Cost of Thanksgiving is up slightly this year

According to at least one review, the cost of Thanksgiving in 2012 is higher this year, but only a bit. Last year prices spiked dramatically (13% rise), though the cost of a turkey this year is still higher than 2011.


Thanksgiving meal

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Keeping costs down is getting a little easier. The cost of a Thanksgiving meal rose an estimated 0.6 percent this year, down from a 13 percent jump in 2011, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. Turkey prices rose 3.1 percent while other food prices fell.

Click through for more specific costs and statistics related to Thanksgiving in 2012. Though the Boston chef who is interviewed says brining dries out the turkey, my experience has been completely the opposite. I would never again cook a turkey without brining, mostly because the end result is much juicier. Personally, I’ve always liked the Alice Waters brine and have gone with it many times, but if you have another option, drop it into the comments.

The other bit debate for the day will be cranberry sauce. I picked up some fresh cranberries and am looking forward to cooking up a batch. I ran out of Porto wine so might try replacing it with a very sweet Spanish sherry, along with the usual orange juice and sugar. Once again, if anyone has something different, let everyone know in the comments.

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