Religious right lawyer Lisa Biron arrested by FBI on child sex charges

Her name is Lisa Biron.

Lisa Biron was just arrested by the FBI on federal child pornography and sexual exploitation of children charges. Basically, she’s accused of going on CraigsList and offering up a minor child for sex with grown men.

Lisa Biron is a lawyer.

Lisa Biron is a Christian lawyer.

Lisa Biron is a very very Christian lawyer.

Lisa Biron is so Christian a lawyer that the people she worked for include the Alliance Defending Freedom, an organization created by the worst of the worst of the Bible-thumping family values crowd.

Per the Concord Monitor,

Biron is associated with the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group of lawyers who, according to their website, are committed to keeping “the door open for the spread of the Gospel” by advocating for “religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.” In Concord, she worked with the ADF in defending a Pentecostal Church on Mountain Road in its tax fight against the city.

Lisa Biron

Source: WMUR

Let me walk you through just how big the Alliance Defending Freedom is.  It was founded by religious right leaders D. James Kennedy of the Coral Ridge Ministries and James Dobson of Focus on the Family (and a few others), and who sits on its board, Tom Minnery, Senior Vice President of Government and Public Policy of Focus on the Family.

It doesn’t get any bigger on the religious right than Focus on the Family.

Wow.  Focus on the Family sitting on the board of an organization with ties to a woman accused of putting children up for sex with adult men on CraigsList.

That’s new.

And in fact, through a little more Googling, I found out that this organization is really the “Alliance Defense Fund,” a HUGE religious right legal group, infamous for its anti-gay “family values” advocacy. They simply changed their name recently.

They might want to change it again soon.

So I did a little Google search to find out more about Biron’s association with the Alliance Defending Marriage – since the articles in the media aren’t terribly clear about it – and amazingly, all the Google links pointing to her name on the Alliance Defending Marriage’s Web site end up on error pages. I.e., the Alliance Defending Marriage used to mention Lisa Biron on their Web site, and now they don’t.  Imagine that.

But fret not, I found the smoking gun anyway.  Read on.

As an example of the sudden memory hole that was Lisa Biron and the Alliance Defending Freedom, there’s this in Google when you search for Lisa Biron and Alliance Defending Freedom:

Alliance Defending Freedom and Lisa Biron

Google results for Alliance Defending Freedom and Lisa Biron.

Did the Alliance Defending Freedom “honor” a woman accused of aiding and abetting pedophilia?  Hmm, let’s click on that link and see.

But when you go to any page that used to involve Lisa Biron and the Alliance Defending Freedom you get the Internet version of “what you talking about, Willis?”

Alliance Defending Freedom and Lisa Biron

Alliance Defending Freedom and Lisa Biron google search landing page.

Oh, honey, you don’t know “embarrassing.”

What’s really “embarrassing” is what used to be on those Web pages.

You see, just last year, it appears that the Alliance Defending Freedom honored accused aider and abetter of pedophilia, Lisa Biron.

Alliance Defending Freedom and Lisa Biron

Alliance Defending Freedom “honors” woman accused of aiding and abetting pedophilia, Lisa Biron.

Here’s what they had to say:

ADF Allied Attorney Success Stories: March 2011
By ADF Alliance Alert

Congratulations to allied attorneys Geoffrey Westmoreland, Kevin Snider, Mike Tierney, Rick Macias, Steve Sanders, Stephen Casey, Greg Terra, Steve Whiting, Steve Amjad, Steve Fitschen, Tim Swickard, as well as new Honor Corps members, Albertos Polizogopoulos and Lisa Biron, for their recent accomplishments and successes listed below. Please take time to congratulate them!

Wow, the alleged woman accused of aiding and abetting pedophilia even merited an exclamation point!

And just to confirm which ADF this is, the link at the bottom of the post, that says “read more,” takes you here, back to “embarrassing”-land on the Alliance Defending Freedom Web site:

Lisa Biron Alliance Defending Freedom

Back to the Web page I saved from the memory hole.  Note that Lisa Biron is not just an allied attorney, she’s a “new” member of the Alliance Defending Freedom’s “Honor Corps.”  So I Googled the “honor corps” – and here is where things get really interesting, per the ADF’s own Web site:

Alliance Defending Freedom has created the Honor Corps to recognize those allied attorneys who have completed 450 hours of pro bono service, and offers special awards in recognition of significant milestones in reported service.

So you join the “honor” corps if you donate more than 450 hours of pro bono service to the ADF.  In other words, woman accused of aiding and abetting pedophilia, Lisa Biron, worked for the Alliance Defending Freedom on 450 hours or more worth of legal cases.  So she worked for them.  That’s her tie to them.  The accused woman aiding and abetting pedophilia, Lisa Biron, worked for the lead religious right family values legal group with ties to the biggest family group out there, Focus on the Family.

To be precise, it’s pro bono work, so she didn’t get any money for it.  But she still “worked” for them, was employed by them, they and their clients were her clients.  Even if it was free work.

An awful lot of trust the Alliance Defending Freedom put in the accused pedophile enabler.

I told you it was worth reading on.

I think the Alliance Defending Freedom put it best: “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?”

Oh, but we’re not done yet.

Let’s walk through a little more of what this lead religious right lawyer, Lisa Biron, working for “the” religious right legal organization, the Alliance Defending Freedom, is accused of having done:

In making her case that Biron should be held, Fitzgibbon also made the following allegations:

∎ Two witnesses have testified to seeing Biron in possession of ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine.

∎ Biron sent a threatening text message to the person who turned her in to the police, advising him he would have to watch his back “FOR EVER.”

∎ Biron sent a text to a friend saying she might flee to Cuba because she had “nothing left.”

∎ Biron has asked people to lie to law enforcement about her case.

∎ Other juveniles have been subjected to Biron’s sexual activity and drug use.

The Concord Monitor, in classic New Hampshire dead-pan, concludes the article thusly:

On Biron’s Facebook page, which was taken down in recent weeks, she had listed the Bible as her favorite book.

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