Beginning of the End of the Empire – by Ramon & Jessica (video)

Here’s the description of the song from YouTube:

Ramon & Jessica (Dina Maccabee and Jesse Olsen Bay) have made a deep impression locally and on the internet with their daring a cappella arrangements, including their jaw-dropping rendition of Nick Drake’s “Free Ride,” which they debuted at UnderCover Presents’ tribute to Pink Moon in San Francisco. The duo was nominated this year as contenders for Bay Area Artist of the Month by the Deli online music magazine, and they have been featured on the front page of YouTube for their video “Questions,” produced and directed by YouTube phenomenon Jonathan Mann.

Beginning of the End of the Empire - Ramon & Jessica

Beginning of the End of the Empire – Ramon & Jessica

The song “At the Beginning of the End of the Empire” riffs on themes of post-apocalyptic society, DIY culture, and political stagnation. The release of this video is timed to comment on the current election hype, while reflecting on the turmoils of the past four years: climate change, Occupy Wall Street, economic uncertainty, and amidst all this, the continuation of everyday life by everyday people.The video is an eye-popping, kaleidoscopic pastiche of contemporary and vintage images, with Dina and Jesse cast as news anchors reporting on troubling and sometimes ridiculous events. Shot on location in Oakland, CA and at a first-class production studio in San Francisco, it artfully satirizes the absurd theater of mainstream news media, while capturing the focused energy of Ramon & Jessica’s minimalist musical style.

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  1. BeccaM says:

    Very nicely done.

  2. Indigo says:

    That’s a keeper!

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