With religious right’s help, Nigeria trying to ban everything gay

Agence France-Presse reports that Nigerian lawmakers are moving ahead with a bill to ban most things gay in the African country.

The legislation would not only make gay marriage a crime, but would also make the public display of same-sex affection illegal, and would also outlaw gay rights groups, which puts into question whether Nigeria’s AIDS organizations would now become illegal.

Nigeria has its share of Christian nutjobs, sadly aided and abetted by the Anglican church and by America’s religious right, including the infamous Rick Warren, who helped pass Prop 8 in California (along with the Mormons), and who has supported extremist anti-gay leaders in Nigerian and the rest of Africa.

One of the neat things Nigerian “Christians” do is kill children who they deem to be “witches.” From the Guardian:

Evangelical pastors are helping to create a terrible new campaign of violence against young Nigerians. Children and babies branded as evil are being abused, abandoned and even murdered while the preachers make money out of the fear of their parents and their communities.

Isn’t that neat?  These “evangelical Christians” in Nigerian are killing small children for profit.  And they’re buddies with our evangelical “christians.”  Isn’t that special.

Oh but there’s more.  Rick Warren’s little evangelical buddy (whose an Anglican, and the Anglican church refuses to repudiate the man) in Nigeria has written a letter calling gay marriage “a holocaust.”  He also is in favor of banning gay churches (interesting that Rick Warren hasn’t spoken out on why his buddy is in favor of banning other Christian churches):

And here’s the end of the letter:

Good job, Rick Warren! Can’t you just feel God’s love?

A bit more on how (white) American evangelicals have poisoned the African mind, including this great expose from the Post. And how other westerners, like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair have stood by silently when given the chance to defend gays being oppressed in Africa.

At least US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been a beacon of hope on this issue (as has the President).  And the UK’s David Cameron has also said he’ll decrease aid to anti-gay African governments.

What’s going on in Nigeria, and much of Africa really, is a testament to the toxic effect of the worst of religion, be it the haters like Rick Warren, the Mormons, the Anglicans (who turn a blind eye to their own hate in Africa), and the evangelicals. Or our own problems at home with the Catholics.  So many religions feed on so much hate.  It’s just not what I was taught in church growing up.  And these faiths wonder why they’re losing adherents.

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19 Responses to “With religious right’s help, Nigeria trying to ban everything gay”

  1. Butch1 says:

    If we are still giving any money to Nigeria, it should be cut off immediately! Any country that is this homophobic enough to write into law such hateful crap helped by our own American Taliban ( who lie and deny it ) needs to lose all monetary support from our country. Let our hateful right-winged fundamental “christian” groups support them with donations if they want to. They are on the same page when it comes to preaching hate and not loving your neighbor.

    Any gay person still living in that country should try and escape whenever they can. Nigeria doesn’t deserve what gays offer in talent and other things. Let this backward country stay just the way it is and let the rest of the world ignore it until the country can stop its barbaric ways and learn to become human again. They might start by getting rid of their leader and that church that runs the country.

  2. Naja pallida says:

    I’m sure they have enough hate of their own to go around, but do you really suppose they’re calling up religious right wing-nuts to get their advice on how to properly express that hate? Unlikely. I’d be willing to bet there’s some money involved too.

  3. John Lammi says:

    WE are not controlling their hate. They are responsible for their own vicious, murderous hate.

  4. John Lammi says:

    These Africans deserve to be recognized as responsible for their own vicious murderous hate. They deserve no less.

  5. we must cut off all funding-we cannot allow these primtive savages to harm gays-they MUST be taught to embrace equality for all

  6. A reader in Colorado says:

    Oh, and would this be Rick Warren of Obama invocation fame? One chooses givers of invocations to one’s inauguration presumably because the individual in question has something moral to tell the country. I wonder what Obama would say in hindsight about having someone who has been working behind the scenes for many years to engineer mass deaths of gay people, give his invocation, after all these years?

  7. A reader in Colorado says:

    Oh, Obama attends National Prayer Breakfasts, full of members of The Family who have been instrumental in kill the gays bills, on bended knee, calling the potential mass murders of gay people odious, as if of a bad smell, while the champion of murdering gay people, David Bahati, is a member of the Family.

    One might say that Obama disapproves of the Family and their murderous members, but not enough to not have pancakes and mimosas with them.

  8. Carl Gorney says:

    F being nice.

    That’s all I’ve got to say about THAT.

  9. Naja pallida says:

    This isn’t new at all. They’ve been doing this for years, if not decades… it is almost a form of neo-colonialism. Instead of controlling them with military power, we just control them with religious oppression. It isn’t just the anti-gay movement either, they’ve been pushing anti-abortion and anti-contraception in Africa as well. You’d think that leaders there would be looking to avoid ties to whiter-than-white America, which has no real interest in the wellbeing of African nations nor their people.

  10. FunMe says:

    I don’t care how loud they may scream it, but those people are NOT Christian.

    They are more like LUNATICS with hate in their ugly heart. Nothing loving about that!

  11. karmanot says:

    I must write the First Lady of Nigeria and let her know what’s going on. Every week I get an e-mail from her requesting help in transferring money destined for orphaned children to safe havens in Switzerland. She also let’s me know that I am close to winning the National Lottery, but I tell her that if I win to give it to the orphans.

  12. BeccaM says:

    A more glaring and obvious instance of hate-speech bigotry there never was… The blood is on their hands.

  13. Badgerite says:

    I know the voice of God when I hear it and I hear it in Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber. The gay composer.

  14. Be nice to them, folks. Look at all the money – billions of dollars – sent to us from those poor women dying of some incurable disease that want us to have our share. All we have to do is pay a few thousand in packaging and handling…

  15. Then I think it’s time for them to stop accepting all western financial and humanitarian aid. Like Texas, let them stew in their own hate-infused juices and see how long it lasts.

  16. milli2 says:

    proof that this the DREAM they have for America.

  17. A_nonymoose says:

    Make no mistake about it; this is what these fanatics would do to us if they had the chance.

  18. Webster says:

    And the deluded followers of the Invisible-Sky-Thingy-In-Charge raise their ugly heads again. If I believed in prayer, I’d only utter one: “Save the world from your followers.”

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