Brokaw blasts banksters angry about Obama win: “Yeah, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them.”

A great come-back by NBC’s Tom Brokaw when a quite-sorrowful Andrea Mitchell asked him about Wall Street types who are vewy vewy angwy about President Obama winning re-election:

ANDREA MITCHELL: The business community, you speak to people here in New York, today again, they are very suspicious and very angry.

BROKAW: Yeah, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them. The fact is, they’ve done pretty well in the last four years, all things considered. The big banks did get bailed out, and then didn’t spend the money anywhere else in the country. I think New York does distort your view about this a little bit. Given the amount of money that’s available around here, and what their expectations are about what they’re “owed.”

A delicious 30 seconds from MSNBC today:

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30 Responses to “Brokaw blasts banksters angry about Obama win: “Yeah, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them.””

  1. shajuan1955 says:

    Racism is defined as when a member of any ethnic group of the
    Human Family believes that his or her ethnic group has some inborn superiority
    that has not been given to any other ethnic group. They believe that they are
    more intelligent, more creative, have more physical beauty, more physical
    strength, more morality, human sentiments, leadership ability, courage,
    spirituality, sexuality etc. They believe all these traits are abundantly given
    to their ethnic group by G-D and denied to others (for centuries Caucasians
    classified members of other ethnic groups as “sub-humans”). Now whenever their
    superiority is challenged in anyway, the more ignorant members of their group
    resort to abusive name calling or violence. President Obama has made the
    typical Caucasian racist boil with rage because he undermines everything they
    have been falsely led to believe their entire lives. They will believe every
    lie that is told about him and will never accept anything positive about him.
    Obama is a gift from G-D to help us overcome our racial hatred. It is time for
    racism to end in our country.

  2. Just because you’re liberal and use terms like “cognitive dissonance” doesn’t mean your comment isn’t racist and stupid.

  3. Arrest Wallstreet !!! says:

    I think a lot of people are either race pimping or just way to damn sensitive. This racial crap gets so fkn old ! Just bc someone is critical of Obama doesn’t make them racist, that’s b.s.
    Both of these crooked parties are owned by the same money! We r in terrible shape as a nation, the last thing we need is this divide & conquer shit .
    MSNBC does enough of that for everyone! I’m an American, not a Democrat, not a Rebublican . The 2 party system is a FKN SCAM !!! We r the victims !

  4. caphilldcne says:

    You know what – I dare you to go stand on a street corner in Anacostia and repeat word for word what mf_roe said and see if the people you supposedly are helping to see wisdom agree with it. It is racist bullshit. There is a very specific history of slavery in this country and it doesn’t help to deny that. That’s the truth. I read this blog because it helps me to figure out what folks to my left are saying but one reason I don’t post much or particularly take it into account is because it is so over the top angry and while it sometimes identifies a problem it rarely offers a particularly helpful solution. Saying that capitalism permeates the system including the President and his administration and that there needs to be some kind of solution to that problem is a lot different than saying hey, the first African American president is owned like a slave. But you are so angry you’re willing to excuse someone basically calling the President a House Boy. Maybe you ought to think about that.

  5. Arrest Wallstreet !!! says:

    U r sayin the same shit ! So I gues u must be racist yourself. Your stupid comment makes you sound like a race baiting dickbag !
    Also, black people were not the only slaves in history! There have been & still are slaves of ALL colors all over the world !
    Stop talking about FKN race all the time, people !!!!!!
    We are all slaves to the banking system & the corrupt governments of the world!

  6. caphilldcne says:

    And same to you, Mr. or Ms. Hollywood. Liberal racism is just as ugly as the conservative brand. And especially ugly in the LGBT community.

  7. caphilldcne says:

    This is racist bullshit. Obama is the first African American black president and you say his ass is owned like the slaves. You fucking white supremacist white child of privilege. Do I dislike his Wall Street creds and what the banksters do? Yes. Do I think you have any right to call him a House Boy? Res ips loquiter. How dare you say such a thing from your white-ass Colorado perch. Fuck you, clown.

  8. Andrea Mitchell…whose husband helped crash the world economy asks us to pity the poor bankers…

  9. lj_68 says:

    use chrome or firefox and install adblockplus. It’ll block everything for you. 

