“Glitch” wipes out 1,000 early votes in black FL neighborhood

Always Florida

There was a story over at NBC’s The Grio three days ago noting that at one Florida polling location, in a heavily black neighborhood, the number of people who voted early was suddenly “revised” from 2,945 to 1,942 – that’s a 34% decrease.

At first, polling officials blamed it on a “computer glitch.”  Uh huh.  And what glitch would that be?

The local supervisor of elections (SOE) didn’t inspire a lot of hope when speaking about another, smaller, change to the early voting numbers at another polling location:

Broward SOE spokesperson Mary Cooney acknowledged that the Sunday totals were revised, and said she would look into why.

“I can’t tell you definitively now,” Cooney said, “but I queried the person who posts those numbers and the most significant number he told me he changed was an instance where 1050 should have been 1150 — the numbers were transposed.”

He transposed the numbers by hand? And this is how Florida tallies votes?

The Grio followed up on the story the next day, Tuesday of this week, and got a different answer about the 1,000 vote discrepancy: now they’re saying “human error.”

The SOE chief says the changes, particularly at a polling place in a predominantly black neighborhood where National Action Network chief and MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton and a group of pastors held “souls to the polls” rallies over the weekend, were the result of human error.

In a telephone interview with theGrio late Monday, Snipes said the SOE’s office runs two tallies — one manually calculated at the precincts by adding up the total number of voters swiped through an electronic voter identification system called EVID, which was purchased from a Florida vendor, and a second, electronic tally conducted at the Supervisor of Elections office after the polls close each day. The electronic numbers go directly to a database.  Snipes said the woman who tallied the votes at the E. Pat Larkins Community Center, which had its vote tally revised downward by 1,003, simply added the numbers incorrectly.

“The woman made a mistake,” Snipes said. “That was absolutely an addition error. The actual numbers are 1942 not 2945, so she made an addition error.”

In the future, they’re only going to report the electronic result, which still begs the question of which result is really correct, and what else do they do that might result in human error?  Not to mention, why did they first say it was a computer glitch?

And why is it always Florida?  Why always in a heavily Democratic precinct, and why do the errors always help the other guy?  Remember that Florida is already dealing with a widespread GOP voter fraud scandal.  From my earlier post of a month ago:

We reported last night that a firm doing business with the National Republican Committee and the Romney campaign was being investigated for voter fraud. The firm has done $2.9 million in business with the Republican National Committee this year alone, and another firm run by the same did $80,000 in work for Romney.

And, as I said last night, harkening back to all the faux outrage from Republicans claiming that ACORN was trying to steal the election: “Republicans accuse us of doing what they are, and we’re not.” AP has more:

What first appeared to be an isolated problem in one Florida county has now spread statewide, with election officials in at least seven counties informing prosecutors or state election officials about questionable voter registration forms filled out on behalf of the Republican Party of Florida.

Lux said there have been forms that listed dead people and were either incomplete or illegible. He met with local prosecutors on Friday, but added that his staff was still going through hundreds of forms dropped off by Strategic employees.

Lux, who is a Republican, said he warned local party officials earlier this month when he first learned the company was paying people to register voters.

“I told them ‘This is not going to end well,’” Lux said.

Always Florida.

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160 Responses to ““Glitch” wipes out 1,000 early votes in black FL neighborhood”

  1. gardenwriter says:

    Thank you for this information!

  2. ConradDobler says:

    “Is this national news because it was a “Black” neighborhood?  Would this be a national story if it was a “Hispanic” or “Polish” neighborhood?  Just wondering…”

    Just wondering if “Hispanic” or “Polish” neighborhoods have had a history of having to challenge the local, state, and government forces “just” for the right to vote- among other things?…Martin Luther Perez? Martin Luther Kaminsky? Nope…

  3. Demob says:

    As Ronnie would say: ”  Well, there they ( Republicans ) go again! ” ( Parenthesis mine .)  Sounds like ” W ” days all over again!!   Damn crooked Republicans!!

  4. Honkey says:

    You guys are all wrong.  We simply needed to multiply “those peoples” votes by 3/5ths.  But seriously, go check out the “Voting Glitch” that counts a Romney selection as Obama.

    An entire state incorrectly recording votes versus your petty 1000 lost votes, just have them vote again; or are we assuming those voters actually have jobs in this economy?

  5. Republicans are running the system. They have history in FL of voter suppression, tricky voting machines and vote theft. Surprised? 

  6. Lockprtplanners says:

    1000 Votes is news??how about the Gov’t killing an ambassador..Not newsworthy Huh??..must work for msnDC

  7. RAStewart says:

     With an Obama administration … maybe a 20% chance of an investigation.  (I’m feeling optimistic.)

    That’s 20 points better than the alternative, of course.

  8. Joseph Blosch says:

    Florida is the home of people that cannot use sticks to punch holes in cards. It is not a problem of politics. The people there are not very smart when it comes to voting.

  9. Guest says:

    Maybe a calculator would help..

  10. ELSEVAR says:

    Brilliant!  “Another Pleb” and “Groc1970”, a very dynamic duo. 

