CNBC host Rick Santelli melts down on cam over taxing the 1% (video)

The famously annoying bridesmaid of the 1% has yet another meltdown on CNBC.  Apparently the fact that an overwhelming majority of the American people want to raise taxes on the rich has CNBC’s Rick Santelli vewy vewy depwessed. So he started throwing things at the camera and then just stormed of mid-segment, like all mature adults do.

First some screen shots, then the video:

CNBC's Rick Santelli melting down

CNBC's Rick Santelli melting down

CNBC's Rick Santelli melting down

Here’s the entire video:

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14 Responses to “CNBC host Rick Santelli melts down on cam over taxing the 1% (video)”

  1. Fairness says:

    Rick Santelli represents the whining 1% perfectly. Greed knows no boundaries.

  2. Steven says:

    Raise taxes on the rich, limit write offs. Increase the age requirement for SS on people younger than 35. Work to reduce the cost of healthcare. Get spending under control for medical expenses or everything will fall apart whether they want to worry about it or not.

  3. xlrrp says:

    Somebody drop a wet sheet on this guy, and take him away.

  4. Fresh_Prints says:

    Thanks for coming out

  5. Fifi says:

    Not even.

    CNBC is watched by the 1% wannabees, the idiots who think they will learn some of the magic secret of the 1% set by watching hours and hours of expensively suited loudmouths.

    People actually working in finance keep an eye on the Bloomberg feeds (and pay for the feeds, by the way. Actual information costs money).

  6. A reader in Colorado says:

    After loading this page last time, I got an autoplay ad for “Straight talk wireless”. Extremely annoying.

  7. benb says:

    Personally, I’m a little uneasy about financial advice from a screaming guy on TV who’s about to wet his pants.

  8. BeccaM says:

    Wow, what a complete dickweed. Four bloody percent increase in the marginal rate for the highest income earners — what they were paying in the already unfair ’90s — and it’s the end of the f*cking world for them.

    Oh those poor, poor (RICH) plutocratic bastards, I have no sympathy for them.

  9. WonkaVision says:

    I know nothing about this guys excepts these ridiculous rants. Why doesn’t anyone look into this guy’s life like they did to Sandra Fluke? Lord, within a week I even knew everything about her boyfriend’s family. I’m sure there’s a lot of shenanigans to be found with this guy. He’s crooked to the core.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Very well said.

  11. A reader in Colorado says:

    Someone really concerned about the state of the economy and America’s future would raise top taxes on the rich to 50% at bare minimum. There would in addition be increases in the capital gains tax, the estate tax, and there would be a speculation tax.

    But we don’t have that person. Instead, we have a moderate Republican as President who engages in magical thinking like “Because the economy was good during the Clinton years, taxes ought to be like they were during the Clinton years” – reasoning by misleading correlation. (There was a tech bubble in the 90’s, that was what caused the “good” economy, not any lousy 39% top tax rate).

    The rich are pampered and Santelli is proof. This tantrum is over four lousy points. And after all the sturm and drang is over with, that is what we’ll get, because we have a President who fights for crumbs and loses even those fights, and even when he wins, they’re pyrrhic victories because they’re monumental fights over basically extremely little.

    If the rich are going to whine and pout and call Barack Obama a socialist while they enjoy their idyllic lives of no investigations, no pursuit for their criminal behavior, and basically a pass that the President’s Justice Department gave them, why not actually give them something to worry about?

    If Barack Obama is going to be called a socialist, he should show them the real thing. But he won’t, because the rich are his little friends. And this is why the rich are such spoiled brats. Because pampered children ARE little brats.

  12. Who watches CNBC? Only the pampered, whiny, financial elite that want to portray themselves as victims.

  13. SFAW says:

    “Extract something from his base” because Obama won? What did that dimwit think Obama was doing for the first 3+ years?

    And Santelli? If I were on the trading floor (or wherever Santelli was supposed to be), I’d have sent for the guys from Creedmoor, ASAP. How does that guy stay employed by rational persons?

  14. Dear CNBC : Do you actually think anyone buys your BS? The President does well without your advise. Thanks very much anyway.

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