  10. hollywoodstein says:

    Brokaw usually dishes the most centrist pablum.  Obviously tired, his filter was off.  And oh yeah, Andrea Mitchell is*cking Alan Greenspan’s cock nightly, the man who destroyed American prosperity for generations.  At the very least this should be disclosed on America’s liberal network.  Would anyone believe Michelle Obama was an objective reporter.  I wouldn’t. 

  11. hollywoodstein says:

    I know FB has eroded blog participation, but can you rank the factors in the decline of blog participation as you see it, and why the left refuses to give a little rain to the blogs while the right showers their incubators with excess?

  12. hollywoodstein says:

    Glad you’re getting any ads.  Outta 6 billion with a B, has there been any discussion about throwing you a bone?

  13. hollywoodstein says:

    Right on.

  14. Thank you.  Sure.  Though honestly it’s a gazillion times easier for me if folks use Paypal.  I’d need to check if my PO Box is even still up, this is the only reason I had it in the past.

  15. Snaggletooth says:

    Is it possible for me to send a snail mail contribution?

  16. mf_roe says:

     Obama’s ass is “owned” just as completely as the slaves were.  I was fooled in ’08, thought he had too much arrogance to accept being the water boy for the oligarchs.  But he seems to have his own brand of cognitive dissonance that allows him to forsake trust and call it progress.

  17. FunMe says:

    Why would Andrea Mitchel care so much for the bankers and ask that stupid question? Oh yeah, she’s married to Alan Greenspan. Enough said.

  18. That’s a possibility too.  Sorry about that, it probably is the new ad – those skin ads can be problematic, but as we’re all on death’s-door financially, ads are a necessity.  Thanks for understanding :)

  19. Fifi says:

    Oh, snap !

    I really like Brokaw’s tone and posture when he says ” what their (banskters’) expectations are about what they are ‘owed’ “. This is how you do dripping contempt :-)

  20. Aragon64 says:

    And given that Andrea is married to Greenspan, I’m wondering about her perspective as well.

  21. A reader in Colorado says:

    Maybe if more Americans did start talking about guillotines, the banksters would wake up and stop feeling so dissed.

  22. A reader in Colorado says:

    Maybe if more Americans did start talking about guillotines, the banksters would wake up and stop feeling so dissed.

  23. BeccaM says:

    Regarding the banksters: I still day-dream about guillotines. And this–

  24. A reader in Colorado says:

    Bankers are the spoiled rich girl who didn’t get their pony. And no, that’s not good on Obama.

    The bankers are angry because they’ve been coddled.  Coddled by Obama.  And once again we are treated to a massive failure and malfeasance by the Obama administration as if it is a joke and so great of Obama and praiseworthy of him for his benevolence and tolerance .. of the most massive criminals in American history.

    Not one major bankster is in prison for having committed a massive mortgage fraud on the American people, committing state tax evasion and felony theft by stealing, transferring and packaging properties that weren’t theirs.  The Obama administration fined the banks a pittance – a pittance that amounted to a reward. 

    Of course the bankers are “angry”.  They are a new class of American who is almost immune to ever being truly punished.  Obama helped see to it.

    Of course people who are practically above the law are going to get angry if the person who put them above the law dares to criticize them, even if only for the politics of it.

    When is the Obama administration going to stop coddling banksters? When are arrests going to get made? Or does Obama just let them keep the trillions of dollars they outright stole with their criminal behavior – behavior he validated and normalized?

  25. tom rogers says:

    Yes, even reloading the page does nothing. I’d suggest exiting the browser and logging back in. It worked for watching Borowitz after I had the same problem. I didn’t have that here, however.

    EDIT: The problem is possibly due to the website trying to configure the site to run for all sizes of monitors. Perhaps wide-screens are still a problem for them.

  26. it shouldn’t.  Though if it’s the new big ad in the background it’s only around for a few days, sorry if it’s interfering, it’s not on my computer – may depend on how “big” you set the font etc on your screen.

  27. hollywoodstein says:

    Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan, and Mrs. Alan Greenspan, MSNBC the liberal network.

  28. Kicked ass on that one!!

  29. What is going on with ads covering up part of the story? You can’t get rid of it and of course it stays there even if you click on it and it sends you to another page.

  30. Drew2u says:

    btw: CNN preemptively blaming the democrats for being too partisan since they have the majority in the Senate.

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