    Put them together and what do we have?  Two guys, four assholes, and one G.E.D.  More expert at generating logical fallacies than they will ever know and, apparently, strangers to simple search engine exploration.

    BTW, Groc, you are likely too young to remember, but Hüsker Dü was a remarkably good Minnesota rock band in the early 80s.  Just a tiny amount of basic research would have told you that.  While Huskerdu22 might be lacking in courteous commentary, he more than makes up for it with sophisticated musical taste.  What is your saving grace?

  11. Chachas says:

    The UN is planning on sending poll watcher, whether to Florida, Ohio and PA is unknown.  I for one would like them in all three states. And a lawyer at EVERY poll as well.

  12. Rationalism is dead says:

    Or they don’t feel comfortable enough voting for a 3rd party candidate when one of the primary party candidates is a sociopath that has spent the last year and a half backtracking on his original platform.

  13. Alice says:

    Yeah, maybe she didn’t know 4×3=12. But maybe she was just spacing out during a long shift. Either way, she charged you the right amount. I would be pissed if someone was so condescending to me. (I’m a cashier at a small grocery store)

  14. ELSEVAR says:

    Well Groc, did you bother to Google before you hit the keyboard?  Of
    course not.  You were too eager to jump in and show what a bold fellow you are.

    “and by the way” …  lol …  how you did thwart yourself on that one, Mr. Groc.  Quite a feat.  Will your vast ego survive intact? One wonders.

    “spell check” (more accurately “spell checker”, Mr. Groc) refers to any document editing application which may be stand-alone or part of a larger application like a browser or an email client.  When I suggested “SpellCheck” for brave Mr. Anonymous, I was referring to a free internet proofreading site that he probably ought to know about, working on the principle that he, like you, appears to have limited capacities of various sorts.

    Regarding Mr. Anonymous, he is to be congratulated on having endured that endless middle school experience which seems to preoccupy him so much.  We have to sympathize.  Those seven long years were the most challenging of his life.

    Now, Mr. Groc, here is your chance to have the last word (admit it, the need is overwhelming).  Make it short and snarky and include an error or two to add spice.  Top it all off with a spiffy cuss word, but don’t forget to include those asterisks so your mommy won’t cut your internet privileges again.

  15. Pissed off at Florida says:



  16. MIKE says:

    Didnt Robme’s company, Bain Corp and HIG supply these machines!
     Mike Doughty

  17. Curtis E. Mulkey says:

    I went up to the check out register with a container of little plastic tubs of Dog Food.
    There were four “Tubs in each Row and Three rows, ( 3×4= 12. The  check out girl,( who was a College Student at the local University), took out one Tub and Scanned it, THEN placed her finger on each and every Tub in the Carton! I asked her, “Did U get Twelve??” Her reply was “YES”!! I couldn’t resist, I said U must be an” ENGINEERING Major”!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    See what I mean? Hahahah. Playing, ‘I’m smarter than you’ games on the internet.

  19. Groc1970 says:

    @ ELSEVAR, not even spell check could save YOU from being an A** H*** and by the way, spell check is 2 words not 1, also, why the capital letters for each word? 

  20. Groc1970 says:

    ….which “begs the question”, “is Huskerdu22 just an asshole…or a major asshole?”…which begs another question, “who is Huskerdu22 referring to?” 

  21. “…The numbers were transposed” I didn’t bother to break out the dictionary but I know what the hell transposed means. If the numbers had been transposed, they would have been 1500 when they were supposed to be 1050, right? Transposed numbers aren’t off by 100 votes, lying bastard!

  22. Winkelman says:

    I’ve seen enough Republican hypocrisy about voter fraud to make me bend over the toilet.  I’m afraid we can no longer criticize other countries, like Iran, for their rigged elections.

  23. Roseheels says:

    quit whining. english sucks anyway. great western civilization my ass.

  24. Adakgirl says:

    And “glitches” in Colorado, Ohio, Kansas and others have been recording Romney votes as Obama.  Fortunately, enough voters have noticed the wrong candidate’s name highlighting on the machines.

    Just should not be this difficult in a computer age to make sure these things are guarded against. 

  25. Dorothyb706 says:

    This is outrageous – can’t believe what is going on today in American politics!!!

  26. Katie Rotolo says:

    Sounds like a case of #MittMath

  27. Atty4sta says:

    There is a way to cross Ck # of voter ID card swipes w # of ballots printed with # assigned to each ballot set printed with the machine count of ballots cast. Those #s plus #s of provisional ballots cast should in theory
    all balance out.

  28. These ads are getting so ridiculous they’re covering the articles. Are companies that greedy to make money that they allow that which is counterproductive?

