Straight and gay, we all won last night


It was a pretty good night to be a Democrat.

We held on to the White House and the Senate, and Republicans held the House.

In gay America, we had an even bigger victory. As of this writing, we have the first openly gay Senator, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and we’ve won the right to marry in Maine and Maryland at the ballot box for the very first time. It was a stunning victory for gay Americans.

RT @fakedansavage: When I came out to my parents 30 years ago saying “I’m gay” meant saying “I will never marry and I will never have children.” #ItGotBetter

It was also a stunning blow to the anti-gay bigots who control the Republican party. And it was a stunning blow to the Republican party itself. A pro-gay, pro-gay-marriage, President won the White House, and his position in favor of gay marriage – gay marriage! – was irrelevant to his re-election (other than it almost certainly helped secure him 77% of the gay electorate).

GOP consultant Alex Castellanos said on CNN last night:

“The Republican party can’t be the party that thinks one of the biggest problems is that there’s too much love in the world.”

As someone who’s worried about how I’m going to continue affording my own health care as I get older, I won tonight.  The victory of the President and Senate Democrats means Obamacare isn’t going to be repealed, health insurance companies won’t be able to turn you and me away (or charge us more) for our pre-existing conditions.  And on a very personal level, in a a matter of a few years, I may no longer have to slink over to Europe to buy my asthma drugs because they’re too expensive in America and my insurance will over cover enough for five months a year (and then no other prescriptions at all).

I’m way too tired to process all of this now.  I’m watching a woman on CNN who used to work for McCain, Ana Navarro, talk about how Latinos were disillusioned with Barack Obama, but they were terrified with the Republicans.  Same thing with gays.  And probably every other interest group on the left.  It will be interesting to see if the Republicans get the message, or what message, if any, they even take from tonight’s loss (worst message would be that it was all the fault of Hurricane Sandy).

I’m writing this at 1:27am, still waiting for President Obama’s victory speech.  Desperately in need of my bed.  But I guess I’ll conclude by saying that it’s been a long hard four years. I haven’t always been happy with the President.  But we got more under this President than we ever would have gotten under John McCain, and the same holds true with Mitt Romney.  And while not always enough, it’s also not nothing.  So I’ll sleep easily, for tonight at least.

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19 Responses to “Straight and gay, we all won last night”

  1. Butch1 says:

    Here’s how that works:

    “If voters uphold the law, gay couples could start picking up their marriage certificates and licenses from county auditor offices Dec. 6, a day after the election is certified. However, because Washington state has a three-day waiting period, the earliest the certificate could be signed, making the marriage valid, is Dec. 9.”
    Did you get that? December 6th.and then December 9th. That’s a month after the election and they are still counting the ballots in my state and will be for about a week. ;-  Until then, the other side will not concede that they have lost and the state will not say that we have “legally” won the vote. So, we are in this place where I cannot really celebrate until we get the final word. I do not trust anyone at this point until it is final. We have been disappointed a few time in this state by the Supreme Court and I don’t want to jinx anything yet by finding some legal procedure at the last minute being hauled out to delay this one minute further than it has to be. I think a month after the election is outrageous as it is but I’m being a wee bit anxious after all this time I guess. ;-)

  2. Beccaboo1984 says:

    it did pass in Washington state. same with the legalization of marijuana :)

  3. Butch1 says:

    Thanks! I will!! Yea! 

  4. BeccaM says:

    Looks like they’re calling it for WA. Go ahead and celebrate, my friend.

  5. BeccaM says:

    Moreso, this is what needs to be said: It was a mandate embracing leftist and progressive values and a repudiation of Tea Baggerism and social conservatism and everything the radical right stands for. It was a good night for openly progressive candidates. Where Dems fell short was, in most places, when they failed to distinguish themselves from their rightist GOP opponents.

    However, all that aside, the work has only begun. Obama has this habit of campaigning like a progressive, talking like a progressive, but when it comes time to put words into actions, he’s consistently adopted center-right compromises as his starting point in negotiations with the Republicans. For instance, with PPACA (aka Obamacare) he didn’t even try to achieve anything other than Romneycare on a national scale — and arguably less than that because Medicare prescription negotiation and drug importation was jettisoned immediately.

