Confirmed: ABC Denver misnames Petraeus book, “All up in my sn*tch”

Oh my.

A reader just sent me something that I didn’t believe.  Then he sent me a photo.  Then he sent me a video.  Then I found a comment on ABC Denver’s Web site from another viewer who saw the same thing.  So now I’m printing it.

UPDATE: It’s now been confirmed by the local station:

However, when the 7NEWS reporter went on the Internet to get an image of the book cover, the reporter mistakenly grabbed a Photoshopped image that said, “All Up In My Sn*tch.”

Hmm… I couldn’t find any such image via Google last night.  And there were tons of images of the book, correct images, on Google.  Okay, a reader found it – this sure looks like it’s the same image, from Death and Taxes Mag, and it’s dated November 10 in Google’s cache, before this story broke.  But this was awfully hard to find – hard to image ABC 7 just stumbled up on this image, not realizing what it was:

Cached copy of <a href="">Death and Taxes Mag spoof</a> of Petraeus book cover. Note the date of the cache at the top, November 10, 2012.

Cached copy of Death and Taxes Mag spoof of Petraeus book cover. Note the date of the cache at the top, November 10, 2012.

In a piece on the 5pm news about now-resigned CIA director David Petraeus and his affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, ABC News’ Denver affiliate put a photo of the biography on the screen, but the book had an awfully odd name.

The name of the Petraeus biography is, in real life, “All In.”

Here’s the book that ABC Denver showed instead:

ABC Denver misnamed the biography of former CIA director David Petraeus. The book is actually called "All In."

ABC Denver misnamed the biography of former CIA director David Petraeus. The book is actually called “All In.”

And here’s video the reader just took of their TV set, with the newscast saved on DVR:

The extra words only fade in because the camera appears to be adjusting to the white on the screen.

And here are the two comments left on ABC Denver’s Web site below the written story about Petraeus:

Lesson here: Never grab images off of the Internet.  BTW, I tried to find this particular image of the book online, but couldn’t. Which makes me think someone was being cute in the graphics department of the station, and then made a job-killing mistake.

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108 Responses to “Confirmed: ABC Denver misnames Petraeus book, “All up in my sn*tch””

  1. Rocky Racoon says:

    Maybe not maybe she was a true patriot and exposed Petreus as part of the Carterize Obama Gang that wanted to go to war against Iran now instead of when they are better prepared like after Syria goes down then we have no fly and sanctions and more on Iran then we go to war.

  2. sanjidude says:

    Haha – that’s hysterical!

  3. Kevin Cottle says:


  4. whamprod says:

    Wow. Go back to your bottle. While you’re drinking, read up on Occam’s Razor.'s_razor


  5. hollywoodstein says:

    The fact they are trying to put away Bradley Manning for life, yet covering for Broadwell and Petraeus ios quite the disparity.

  6. hollywoodstein says:

    You should post the Aspen Institute of her smiling when speaking of her access to everything when embedded to the good general.

  7. comonsense says:

    Just like wepons of mass destruction. Just because you can’t find them in a vast country and hugh convoys leaving Iraq weeks before don’t mean they don’t exist.
    Is there gold in Colorado? Can’t find it? Does that meant it doesn’t exist?

  8. hollywoodstein says:

    And have you ever been to one of these Leadership conferences, teaching the ineffable qualities of leadership? There may be a rare talk or two that has something useful about psychology or organizational structure, but mostly the talks are useless paeans to “leadership”. They are like spending hours reading self help books on effective time management techniques or spending money on self help books on how to make money by writing self help books on how to make money. In the main, conferences of this type are resume builders for the attendees and networking sessions for type A types

  9. hollywoodstein says:

    Or as a true believer, perhaps you may still be waiting for Sarah Palin.

  10. Tim Fuller says:

    Let’s all hope so. Enjoy.

  11. You certainly did!

  12. Guest says:

    Ha! You certainly did!

  13. Dave says:

    Agreed. All In My Snatch is snappier and funnier.

  14. AvgDude says:


    oh… sorry.

  15. hollywoodstein says:

    You are wrong. The pic is a piece of evidence that would be used by anyone, whether a historian or a prosecutor, to support their thesis. Otherwise known as a data point. Otherwies known as the scientific method…sigh.