  29. zombie.voter.apoclyps says:

    Raft, I don’t believe you, boxes full of ballots showing up 5 min before the polls close?  I have worked the polls too, the Balliff who monitors the door, the clerk, assistant clerk and inspectors would not allow this.  people aren’t allowed to campaign in the polls, we even walk around after people vote to take any campaign literature people may leave in the booth out.  pollworkers aren’t even allowed to park our cars near the polling place if there’s a political bumper sticker on it, so if you aren’t disillusioned or misleading purposely, your wife should report this activity to the Supervisor of Elections, through the clerk who has super on a cell phone specifically for problems, immediately ehen she sees it;or State Attorney if the SOE doesn’t send someone from the main office to fix it, when/if the Balliff (sworn Sheriff”s deputy) or clerk or assistant clerk ignore it.  Otherwise she’s complicant, too (part of the problem).  we have lots of problems, but the tamperers aren’t going to bring boxes of ballots and stuff the box, they’ve gone so far beyond that w/their dirty tricks.

  30. guest says:

    learn how to spell.

  31. guest says:

    Doesn’t bother you that it is not fair? Cheating, lying all that’s good with you? Hope you don’t have children your value system seems a little screwed up.

  32. guest says:

    Basic math skills should be a requirement. Or perhaps a high school diploma.

  33. zombie.voter.apocylps says:

    there are also long lines for early voting in Miami, creating problems reported today (Fri 11/2).  guess where mostly, poor, minority neighborhoods.  They do things then accuse the other side of doing that, so true.  the way they discredited Acorn was possibly by infiltrating them and discrediting them (Briebart),& fake registering whoever then squalking about voter fraud and passing draconian laws to fix the problem.  Dead people and Mickey Mouse can be registered all day long, but they can’t vote, and couldn’t before voter new improved ID laws, and the reduced early voting days make the lines longer.  they sent me a somewhat bogus looking post card to send to supervisor of elections, when if i wanted to vote absentee, i can call supervisor of elections and request one.  Democratic party leaders called on Gov Scott to extend early voting, saying old people were fainting in line and disabled people were having trouble coping.  when his spokesperson got around to responding, he said voters who are in line when the polls close can still vote, so deal with it, wait all day or whatever. not practical 3 days before the election, so a somewhat wimpy, too little to late realization on their part. where were they when the legislature passed such a law to restrict early voting? where were their protests when we cried for more fair redistricting, which after 1 redraw & court challenge turned into Jacksonville and Winter Park now in the same district? when the voter crafted and passed redistricting mandate specifically said districts should follow county lines. or have people clumped together in towns in the same district?  duval and orange co aren’t anywhere near the same geographically.  i am ashamed of my moonshine state.Shout out to Jimmy Carter & the UN, can we have the UN monitor our 3rd world state sham elections, maybe Ohio too?

  34. hollywoodstein says:

    Wait, There’s no god?  This changes everything~

  35. hollywoodstein says:


  36. ELSEVAR says:

    “Anonymous” is feeling feisty.  SpellCheck saved him from writing amoniusly.

  37. hollywoodstein says:

    You would think the Democrats would be pushing for legislation on this issue.  But crickets…

  38. Anonymous says:

    I thought we left obnoxious losers like you back in middle school.

    But lo, thanks to the internet, the world is becoming junior highschool in perpetuity.

  39. hollywoodstein says:

    You would think the Democrats would be pushing for legislation on this issue.  But crickets…

  40. So… nothing to see here folks; just another small “Let’s see if we can disfranchise a mere 1000 black votes again” error if Florida.

    Let’s just move along, shall we?

  41.  So all it takes is a little old lady to swing an election? Surely, ya jest!

  42.  I suppose we could reinstate public hangings?

  43. Bill from Dover says:

    “In reality they should no longer have the right to vote because they no longer have all their faculties.”

    Cannot the same argument be raised with tea baggers?

  44. Kytoi says:

      “It is true”?

    Evidence please, other than your own word, that is.

  45. ELSEVAR says:

    I was talking about our current Presidential campaign procedures with an Australian friend recently.  It
    is all paper ballots there.  Ballots in each district are counted within
    an hour or so after the polls close.  The counting is done by election
    officials ONLY, AND in the presence of observers from any interested political party
    or interest group.  At all times, the chain of custody is preserved, and
    recounts are easily obtained and promptly conducted. 

    Australia is HUGE (76% the size of U.S.A. with only 8.8% of our population; it
    is 11 times the size of Texas!) and distances are vast while their population
    density is 1/13th that of the U.S.A.  Therefore, they encourage early
    voting and are obliged to accept mail-in ballots.  However, the
    Australians have required voting (something I’m not keen on); accordingly, they
    keep scrupulous voting lists.  Fraud is almost impossible under their

    Look at that amazing concept.  Fraud is almost impossible there. 
    Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

    Why our self-proclaimed “exceptional” nation, the alleged
    “shining light to the world” and other such blather, cannot come up
    with an intelligent and honest voting system is an indictment of our culture
    and of the integrity of our entire political process. 

    Venezuela just conducted one of the most openly scrutinized and honest
    elections in the world (yes, doubters, it is true and easily substantiated).  We,
    on the other hand, are about to conduct one of the most corrupt (and easily
    corruptible) elections in the world. 

    It is a pitiful and pitiable disgrace.


