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Programming note: Today on Ring of Fire Radio, Gaius and Mike Papantonio look at the ongoing takeover of the Republican Party and where it stands now that the election is over.

Our discussion starts from this post — “Shut down” Limbaugh and Trump, GOP’s Steve Schmidt tells “party leaders”  (click to listen to the Steve Schmidt’s election night video). Then we look ahead — where the hostile takeover is now, and what the next two election cycles likely look like from the billionaires’ standpoint.

Listen live — Saturdays at 3 o’clock Eastern, rebroadcasts Sunday nights at 8 pm Eastern. To listen via Internet, click the link. To find a station, click here.

The entire show lineup is below — there are a number of excellent guests:

This week on Ring of Fire: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse will be joining us to talk about the goals of the incoming Senate – a Senate that now has a very strong Democratic majority.

Author and economics professor William Black will tell us how Wall Street banks are hoping to make President Obama turn his back on the people who re-elected him this year.

Gaius Publius from America Blog will be here to tell us about the Civil War that is currently taking place within the GOP.

And Bart Mihailovich, the director of the Spokane Riverkeeper will join us to talk about the lingering health problems that are being caused across the country as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals called PCBs.

Thanks for your interest. If audio is published, I’ll put it up.


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3 Responses to “Billionaire takeover of GOP: Gaius on Ring of Fire Radio”

  1. theoracle says:

    Mitt Romney, and his rabid right-wing billionaire benefactors, wanted desperately for him to be the right-wing Santa Claus who
    would only give “gifts” to his wealthy and “nice” billionaire and
    millionaire right-wing benefactors, while he wanted to be The Grinch to
    all those “naughty” 47 percenters, poor, middle-class, labor union
    do-nothings who don’t deserve any “gifts.”

    Shorter Romney and
    overall Republican sentiment: we want the rich to get richer and the
    poor to get poorer, but don’t anyone dare to propose that the rich get a
    little poorer so the poor can get a little richer.

  2. cambridgemac says:

    Link does not work. I went to ring of Fire and listened to Papantonio & Kennedy talk about Whistleblowers. But the Gaius Publius link takes you right back to AmericaBlog. I can’t find the link to his interview.

  3. nukemale says:

    wow the William Black interview was a mind blower!
    Too bad it was only partial interview; will be listening next week for the rest.
    To think that this COULD happen to Social Security right now is frightening!

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