Fox’s Murdoch lobbied Christie to help Romney days before election

Say what you will about MSNBC, but we never hear stories like this about the the guy(s) who run them.

Rupert Murdoch, the man who owns Fox, was working his magic to get Mitt Romney elected in the final days of the election.  Not that this surprises everyone.  But what is surprising is that we’re getting the gory details.

From the NYT:

On Nov. 3, Mr. Christie called Rupert Murdoch, the influential News Corporation chief and would-be kingmaker, who had warned in a biting post on Twitter that the governor might be responsible for Mr. Obama’s re-election.

Mr. Christie told Mr. Murdoch that amid the devastation, New Jersey needed friends, no matter their political party, according to people briefed on the discussion. But Mr. Murdoch was blunt: Mr. Christie risked looking like a spoiler unless he publicly affirmed his support for Mitt Romney, something the governor did the next day.

The godfather has spoken.

The other interesting bombshell in this story is the fact that the Romney people think Christie and Hurricane Sandy are what sunk them:

During a lengthy autopsy of their campaign, Mr. Romney’s political advisers pored over data showing that an unusually large number of voters who remained undecided until the end of the campaign backed Mr. Obama. Many of them cited the storm as a major factor in their decision, according to a person involved in the discussion.

“Christie,” a Romney adviser said, “allowed Obama to be president, not a politician.”

Right.  So the Romney campaign is arguing that their polling was correct, and all the other polling was wrong, but that Hurricane Sandy, and particularly Governor Christie, swung the election to President Obama at the last moment.

You know what, good for Romney.  We Democrats would like nothing better than a Republican party that keeps talking about legitimate rape, forcible rape, rape-babies, self-extinguishing rape, and the technological obsolescence of the life of the mother exception to anti-abortion legislation.  Because none of that affected the women’s vote.  Nah.

And the GOP’s neanderthal approach to Latinos, and immigration generally generally, had nothing to do with why Latinos flocked to President Obama.

If only Romney had used a bit more skin bronzer before that pivotal Univision appearance.

The list goes on.

Romney was a lousy candidate trying to win election in a party that’s moved too far out of the American mainstream.  Chris Christie, while perhaps less a liar than Romney, is in the same pickle Romney was.  He’s a non-nut running in a party of nuts.  And hey can either tell the truth and lose the nomination, or lie and lose the general.

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19 Responses to “Fox’s Murdoch lobbied Christie to help Romney days before election”

  1. silas1898 says:

    5 years. He is up for re-election in 2013 and will most likely win.

  2. HelenRainier says:

    Would that be Kolob? The planet or the nation of?

  3. HelenRainier says:

    If this is what the Romney campaign really thought — that Christie was the game changer — then they are saying their winning the election was more important than the citizens and residents of New Jersey. This clinches — anyone who is/was associated is a scum sucking leech.

  4. colleen2 says:

    It’s amusing that they seem unable to acknowledge that the Romney campaign’s response to Sandy, before, during and after, was far more damaging than anything Christie said nor did. Everyone in the country was reminded of Katrina and the 8 year disaster of the latest Bush administration.

  5. franklyn says:

    Oh Christ. Four years of “fat” jokes.

  6. Alexio says:

    Christie is going to have a health problem like a heart attack or diabetes before the next election…or if he gains any more weight he could explode…

  7. nicho says:

    Not to burst anyone’s election-analyst bubble, but this was never a horse race — as the MSM wanted you to believe.

    In February, Yahoo Source predicted the exact outcome. In May Inuyesta predicted the exact outcome. At the same time, Wiesman predicted the exact outcome. Nate Silver’s numbers hardly wavered all year. The election was over in February, although the campaign went on forever.

    I suspect that neither Romney’s winning the Republican nomination nor
    the fact that the economy slowly improved changed the game because both
    events were undramatic and likely, and so were also built into the

    I find it really emotionally difficult to let go of the idea that
    things that happened during the last 9 months *mattered* for the
    election, but the math is staring me in the face. I’d say we can
    *certainly* rule out the following factors:

    Hurricane Sandy


    Romney’s choice of Ryan for VP

    Aken and the other rapologists

    the debates

    the conventions

    the ads

    the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare

    any other development that pundits have called “game-changing”.We can tell that there were no game-changing developments, because the game never changed.
    Which means that something like 99.9% of the narratives going around
    about the campaign are disproven bunk. One of the few observers who got
    it right was Wiesman, who wondered in July if this was the least volatile election ever. I think he was completely right when he said then that People are pretty much settled on who they will be supporting in November.

  8. MyrddinWilt says:

    Nope, insurance quite definitely covers Acts of God but it does exclude acts of war, damage from nuclear disasters and similar large scale catastrophes that exceed the carrying capacity of the insurer.

    US insurance excludes flood damage these days which is kind of stupid but that is the way things are.

    Acts of God do affect contract law though. If there is a contract to paint a house and it burns down before work is complete for example. It basically means an unanticipated event that nullifies the contract in part or whole.

  9. Quilla says:

    He should live so long!

  10. Drew2u says:


  11. Drew2u says:

    Doesn’t Comcast own MSNBC?

  12. Dave of the Jungle says:

    And, there will be a growing number of real people who will vote for their own interests as time goes on. In other words, the Republican Party is DOOMED, unless in RADICALLY changes – which it will likely never do.

  13. Dave of the Jungle says:

    His stated goal is to control the minds of all human beings on Planet Earth.

  14. hduff says:

    i would guess every insurance policy ever written has the phrase “act of God” contained within it. Insurance companies have declared hurricanes and their destruction as “acts of God”. Plain and simple. No further discussion accepted or needed.

    Therefore it was an act of God that trashed, sunk, destroyed, battered, leveled, flooded and finished Romney/Ryan and the right wing bible thumping GOP.

    Amen! I’m good with that.

  15. Quilla says:

    Why is a foreigner running/ruining our elections…?

  16. caphillprof says:

    In the end, Romney sought to be president of a fictitious nation. Obama is president of real people in real time.

  17. Hue-Man says:

    Any guesses on when the TeaParty/GOP will move from the first stage – denial? If they were serious about figuring out what needs to change, they would start with Nate Silver whose charts had Obama’s re-election probability over 50% from before June 1st. Hurricane, shmurricane. Next step would be to read the left-wing commentary of what went wrong for Romney. Finally, having blown billions of dollars on failure, spend a few thousand on polling of voters to find out why they didn’t vote for Romney. I know that doesn’t do the hard work – effecting change – but it avoids the nonsensical speculation about who’s to blame.

    Strike that – finding facts is prohibited in the TeaParty/GOP party platform.

  18. MyrddinWilt says:

    One of the nice things about telling them is that you know there isn’t the slightest chance they will listen.

    Main reason Romney lost is that he bought into Murdoch’s alternative reality and thought he was five points ahead when he was behind all along.

    Main reason that the GOP lost the Senate races is that they all ran to the far right out of fear that the Koch brothers would primary them the way they took out Lugar. All those billions were poured into the race to force Republicans to toe the line for the 0.01%, not to help the party get people elected.

  19. They wish that was the reason. Instead it is their anti American Anti Women anti minority 47% comments and ideology.

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