  46. ELSEVAR says:

    I was going to raise the same issue – “begs the question” is most
    easily thought of as “BEGGARS the question” (or petitio
    principii for any Latin scholars who might be lurking amongst
    us).  It does NOT mean “raises the question” or “demands
    the question be asked”. 

    AND I was also going to observe that our election system seems to be a modern
    larcenous example of stone age computer ineptitude.  Furthermore, I agree
    that the shameful defects of our voting system are more important than English

    However, Pamela, your use of the term “snoody (sic) bastards” was
    uncalled for.  You might want to rethink your approach. 

    Your angry rudeness diminishes anything important you would wish to
    share.  Ask yourself this question:  am I writing my comment
    intending to persuade others, or merely to vent a little spleen?

  47. Guestman says:

    people who support Mitt are just as mindless as Obama supporters. Gary Johnson 2012

  48. Barbara Grimes says:

    Yeah, and the addition error was that she added something that totaled 1 in the thousands column. That would have been, uh, 1 plus, uh, nothing else. But she got 1 plus nothing equals 2.  Oh yeah, perfectly buyable.  Look, everybody, we’ve got to stop this fraudulent election. Don’t we know in our bones what’s about to happen? Do we have ANY reason to think it won’t? Haven’t we just laid there and taken it in the past? I did get a FB post from the Move To Amend (the Constitution, to end corporate personhood and money as speech). They are getting people together ahead of time to plan the protests we’ll feel like doing the day after the election. I’m gonna go learn about it and sign up. Enough is f’n enough already. 

  49. Barbara Grimes says:

    You, HR silver, are misinformed. One’s right to vote can only be rescinded in a court of law, by a judge. Imagine! You thinking that the provision of something as mundane as home health care would strip one’s civil rights. I’m not bothering with the rest of what you wrote, since you are willing to misinform. from a Washington State worker and opponent of the Republican party.

  50. Turokjr says:

    Why not just have Florida do the whole thing all over again. Wipe it clean, start over, there’s still time. 

  51. Skeleton00x says:

     Mindless sheep…

  52. RRinWH says:

    Yea baby! GO MITT!!

  53. Scooba says:

    “Lux said there have been forms that listed dead people and were either incomplete or illegible”
    It’s unreasonable to expect dead people to write legibly.

  54. confusion says:

    I was on election committee for our local union for many years. No matter how small or trivial the elections there was always 3 members to count , recount and count again to verify all totals. Republicans are all criminals, no exceptions.

  55. C Latner says:

    How about “Why is only ONE person tallying the votes, with no check person?” Heck, even for my community chorus concerts, we always have two people count the money and sign a sheet saying so. Has nobody taken Accounting 101 about Cash Control (or in this case, Vote Control)?

  56. Terry says:

    looking more like Russia all the time. let’s nip this crap in the bud.

  57. Former Moderate Republican says:

    Over half of the far right voters are incoherent and they still vote, so what is your point?Sounds like mindless babble to me.

  58. RafT says:

    Both parties steal votes in Florida.  As long as we have early voting we will have fraud.  My wife works the polls in Florida, and she’s seen with her own eyes as boxes of filled ballots show up at the poll 5 minutes before closing time.  People go down through the list, and they use the names of people that have not voted yet to vote for them.  It is true.

    Also, here in Florida, it is illegal to campaign within 100 feet of the polls, but not only everybody does it, there are people INSIDE the poll telling voters who to vote for, under the guise of ‘voter’s rights’.

    In the end, it doe not really matter, both candidates suck.

  59. JimHill says:

    I agree that quite possibly it “wasn’t a deliberate thing,” but if one wants to inspire confidence in the ability to check and regulate critical processes, the right way is not to just string a few cool words together; it’s to give a cogent, viable explanation. If there was a transposition in one number that went into a sum, it would have only taken a few more words to clear that up.

  60. Jeff Henager says:

    They can try.

  61. Jeff Henager says:

    Even the second explanation does not add up. If I owed you $1,150, and I gave you $1050, I didn’t give you $1000 less – I gave you $100 less.
    We know Wrongme can’t do math, but geez, people. Can’t anybody anymore?

  62. Jeff Henager says:

    Not when Robme’s support from blacks have been tallied as low as 0%.

  63. Jeff Henager says:

    Only problem is, 1150 minus 1050 is not 1000 – it is 100.
    The original incident is odd. The first explanation is odder. The final story is unbelievable.

  64. dot tilde dot says:

    i thought he was called chevron…?


  65. Jeff Henager says:

    If they can’t win it fairly, steal it. Those 1,050 votes are twice what Bush needed to be selected in 2004. Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers will do whatever it takes to get their puppet in office.