    I know drunkard, closeted Republican operatives,(there’s a lot of them you know, actually you probably don’t), and I know drunken millionaire, 100s millionaire, and billionaire Republican donors.

    SingleMaltScotch is like Sodium Pentathol to the underpaid aides, Everyone should have one. I’ll loan you one of mine if you promise to change his cage.

    Happy happy joy joy sexytime with the richie riches leads to boastful, drunky pillow talk. Friends and I could write a book.

    But if you think I will provide you with identifying information on the intertubes you are sadly mistaken. So howl from the mountaintops, but I invite you to take this stroll through a meadow some would call Common Sense.

    Imagine yourself a genius Republican operative. Suppose you know that the demographic trends are against you, despite your unholy alliance with the gay hating, women’s rights hating religious right and old men nostalgic for white privilege. Sure you don’t have to win black voters or hispanice voters you just have to peel away 5-10 percent of their votes. And your biggest problem is with wimmens voters who have vajayjays, nad uteri, and ovaries, and nubbins, and eggs, and other unmentionable parts for crissakes. And they keeep voting for Obammy. So it turns out your suspicion Obama is a feminine president, elected by a coalition of wimmens , and teh gays, and teh minorities, is true. The Kneyan mslim socialist thing not so much.

    So as a genius, what do you do? You need some vagina parts on the ticket. But what is the biggest negative for lady parts on the ticket in couch potato Sparta, otherwise known as the former United states. National Securtity. That’s right. Conservative chicks done’t trust other chicks to pull the trigger unnecessarily when the tme comes. Thats why Hillz had to vote for the Iraq war. She didn’t want to be labelled a chick who wouldn’t unnecesarily get us into war.

    You see it is part of the American tradition to be suspect of an ambitious military man as President. We owe this to our esteemed founder George who Thank God, since he was an atheist , did not want to be Napoleon.

    Enter Patraeus, the idea was to park him at Princeton. Tell the fawning media that America’s most obviously ambitious war hero of the last 55 years, who oversaw 50,000 American casualties in the ME so we wouldn’t see any American casualties here, tell the media that, oh noes, ambitious David Patraeus doesn’t want to be the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces, and settle any and all old scores, oh no he just wants to preside over his bucolic alma mater, Princeton.

    To dilute His record of militarism, they wanted it to be a draft election, where the American people beg Patraeus to enter the race for the Presidency for the good of the coutnry. Also too, Broadwell would be along for the ride, not as VP in 16, but as resume pay to set her up in 2020. Her resume, Harvard, Patraeus” protege, leadership councils, and so on, ad naseum made her an obvious cog.
    Or as a true believer, perhaps you’re still waiting for Sarah Palin.
    I coiuld tell you more, but then I’d have to charge.

  16. On YOUR google search but everyone’s google search brings different results, even using the exact same words and parameters.

  17. whamprod says:

    That’s a bullshit source. So what. She attended the National Conference of State Legislatures. That’s a bipartisan organization. There were at least as many democrats there as republicans. So what if she had per picture taken with Karl Rove? It means nothing. I once had my picture taken with Little Richard. That doesn’t mean I was being groomed to be in his band. You still have not offered evidence. Without it, your statement that “She was part of the Republican stable being groomed or office is still a bullshit statement.

  18. hollywoodstein says:

    Ah the trolls have arrived. Republicans are busy slamming themselves.

  19. hollywoodstein says:

    Miss Woodstein, was busy getting her drink on. And how does this help Obama?

  20. hollywoodstein says:

    I see what you did there()

  21. Jim R says:

    In my youth, I did typesetting for a maritime/business newspaper, and one of my duties was listing all of the ships in San Francisco port, a tedious daily update. One night I centered and bolded something like, “Oh f©®k this [email protected]! Let’s go home!!” I also did the piece correctly. I gave both versions to my friend Bill, who did the paste-up, knowing he’d enjoy the joke and toss it. Nope. He put it in the paper. Surprisingly, we weren’t fired…but only because the publisher conspired with us to keep this occurrence a secret from the hot-head editor who would have killed us. We destroyed every copy he was likely to find, and he never found out.

  22. Tiger184 says:

    “but we don’t think of Benghazi.” You’re fixated on this issue. We moved on months ago.”

