The amazing political art-form of “freeway blogging”

Freeway Blogging is the invention of – or at the very least it’s been raised to an art form by – a man out west who calls himself, the Freeway Blogger. It’s a brilliant idea, and simple as hell. He posts politically poignant signs over the freeways, so ten thousand people an hour can read them while in traffic.

Freeway has been doing this since the early Bush years. These are a few of my all-time favorites:




On Thanksgiving Day, Freeway decided to do some global warming “posts”.  Here’s his description, followed by some of the signs:

 I got up before dawn to get this sign up while it was still reasonably dark. It’s over twelve feet long and held up with six wire coat hangers, duct tape and some bungee cords. Traffic here (14 lanes by LAX) is usually at a standstill, which is good because, well… it is a lot of reading.

Driving back I saw that pretty much every one of these signs, including the huge one by LAX, were still in place, hopefully inspiring some conversations in cars and around some tables.

freeway blogging global warming



freeway blogging global warming


freeway blogging global warming

Here’s an interview with the Freeway Blogger, explaining what he does:

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3 Responses to “The amazing political art-form of “freeway blogging””

  1. Kim_Kaufman says:

    Code Pink also has done some freeway overhang postings. It is a good idea.

  2. A_nonymoose says:

    Wondering why someone isn’t doing this on the information highway.

  3. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Freeway Blogger Rocks!

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