pulls the lever for actual Republican control. Do they not get that Koch World will rain acid on their upturned faces as well?

But I accept that this is my failing, in failing to grasp the world, not theirs in being the world I fail to grasp. Perhaps it’s time to write about Escape from Freedom, or to reread the Cooper Union speech.

(Note: This is MSNBC video. If it fails to embed properly, I’ll post an alternate.)


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2 Responses to “President Obama’s victory speech (video)”

  1. benb says:

    Remarkable speech.  My takeaway was a subtle warning to legislators:  speak for all your constituents instead of worrying about an inflexible minority. 

  2. Gymperu says:

    God Bless America!

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