George Will to Mitt Romney: “Quit despising the American people”

Good for George Will for calling out Mitt Romney on his latest “I hate half the country” gaffe, but at the same time, spare me.

I don’t recall any Republicans speaking out when Mitt Romney repeatedly tried to label President Obama a Castro-loving communist and/or European socialist (wich in America’s small political mind means communist (which, here, actually means “Soviet”) during the campaign, and thus, the 51% of us who voted for Obama must, of course, support communism too since we voted for one.

I also don’t recall Republicans speaking out when their failure of a GOP party chair Reince Priebus attempted the same thing sotto voce, trying to label the President as some kind of foreign European socialist type black thing – and finally got called out on it by Chris Matthews.

I also don’t recall any Republicans speaking out when Marco Rubio also intimated that President Obama was a communist, and thus, once again, anyone for supports the President – that would be half the country – must support communism too.

Republicans have hated the voters for a long time.

  • Gays: The Baptists who run the GOP hate us, as do the Mormons who almost ran the GOP, and the rest of the Republican leadership is happy to throw our civil rights to the sharks when it serves their purposes.
  • Women: Legitimate rape, forcible rape, God-gifted-rape-babies, self-cleansing rape, and no-such-thing-as-threat-to-the-life-of-the-mother rape all come to mind.
  • Blacks: Baptists have quite a history as do Mormons, and most southern states, many of which still hate blacks (remember, a plurality of Republicans in Mississippi are still opposed to inter-racial marriage, of the heterosexual variety even).
  • Jews: Folks on the right pretend to love Israel, but that’s only so that they can preserve Israel long enough to watch 2/3 of all the world’s Jews die in a blaze of glory when Jesus comes back – yes, they love Israel to death. And let’s not even get started with the Mormons’ sordid record of desecrating the souls of Jewish Holocaust victims.
  • Catholics: the Baptists think Catholics worship Satan, and call the Catholic Virgin Mary a “wh*re”).
  • Latinos. I don’t even need to explain that one.

The list goes on.  Fortunately, the list of which Americans the Republicans despise is so long that it now makes up 51% of the country.

The current Republican leadership hates Americas.  They’ve hated our system of government for a long time, which is why it’s always Republicans who are trying to undermine the presidency, and the courts, and the media – any system of checks and balances is a bad thing if you, at your core, think freedom and truth have a liberal bias, and that you can’t win if the fight is fair.

Republicans talk a lot about how much they love America – the same way they talk about how much they love the troops, then send the troops to die in needless wars based on a lie, then ignore those same trips when they come home needing help – but in practice, it’s not terribly clear that the current extremists running the GOP like much of anything or anyone in this country.

So, I’m not going to get too excited about the GOP’s sudden concern about members of their own party who hate the voters.  The Republicans have hated a lot of us for a very long time.  And now their hate may have made them a permanent minority party.


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