  66. BZ says:

    Silver, I hope your mind isn’t as jumbled as your statement.  If you learn to write more concisely and with more clarity, we may indeed learn something.  It is even more likely that, in learning to write with greater clarity, your reading comprehension will increase and your understanding will grow.  In future, try to limit your use of the terms “they” and “them” both within a single sentence and in consecutive sentences when you switch the people to whom you are referring.  Your unsubstantiated and exaggerated claims of Washington State voter fraud have little bearing on the matter discussed in the article.  Even if there was substantial evidence of widespread voter fraud in Washington, that would not mitigate the continuing problems in Florida.  First, “two wrongs do not make a right” is probably a maxim both familiar to you and apt.  Second, Florida is considered a “swing state” and has both more electoral votes and more relevance in the national election than Washington.  More important, however, is your clear failure to grasp the main issue raised in the article.  The author is calling into question the integrity of  Florida’s election commission both in terms of honesty and competence.  He (the author) cites the inconsistent explanations regarding the rather large discrepancy in reported ballots for a single voting station.  Considering the fairly well documented efforts by Republicans to supress the African-American vote in Florida, this incident clearly warrants some scrutiny.  You seem to think that the author doesn’t understand the latest official stance, which you take at face value.  He understands the stance but doubts the veracity of and methodology for arriving at the stance.  If you have truely been a registrar and have truely witnessed instances of voter fraud and truely have concerns about invalid outcomes then you would logically be a strong advocate of increased scrutiny and more informative explanations regarding voter station irregularities.  Considering your stated concerns regarding fraud and your claimed experience as a registrar, it is irrational for you to buy the current explanation for a 1000 vote discrepancy hook, line and sinker without demanding further explanation.  Your independent status is highly questionable.  And one more thing, the word you are trying to use is “tenet” not “tenant”- the former is a principle upon which a philosophy or theory is based while the latter refers to an occupant.

  67. Pamela_423 says:

    Funny how EVERYONE is debating the whole “Begs the question” misuse of words thing, yet surprisingly, NO ONE is debating the fact that there is clearly some FRAUD within our voting system. It’s freakin’ 2012 people! We are way past the hanging Chad days. So explain that and stop being snoody bastards

  68. bacalove says:

    It is a a Shame we cannot have fair elections anymore. That the only way GOP can win is by theft and voter suppression.  They are more like a “crime” family than men of honor.


    http://www.bbvforums.org/forums/messages/8/82306.html#.UJOSL-zTK4Y.twitter …

  69. Daniel Cottam says:

    Please look up what “begs the question” actually means and use it correctly in journalistic writing.

  70. Loona_c says:

    Same thing in Texas, altho I don’t know why they bother.  It’s never even a close election here.  :-(  Front page of the Chronicle today:


  71. carpe cerevisiam says:

    Thank you for clearing that up, it irks me too.

    To raise a question is not to reason cyclically. 

  72. ensdevius says:

    “which still begs the question of which result is really correct, and what else do they do that might result in human error?”
    No, it RAISES the question. To “beg the question” is to argue in a circle. “We know God exists because the Bible says so and we know the Bible is correct because it is the word of God and we know it is the word of God because it says so and we can believe it because it is the word of God,” is an example of begging the question. There is no such thing as “begging the question as to…” this or that. It does not take an object. If you argue in a circle, assume what you are trying to prove, then you beg the question. Period. Not the question “as to” anything.
    The phrase you want is “RAISE the question as to…”
    So sick of people misusing that idiom.

  73. Manticore says:

    Oh. Meh. I’m not really concerned with the author’s grammar so much as the fact that there’s evidence of massive election fraud and vote rigging.

  74. Noway says:

     you have to put “fox news” in there to find the information he’s working from, daniel.

  75. Kay says:

    you don’t get to take away someone’s right to vote because “you” think they are not fit to vote any longer.  This question has been around as long as we’ve had voting by rolls in this country and the bottom line is that whoever these elderly or disabled people trusted to be their representatives should be able to represent their votes in an election (how silly to think that someone would trust another person with their end of life requests but not with their vote? very poor logic there, friend)
    and, dead people voting…….my all time favorite – well, next to posts that start out saying “I’m an independent” and then go immediately to blasting one party or the other. 

  76. some guy says:

    He’s probably poking fun at some of the grammatical mistakes the author of this link makes. For instance… the second sentence, “In states where the winner will be decided by less than 10%, of the vote he already knows he will win”. Later on in the article: “Choquette wanted to know why?”

    Stuff like that can be distracting to the reader.

  77. Daniel Pak says:

    I actually did google “Washington State Voter Fraud”

    Clicked the first link: http://www.brennancenter.org/content/resource/policy_brief_on_the_truth_about_voter_fraud/

    The key phrase you’re looking for here is:
    “Many vivid anecdotes of purported voter fraud have been proven false or do not demonstrate fraud. Although there are a few scattered instances of real voter fraud, many of the vivid anecdotes cited in accounts of voter fraud have been proven false or vastly overstated.”

    Tell me more about how you’re an independent voter, cause you sure as hell aren’t informed in the things you tell us to do, never mind the things that you are told.

  78. Another Pleb says:

    Wow. Way to be an asshole, asshole.

  79. Random says:

    Just go by the demographics. Even if Obama were white, blacks vote for Democrats by a large margin to begin with.

  80. Continually Amazed says:

     Canada has the exact same ‘conservative’ politicians in office as we do.  You’d be no better off.  Might as well stay here and fight.