    Gaius has posted extensively on this topic, how now is not the time for progressives and leftists to relax, but to begin fighting as hard as GetEQUAL did after the 2010 mid-terms to have DADT repeal enacted. We need to begin writing and sending those letters now and making those phone calls to our Congressional Reps and Senators to tell them “No Grand Bargain. No cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Raise or remove the payroll tax cap and tax capital gains like income. Raise those taxes on the rich back to pre-2001 levels (at minimum) like you said you would.”

  6. kingstonbears says:

    Hopefully Obama and the Senate can accomplish some great things in the first 2 years.  Then maybe there will be a chance of taking back the House at the midterms.  Here’s wishing.

  7. Butch1 says:

    I’m still waiting for the final tally in my state of Washington though it is looking favorable for a win for marriage. I won’t celebrate until it is final.

  8. DKarma says:

     wait she’s gay?
    I’m from WI and I never knew that.
    I Voted for her based on her desire for single payer HC system…
    Glad I could be part of that milestone

  9. nicho says:

     But next time, a lot of their angry racist “base” will be dead. It’s shrinking all the time. The Fox News demographic is older people.

  10. DKarma says:

    we need to keep saying it: THIS IS A MANDATE
    Romney got stomped thoroughly.
    He didn’t win one single battleground state. not one.
    we dont all agree with all his policies, but the people who are still vehemently against obama are on the fringe of the right.  in the end I think what this election came down to was twofold.  one the economy has largely bottomed out through 09 and 10 and we are relatively stable. but i feel the most important factor in deciding this election was authenticity.  when you listen to obama he’s convincing.  you really feel based on how he speaks that he believes what he says.  deeply. 
    Romney on the other hand might as well be a flounder for all the flip flopping he’s done.  Being from a liberal state he’s had to campaign for years towards the center or even left of center.  then in the primaries he had to flop over to the right of newt and brownback, etc… in the general election
    he had to move back to the center to appeal to all of america…he got caught out doing this in action with the 47% comment and that ripped the mask off any authenticity he still had.

    Incidentally I thought it was crass that he “donated” 5k to the red cross…which is exactly HALF the amount of money he wanted to bet Rick Perry during that one primary debate… :-/

    Congrats Obama!

  11. goulo says:

    Yeah, I rather expect their take-away message will be that they didn’t “generate enough angry white guys” (as Sen. Lindsey Graham put it) this time, so they’ll need to generate angry white guys even harder next time.

  12. basenjilover says:

    Senator Tammy Baldwin!!!   Woo Hoo!  I never thought I’d live to see a openly gay US senator elected in my lifetime.  We still have a long difficult rough times ahead but damn victory was sweet last night.

  13. Gindy51 says:

    No they did not get the message, they are doubling down on the bigotry.

  14. Dave of the Jungle says:

    News Flash: Candidate who told half the nation to go fuck itself loses election. News at 11:00

  15. Jim Olson says:

    The bonus prize,  we get two, maybe three Supreme Court nominations.  That is going to help the long game.  

  16. Ferd says:

    John,  You and your fellows there at Americablog are HEROES for the 100%!

    Government of the People!  FOR the people!  Truth!   Compassion!  

  17. dcinsider says:

    Well said John.  We played defense on this one, but because he finally supported marriage equality, I was pleased to vote for him (even though in DC it doesn’t matter).  A Romney presidency would have spelt disaster for gays and lesbians, just when we were turning the tide nationally on our civil rights.  Instead, gays and lesbians took a giant step forward to equality last night.  There will be battles and setbacks for sure, but the tide has turned and full equality is now in sight.  How can you be anything less than happy on a day like today!

  18. olandp says:

    “But we got more under this President than we ever would have gotten under John McCain, and the same holds true with Mitt Romney”

    Under Romney/Ryan we would have gotten screwed.  Even I’m not that desperate.

  19. S1AMER says:

    We — all of us — have four more years to move America ahead, to save the economy from the plutocrats, to preserve reproductive autonomy for women from the theocrats, to save the environment and preserve workers’ rights, to end senseless wars, to protect racial and ethnic minorities from the nativists, and to secure full legal status for LGBT Americans.

    Yesterday was a wonderful, wonderful day, and we’re all allowed to savor today and spend some time celebrating. But tomorrow we must get back to work to expand on everything wonderful our fellow citizens did with their votes yesterday.

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