    So you ‘moved on’, huh. The American embassy was attacked on the anniversary of September 11th…four Americans were killed while the White House watched live-time and told our people, military and otherwise, to stand down instead of going to rescue them…and you’ve ‘moved on’.

    Forget about getting to the bottom of what happened…forget about finding out the truth…unless it’s some fabricated lie that a so-called college student can’t afford to pay for her birth control…then there’s hell to pay.

    You have a twisted vision of reality, calling what happened to this country on September 11, 2001, when over 3,000 people were murdered, a “snafu”.

  23. I noticed hollywoodstein didn’t respond. Typical obama supporter.

  24. Uh, only crazy people think Bush was behind 9/11. I don’t care how much I disliked the man, or thought he was incompetent, no president of the United States lets an attack of that magnitude happen on his watch on purpose (that doesn’t mean he wasn’t negligent, but that’s not what truthers allege). And the same goes for Benghazi, which hardly compares to the snafu that was 9/11, though you all seem to think it does, even though the public clearly did not.

    As for liberals’ modus operandi of going after the witness, we’re not the ones who have been labeling women who testify before congress “sluts” for going on twenty years now (Anita Hill and Sandra Fluke come to mind). And honestly, it’s a bit nutty that you’re even making that connection at all, that somehow liberals were so afraid of Petraeus and Benghazi that they engineered this affair, or whatever.

    To paraphrase your beloved Ayn Rand, “but we don’t think of Benghazi.” You’re fixated on this issue. We moved on months ago. And it’s why we won the election and you didn’t, in part.

  25. LolaS says:

    Even the real title to the book is so unfortunate for her. Not that I feel sorry for her (well, maybe i do in a super funny sort of way). But….Karma is a……….ch! haha.

  26. Barrett says:

    Just like everyone else in the country goes to work drunk? After all, alcohol is legal in all states.

  27. Older_Wiser2 says:

    Truth in TV news reporting, finally.

  28. ripfree says:

    Maybe this is a little picky, but I think this photoshopped book cover was overdone. The “UP” was totally unnecessary. Leaving it out would have been more tasteful, subtle, and funny. The idea here is to get the new meaning across while leaving AS MUCH of the original title unchanged. ha ha.

  29. thaneb says:

    Max Miedinger would be proud.

  30. Alex Moore says:

    Hey guys, Alex from Death and Taxes here. We made the image, published it over the weekend and took it down b/c we thought it was in poor taste. Someone at ABC found it through Google as Avarosis suspected. Here’s how it happened:

  31. Paul_Mcgrath says:

    Just another typical vulgar, freak liberal trying to be relevant.

    Nothing to see hear. Move along…

  32. Paul_Mcgrath says:

    No pivot needed, nor is it crazy at all.

    You do know that Petraeus is the key witness called to testify in the investigation on the Benghazi terrorist attack, right?

    History has shown time and time again, it’s the liberal’s classic motive operandi to always try and discredit key witnesses scheduled to testify against them.

    I bet you are a “truth-er” though (that Bush was the mastermind behind 9/11.)

  33. Disgusted Tax Payer says:

    Some libretard at that station probably made the photo and then put together a hit piece afterwards. Pretty sick game actually. Stuff like that can get you fired. Wouldn’t want to be in there shoes!

  34. Disgusted Tax Payer. says:

    Ask a Democrat, they would know who posted the image.

  35. Disgusted Tax Payer. says:

    Ask a Democrat, they would know who posted the image.

  36. disqus_X93klfG91s says:

    Nah. They’re already totally baked.

  37. disqus_X93klfG91s says:

    Nah. They’re already totally baked.

  38. wfjackson3 says:

    Remember google adjusts search results order based on person. The fact that you can’t find it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  39. roxy l says:

    my reply is definitely an answer. fix your brain.

  40. Jd Overton says:

    Crossfit arms. Lots of guys dig it.

  41. Apparently it’s an expression (hell if I knew)

  42. ModdKenwood says:

    rimshot/cymbal crash

  43. Bra-vo. It takes a special kind of crazy to be able to pivot from “snatch” to “Benghazi.”

    Bra-VO, sir. Bra-VO!