  81. Askdlfj says:

    It’s funny that in person voter fraud doesn’t exist – it’s all by the officials!

  82. Anonymous says:

    And get assassinated. Don’t know if he wants that.

  83. Blah says:

    Seriously can we get a fucking federal investigation on this shit? Unbelievable.

  84. chuck says:

    your thinking of the movie Black Sheep.

  85. HR silver says:

    I am an Independant voter. If you can listen you may learn something. In Washington state it has been proven over and over that the democrats have registered dead people. You can Google Washington state voter fraud and read all the facts that document the voter fraud (not only in registration but voter fraud also). They have also voted for the seniors who have dementia, mental disorders, alzheimers, etc. that live in nursing homes or still living at home needing home health care. In reality they should no longer have the right to vote because they no longer have all their faculties. They do not understand the issues or who is voting for them. That is just a few things they have done to skew the elections in Washington state. In this case the republicans did not do it, the business that collects the voters registrations obtained some illegally. It is being corrected because we have a check and balance system that usually works. In this case of an adjusted number  -1,000 is not lost votes, it is a case of human error. If you think you can give Obama votes that do not exist then you must not be rational.  I have been a registrar for Washington state before they changed the laws that makes it so that there are now no more registrars as they were before. I was never paid, voluntarily working on initiatives and registering voters. I believe in our republics tenants that every person should and can be involved in the political process. By voting, protesting, contacting elected officials, etc. Freedom of speech with one person one vote is the most important tenant that our republic’s forefathers struggled to base the “Bill of Rights” and “Constitution of the United States of America”. I was born into a strong democrat family, married a strong republican, and chose to be an Independant.

  86. Steamboat_Willy says:

    Shoot the mistake makers.

  87. equityatwork says:

    So you’re telling me Jim Crow is still alive and kicking. Makes my heart rejoice with hope.

  88. Kyle33860 says:

    As a citizen of Florida, I ask that you not weigh your wrath on me for what others do. Perhaps a civilized solution is available somewhere?

  89. gphillimo says:

    These racist republicans are at it again. They shouldn’t be in charge of any voting locations anywhere. They are all ruthless, heartless, worthless scum of the earth

  90. Guest says:


  91. Herb Neu says:

    This is scandalous and not a thing is going to be done about it.  Florida politicians should be tarred and feathered. Better yet, they should lose their citizenship.  Even better, Florida should be disenfranchised from the republic. The republican politicians are bought and sold by powerful interests.  I suspect that all fingers will be pointed at Karl Rove, king of the sc*mbags.

  92. Joe says:

    Ya’ll need to take a look at the current issue of Harper’s Magazine. The fix is in bigger than ever. Time to hit the streets or move to Canada.

  93. Raquelita says:

    Sounds to me like you’re saying this was definitely fraud and not an “error” (whether computer or human) at all. Is that right? If so, you should be contacting the national news networks for prime time interviews to expose this!!

  94. Lynda says:

    isn’t it just obvious?! Jeez. 

  95. Lynda says:

    The election is all set to be stolen again. I want to know why this wasn’t talked about (at least not much) before the election season has started… why hasn’t the previous stolen elections been on the top of the agenda? I don’t get it. It’s going to be a debacle. Democracy – my backside. 

  96. Matt says:

    “As a former Broward County VST (2004 through 2008), I can tell you with absolute certainty this was NOT a glitch or someone simply not carrying a 2. We have calculators.”

    Sorry but 12 years isn’t enough time to forget how bad Broward County, Florida screwed up the 2000 election.

  97. JamesDean says:


  98. As a former Broward County VST (2004 through 2008), I can tell you with absolute certainty this was NOT a glitch or someone simply not carrying a 2.  We have calculators.  We have end-of-day printouts to make sure this crap doesn’t happen.  We have four different staff, from VSTs to Poll Supervisor, who ALL check ALL the numbers, and ALL sign off on it (plus we post the printouts on the windows at the entrance to the voting areas).  Whether it’s a touch-screen or a Scantron, we print the tallies, and we double- and triple-check.  If those numbers don’t match, we stay at that precinct until we can account for the differences, and usually those differences are undercounts, overcounts, or ballots that were printed/set up but never voted on.  This is simply, absolutely, undebatably, impossible to equate with a glitch or human error.  And if any of the touch-screens malfunction, there are state and federal mandated procedures to remove, seclude, and get ALL the votes accounted for from those machines — they would NOT be left running all day! — Nicholas Moore, Voting Systems Technician 2004-2008, Broward County, Florida

  99. Becki Henson says:

     I would agree with that if it were any other state. But, Florida does not have the best track record at counting votes properly.

  100. Krustyart says:

    Except they are not missing votes. The computer tallied them correctly, the little old lady did bad math. 

  101. AreYouStupid? says:

    1000 votes dude. 1000. votes. not 1, not 100,


  102. GramBobb says:

    Surely there is still time to correct this human error.  So when are they going to start to end this injustice by going to Plan B or taking immediate action?

