Romney “Where to Vote” Web tool broken on election day

Embarrassing SNAFUs Dog Romney Web Team

The one day that matters most to Mitt Romney, and the one feature on his Web site that matters most on this day of days – “Find Where You Vote” – doesn’t even work (more on that at the bottom of this story).

Earlier today, Mitt Romney’s campaign emailed a friend of mine this morning and told him to vote – tomorrow.

I was about to write this off as yet another Romney screw up, then I realized that the friend who received the email is a Democrat and black. (Just sayin’.)  The email subject line, time stamped, is below.

romney gotv tomorrow

Email a black Democratic friend of mine received from the Romney campaign this morning.

It’s not the first time that Team Romney had an Internet malfunction. Romney digital director Zac Moffatt, who was one of the lucky few Romney employees to receive a whopping $50,000 bonus from the campaign, but judging by just how many snafus Romney has had online, it’d be fair to ask whether Moffatt has been asked to pay the money back, and then some.

Let me walk you through some of my favorites.

God Bless Amercia

Probably my favorite Romney campaign online disaster was the launch of Mitt Romney’s iphone app.  Check out the app’s welcome slogan:

Mitt Romney iphone app misspells America.

Mitt Romney iphone app misspells America.

Romney Ad on Video of Marines Urinating on Dead Taliban Soldiers

Then there was the time that a YouTube video of US Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban soldiers included a prominent Romney for President ad:

Romney ad on YouTube video of US Marines urinating on bodies of dead Taliban soldiers.

Romney ad on YouTube video of US Marinesurinating on bodies of dead Taliban soldiers. 

Plagiarizing Obama’s Donation Page

Or the time the Romney campaign plagiarized Barack Obama’s online donation page:

Romney plagiarizes Obama donation page.

Romney plagiarizes Obama donation page.

Not Understand Venn Diagrams

Or the time that the Romney campaign had no idea how a Venn Diagram actually works, and Upworthy helped them with a few examples.

Mis-Spelling Romney’s Own Name

Or the time Mitt Romney himself instagrammed a photo of an event, showing the “big” crowds,” when in fact they’d been poorly Photoshopped to the point that Mitt Romney’s own named was misspelled on a banner!

“ROMNMNEY 2012.”

First,  here’s the “real” photo that I reverse-engineered by getting rid of the obvious photoshoppping, followed by the “original” that Romney sent out. I have them both left justified so you can see the difference.

Original Romney crowd without photshopping

And below is the fake photo that Romney sent out online:

Romney photoshopped version.

Facebook #FAIL

Or the time the Romney campaign spent millions of dollars buying engagement on Facebook…. everywhere but the key battleground states, where President Obama has more “likes” than Romney in every single state.  The map below shows who has more likes each state – you’ll note that Romney is kicking A in every state that isn’t key, otherwise it’s Obama.

A map of Facebook likes for Obama and Romney per state. Note that all the battle ground states are blue for Obama.

More Plagiarism

Or the time that Romney plagiarized Obama’s bumper stickers:

Plagiarizing Themselves

Or the time Romney emailed out the exact same email to Romney voters following two different presidential debates:

Romney campaign sends same email after two presidential debates.

Romney campaign sends same email after two presidential debates.

“Where to Vote” Tool Broken on Election Day

So I went to Mitt Romney’s web site to see what it says today, and it has a nice button for me to use if I want to find out where to vote. So I click the button and get a page that’s a mess. The formatting is a wreck, and where exactly is it telling me where to vote? It doesn’t  Look at this page – it’s live right now.

And here’s the Romney “Find where to vote” page for people in Ohio, a key swing state:

Romney web site for Ohio voting

Romney web site for Ohio where to vote.

And here’s Romney’s “find where to vote” page for Virginians, another key swing state:

Romney Web page where to vote for Virginians

Romney Web page where to vote for Virginians

Now take a look at what the Obama campaign gives me when I ask where to vote – it asked for my address, so I plugged in the White House’s address:

Obama site where to vote DC

Obama site where to vote DC

$50,000 bonus. Wow, just wow. But remember my post from a month ago: “Romney’s poor management skills aren’t a gaffe, they’re a feature.”

Chris argues this morning that Mitt’s much-famed CEO skills don’t necessarily make him a good president, and Chris is right. But I’m wondering whether we’ve got the story wrong. Mitt Romney isn’t a bad presidential candidate because he’s a good CEO. Maybe he’s a bad candidate because he’s a bad CEO.

There’s a good reason “a mood of gloom afflicts the Romney campaign.” Their boss is a lousy CEO.

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5 Responses to “Romney “Where to Vote” Web tool broken on election day”

  1. UncleBucky says:

    Election Day is specified these days. It is clearly known to be on a Tuesday.

    It should be a felony for anyone to falsely send out a voting reminder for a day after the official Election Day.

  2. BeccaM says:

    It seemed to work for me, too — and it might have to do with accessing via iPad or mobile versus PC + browser. But the funny (to me) detail was how Obama’s website gave you the information right there, without leaving the OFA website.

    Mitt Romney’s? It linked out to the specific state polling place locater. In short, consistent with his “let the states do the heavy lifting” philosophy — but making it also clear with anybody having eyes to see it that going that way was far more confusing and absolutely less efficient.

    Anyway, many of us, including yourself, have been remarking all along that Parasite Capitalist CEO skills don’t share much in common with the skill set needed to be a successful politician or effective leader. And yes, it could also be argued that Mitt Romney’s CEO skills — leading a company whose leveraged takeover & dismantling tactics only made a profit about half of the time — weren’t all that shining either.

  3. Naja pallida says:

    I would argue that being a CEO and being a President are entirely different things, requiring completely different skillsets. Thus having been a CEO offers very few benefits or drawbacks to Romney being a President at all. I’d consider it like getting a job in a field different from your college degree. Does the degree help in a general sense? Sure. But it doesn’t help much for doing the actual job.

    As for his website tool being broken, thankfully it isn’t likely many Obama voters will be going to Romney’s website looking for this information… though, it worked for me.

  4. On the e-mail from Romney to a black Democrat: It shows the time as 12:45 a.m. From what time zone was it sent? What is the time zone of the recipient? That could make the difference between voting today and voting tomorrow. 

  5. LanceThruster says:


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