  44. NorCal says:

    My understanding from my people inside the Pentagon is that Broadwell was generally known as Petraeus’s Commanding Officer. Apparently Broadwell often referred to Petraeus as “the little cadet” and it was known how she could command his Army of One to stand at attention before he went All In.

  45. Tiger184 says:

    “mistakenly grabbed” the photo-shopped version???

    The sleaze-balls that dare call themselves journalists will do ANYTHING to protect ObaMao…helping ObaMao cover up the murders of four Americans…even if it means slandering a general that did less than a former (liberal) sitting president did (Clinton sexually exploited a 22 year old intern).

    The liberals in this country that are participating in this coverup have the blood of those Americans on their hands.

  46. Casca says:

    “Stay classy Denver.”

  47. Bill Stutte says:

    True, but it is plausible that they found a smaller version of the real book cover, searched “similar image” and sorted it by size to arrive at the doctored cover. It may not be the first one, but it was up on the internet before this story ran.

  48. But it’s not the first one that comes up, by a long shot

  49. lickystick111 says:

    No, but thanks for asking.

  50. RightwingHunter says:

    How in the hell did that get by the editors? SMH. I laughed my tail off for about 5 minutes after watching that. The mainstream media is practically worthless.

  51. Rob Grant says:

    Been there, I put some comments in a University recruitment form letter and it went to several hundred prospective students. It’s the kind of mistake kids often do, the wise once only do it once.

  52. Pablo-123 says:

    Yes, because FOX news would never do something like this.

  53. Pablo-123 says:

    Heterosexual male here. Wife is 47 years old. Works our religiously. Runs, bikes, yoga, weight lifting. She is built similarly to Ms Broadwell. She looks great in a halter. Not so much the clothes that Ms Broadwell is sporting. My wife is prettier, and more feminine. I find the look extremely attractive. She has a better figure than most 25 years olds.

  54. David Harrison says:

    I don’t get it, where’s the mistake?

  55. BeccaM says:

    The same Google search helpfully shows when their search engine scraped the particular image.

    The story was broadcast Monday night by that TV station. The image itself was dated from two days ago, or Sunday.

    It’s easy to post stuff anonymously, sure, but it’s nigh impossible to fool Google into thinking something existed before it actually did.

  56. jixter says:

    Are there any heterosexual male readers of this post who are willing to contribute without offering up non-answers like the ones ‘roxy I’ and ‘tylerh’ have posted?

  57. Bill Stutte says:

    The timestamp on google said it was from 2 days ago.

  58. Jim says:

    All that matters is he wants to slam Republicans. That should be enough for you.

  59. DJH says:

    The pathetic excuse by the media skanks rings hollow, we’ve seen this from the unethical, unprofessional, intellectual cowards portraying journalists in the media at the national level, abc/cbs/cnn/nyt/nbc are all clowns it’s only fitting that sooner or later that lack of integrity and professionalism would filter down to local affiliates.

    Yet another indicator of the progression of American ‘journalism’, swirling down the toilet bowl of credibility, ethics and standards of decency.

  60. hotcocco says:

    No one watches ABC anyways. Why is everyone letting the wind blow up their skirts ????

  61. Mills says:

    The issue is WHEN did you find it? Don’t you understand that, of course, you’re going to find it now that the image was displayed on tv. It’s way to easy to post the graphic anonymously online after the fact, claiming it was there BEFORE being seen on tv.

  62. Cheryl Kohs says:

    This is a far more accurate title for the book. Good job, Denver.

  63. Bill Stutte says:

    found that on google pretty easily, just by searching ALL IN paula broadwell

  64. Eileen Burns says:

    One of the funniest things I have read in the past week.

  65. AARACH says:


  66. When I was in my 20s (when my smartassery often overrode my common sense), a late night joke image I dropped in as a place holder ended up being printed. That cost me $1800.00. I never did it again.

  67. Don Surber says:


    But is the word “up” even necessary?

  68. tylerh says:

    Change the adjective, and the question answers itself:

    “are shapely arms and shoulders on women popular?”

    Oh. Yes.

    Particularly on women over 30. Think of Linda Hamilton doing pull ups in Terminator II. It shows that not only is a a woman “well put together,” but that “she takes care of herself.” I would assume that Mrs. Broadwell is well-ogled at the fitness club where she clearly spends a lot of time.