  103. Tom says:

    You’re an idiot. (gohssob)

  104. Manticore says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by that.

  105. Dahntahn1982 says:

     What kind of idiot do you have to be?  1000 missing votes is National News worthy no matter the demographic involved.  Clearly you’re from another planet.

  106. imisstherealamerica says:

     If you’re referring to Romney’s ties with the electronic voting machines’ owners, right on.  That’s totally a conflict of interest.  Whatever, though.  We’re twelve years overdue for a bad disease.  Maybe it will wipe out the stupid people.  *stares longingly into the middle distance* One can only hope…

  107. raymondvalitos223 says:

    Remember Travlon Martin and vote for Obama!

  108. gohssob says:

     You are implying that because it was a Black neighborhood, the majority of the votes cast were for President Obama.  Isn’t that a discriminatory inference?

  109. Manticore says:

    While I agree, I don’t think that was a deliberate thing, just one more person who doesn’t know what the words they use even mean. If they’re not lying in general, it was probably just because 0 and 1 are right next to each other on a number pad. I’ve done it myself.

  110. gohssob says:

    Is this national news because it was a “Black” neighborhood?  Would this be a national story if it was a “Hispanic” or “Polish” neighborhood?  Just wondering…

  111. TheFashicicitrstsWin says:

    Nice try, Romney.

  112. imisstherealamerica says:

     Right.  More logical.

  113. AGNKim says:

    Counting of votes before the election is illegal in Florida, the votes were never officially counted. What was counted were the number of people that voted and that was for election coverage by journalist. Also, the numbers were found later and corrected. In other words, there was no wrong-doing, no ones vote was “misplaced” or “uncounted”. Numbers reported to the media were wrong, then corrected. We have a lot of problems to worry about, this isn’t one of them. Move along.

  114. Manticore says:

    Those should be paper ballots, if they were voting early, but even if you use voting machines with a good paper trail, it doesn’t stop people destroying the records, or just screwing that up. Shit, that’s thermal paper, you put it in backward, it doesn’t work any more. 56 Ohio counties destroyed election records so they couldn’t be verified. FIFTY-SIX. We only have 88 counties. That’s more than half our state whose vote couldn’t be verified.

    We need to stop using these bullshit electronic machines and stick with paper ballots. They’re too easy to tamper with. Shit, slot machines in Vegas have more transparency than voting machines. How fucked up is that?

  115. imisstherealamerica says:

     Someone needs to ask a friend to proof before posting articles.  Geez.

  116. Huskerdu22 says:

    another use of “begs the question” wrong. are you attempting to come off as plebeian or just naturally so?

  117. imisstherealamerica says:

    From my reading this, my understanding is that no votes were erased- that a lady just sucks at math.  There were two different tallies, a hand done one and the electronic version.  The actual vote, done by machine, will not have errors and that’s what counts. To the people who are posting about this as if this were on purpose in an attempt to skew the election in Florida, …. um… learn to read.

  118. Wxingmn says:

    Conspiracy theorist much?

  119. Manticore says:

    So they’re fucking with paper ballots too? Bad enough they’re stealing votes on electronic machines.


  120. Markrg2 says:

    “The woman made a mistake,” Snipes said. “That was absolutely an addition error. The actual numbers are 1942 not 2945, so she made an addition error.”  I don’t get it.  Were there 1,000 extra votes that were then erased, or were 1,000 legitimate votes erased?

  121. Asdfqwertyhjkl says:

     If they are using the numpad 1 and 0 are right next to each other.

  122. penpal says:

    These “errors” should come with legal consequences.  

  123. ComradeRutherford says:

    They are trying to send us back to the 11th Century with regard to legal policy, when the King’s Word was the only law.

  124. This is what we get for electing that criminal Scott to office.

  125. ComradeRutherford says:

    The only ‘error’ was that they only erased 1000 votes.  Their intent was to delete far more.

    And I’ll bet that the disenfranchised will not get to cast another vote to make up for this ‘mistake’.

  126. ComradeRutherford says:

    “the most significant number he told me he changed was an instance where 1050 should have been 1150 — the numbers were transposed.”
    Because 1 and 0 are right next to each other.

  127. Pirate Wench says:

    I was one of the people who voted here on Saturday, pleasantly surprised after I voted to meet Al Sharpton, Bill Nelson and Alcee Hastings on the way out of the polling center. I know my brother is voting GOP, and I voted DEM – it was ok when I believed our votes would just cancel each other out – but now that I am thinking my vote didn’t even count I’m madder than hell. 

  128. Jay Real says:

    This is why there needs to be printouts for everything, tabulated on the side.  It’s the only way to get secondary validation.

  129. Sarah says:

    If it is deliberate in any way, then the person should be IN. THE. JAILHOUSE.

  130. Steve45h says:

    Human error? Yep!
    Getting caught  is about the worst error you can make.

  131. NCMan says:

     why wait until after the election?  if there is evidence of wrongdoing, then prosecute NOW!!!