    (yes — these remarks are ageist and sexist, but that lurks in the question)

  69. Blogvader says:

    Now THAT is one fine Freudian slip.

  70. roxy l says:

    they are popular with women who have them. why should womens’ bodies be dictated by whether or not men find it attractive? also callling parts of womens’ bodies ‘items’ is… creepy.

  71. So you’re saying that I snatched you from the jaws of depression?

  72. My pleasure :)

  73. ABC Denver posted an article about this, claims the guy grabbed an image off of the Web – I don’t buy it, I couldn’t find any such image last night. instead, lots of correct images came up.

  74. whamprod says:

    Please support “She was part of the Republican stable being groomed for office.” Not saying you’re wrong, but that statement is kind of irresponsible without some support. I could just as easily say “Obama was part of the Communist stable being groomed for office,” and even if it is true, it would make me sound kooky without providing proof. Where’s yours?

  75. jixter says:

    Please help me out here: are muscular arms and big shoulders on women popular items with heterosexual men? I have no idea what the answer might be. Please advise.

  76. emjayay says:

    Speaking of innappropriate outfits for a supposed professional, the one she wore on The Daily Show was particularly cocktail party worthy.

  77. mml34 says:

    omg. DERRRRR!!!!

  78. It’s confirmed. It’s real. Abc admitted it.

  79. Ray_Van_Dune says:

    Probably done locally at the TV station, since the video of it appears to be what would have been made at her U. of Denver speech. Some poor (dumb) bastard there at Channel 7 has probably just made a sudden involuntary contibution to Colorado unemployment levels.

  80. nicho says:

    Well, I’m going to have a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

  81. jones.barry says:


  82. nicho says:

    This is so Machiavellian that it’s possible she isn’t the one who sent the emails. We are talking about people whose business is black ops.

  83. jugrnot says:

    We’ll probably be seeing more of this as TV crews in Colorado go to work baked…

  84. A_nonymoose says:

    I worked in graphics for 16 years; the one thing I learned early was that you NEVER created a gag graphic based on something you were working on, because invariably that would be the one that was used.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Funny as hell.

  86. They didn’t find that on the Internet. What probably happened is, the graphics guys at the TV station made that cover as a joke. Then, they probably saved it to a central graphics folder on the server. THEN, when the editor was looking for the actual image to put into the story, he grabbed the gag image instead of the real one. And nobody noticed it until the story aired.

  87. hollywoodstein says:

    There’s more to this story to come…you’ll see.

  88. Ginger_FL says:

    Sorry, I got a good giggle out of it. :-)

  89. hollywoodstein says:

    No problem showing a little skin, she’s certainly a specimen. Just one opinion that her fashion sense is a little off.
    She was part of the Republican stable being groomed for office. Seems a little kooky she would out herself with her vigilant, crazy girlfriend jealousy. Either she’s daft or for all of her smarts she doesn’t know how email works. Patraeus too.
    Power, access, and shiny medals are an aphrodisiac for people with her mindset. It’s a shame that came to outweigh her two children at home.

  90. hollywoodstein says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. Ok, we get it you”re fit. Fitter than the rest of us. Now go get a stylist.

  91. andyou says:

    This strikes me as a prank. Anyone who was halfway decent at After Effects could do it.

  92. bargal20 says:


  93. BeccaM says:

    Her wardrobe does seem to be rather unusually sans sleeves.

  94. Certainly looks like that’s what happened. Dude I just watched a docu on the aftermath of the Libyan revolution and was all sad. This made me happy again!

  95. Jim Olson says:

    My inner 10-year-old heterosexual boy is amused by this.

  96. SkippyFlipjack says:

    so freaking funny.. are you sure that ABC didn’t get it right, and all the other networks plus Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Broadwell herself didn’t get it wrong?

  97. Well, she clearly works it for the media events, but why not. Selling book is all about PR.

  98. hollywoodstein says:

    Sounds in house. She sure is proud of those shoulders. Her whole wardrobe for media events is the same. I guess…

  99. I could not find the image on google images. I wonder if someone did a mock up to be funny, and somehow they screwed up and it went live.

  100. Ignatz says:

    I think someone on the crew was having a blast doing this.

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