  132. Papa Bear says:

    So that’s what it means to have your vote “blacked out”…

  133. Dept. of Justice? Just how many times will this have to happen before you step in? Now would be a really good time. This is not acceptable. RECOUNT, NOW!

  134. Qrazy says:

    *starts reading, gets outraged, sees “Florida”, stops reading*

  135. Regee says:

    Fucking Republicans will do whatever they can to steal this election away from the President and sell it to Mitt. They are the single driving force that is destroying this country. They sent us into a recession, and then fought measures to take us out of it. They are trying to send us back to the 19th century with regard to social policy and the 20th century with regard to foreign policy. These great United States would be the closest thing on this Earth to a utopia if it weren’t for half of the country: the Republicans.

  136. mirror says:

     The past is the past.  We have to move on for the good of the country.  Sour grapes.  No harm no foul.  Blah Blah Blah.  That’s your Democrat, whether it’s voting or war crimes.

  137. C. A. says:

     Uh, as go the state totals, so go the electoral vote.

    Sure play dumb.

  138. karmanot says:

    Once again, Florida, the scum of states—–what a surprise.

  139. Backpackwayne says:

    GOP = Glitch Old Party

  140. mirror says:

    What stupidity.  The whole point with the King County WA ballots is that they are ALL physical.  WA has the most trustworthy election systems in the country.  Corruption prone and highly politically vulnerable systems like that in Florida or Ohio would literally drive Washington voters into open revolt.  I think it may be the Scandinavian heritage.  A recount here will find everything because the physical object touched by the voter is retained.  I the election you are referring to, the official overseeing elections in the state was a Republican !!! and he said the elections and processes were totally clean.

    A recount in Ohio includes a bunch of computer generated data compiled by a company owned by friends of one of the candidates with the state official overseeing election actively working to create systems and processes that advantage his party’s candidates.

  141. Donny says:

    A complete disgrace to everything this country claims to stand for. Another rigged election and there needs to be a violent uprising.

  142. Matt Breeden says:

    Wait, what?  Is that how it works in FLA?  Winner take all by district?  I kind of doubt it, but don’t know.  Wouldn’t the popular vote for the entire state determine who gets the electoral votes?  If so, it doesn’t matter what district votes are removed from.

  143. Matt daugherty says:

    Why would they cook the books on a a largely black community that will go Obama anyway. They would likely target 50/50 races where a swing would be worth pushing it.

  144. I hope someone will count those votes again

  145. Phoebesimth says:

    Not surprised.  More nonsense to come!

  146. Ed Ligget. Tuba. says:

     When you find votes during recounts, that generally indicates that they went uncounted the first time.  JUST LIKE IN FLORIDA.

  147.  “will help curtail GOP vote-stealing in the future.

    And this election?
    Like Reply

  148.  Suck it up!

     We’re not talkin’ 8 years ago in Washington, but today in Florida.

    Does it take a doctorate degree in common sense to ascertain the difference?

  149. Joneses says:

    And those 1,000 votes can not be restored?  If not, then what?  If they get away with this now, whats to stop them on election day and days thereafter?  Gov Scott will do his darnest to give Mittens the win and it seems that the GOP party have sold their soul to the devil.

  150. Jo V says:

    It most certainly is NOT always Florida. 8 years ago, King County in Washington kept “finding” votes during TWO gubernatorial recounts. When they finally “found” enough votes for the Democratic candidate to win, they stopped “finding” votes. Sloppy? Or criminal?

  151. NCMan says:

    Who is going to explain to them what “transposing” actually means?  It means moving the same set of digits into a different order.  You can’t have the number 1150, then say it should have been 1050, but was “transposed”.  For it to have been “transposed”, both numbers have to be made up of the same 4 digits, just in a different order. 

  152. cole3244 says:

    not going to end well for the dems that is, the fascist gop refuse to do anything the democratic way because that doesn’t guarantee them of victory.

  153. dcinsider says:

    Sure it will.

  154. tonymack says:

     You are correct Ellen — these criminals, under Rove’s guidance, know exactly how to steal elections and they will do it again this year just the way they did it in 2000 and 2004. The MSM will not be the guardians of our democracy the way it was envisioned by the Founding Fathers — it’s up to each and every one of us to be alert when we go to the polls for more GOP chicanery…Rove and the Koch Brothers hate this country and they hate democracy…I live and vote in South Carolina and I fully expect to see some effort to thwart the minority vote here even though this state will never go for the President, they can’t help themselves — they have to cheat, lie and steal…they simply are criminal…

  155. WilliamS says:

    I think the conservative movement will become more blatant in their voter suppression and racism. Isn’t eveidence everywhere already?

  156. Thank you John for putting this important story in the spotlight. This stuff just makes me sick to my stomach and my first thought was “they are going to steal it again.”

  157. keirmeister says:

    Is it too much to ask for a national voting standards initiative?  If there is a federal election, what’s the legal barrier?  They can keep local-only elections in-house, but these differing standards across the country are no way for a powerful country to operate.

  158. FLL says:

    Prosecute after the election. Make an example of the Florida GOP and this will help curtail GOP vote-stealing in the future.

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