Woodward: Obama tells people “I am a Blue Dog”

Don’t blame the messenger, folks. I’m just quoting the man. From Bob Woodward’s mouth via Digby’s pen to you. Here’s Digby’s take (my emphasis and para-tweaks):

QOTD [Quote of the day]: President Obama

According to Bob Woodward: “I’m a blue dog. I want fiscal restraint and order.”

Woodward says he also tells people[:] “I don’t want to cut entitlements in any way that would hurt vulnerable populations.” So that’s good. He’ll only cut “entitlements” a bit. I feel so much better.

Read the whole interview (published in Pete Peterson’s Financial Times, by the way) if you want to see some Village conventional wisdom.

Me: There are gems in that interview, all of them “very very scary” in deficit-speak. Do read; and as you do, keep in mind that the Financial Times is, as Digby points out, very much a Pete Peterson joint. Who’s Pete Peterson — this entitled SOB. He, his money, his ego and his Democratic friends will be the reason you can’t retire on people-food, if that’s indeed what’s going to happen.

So I’ve personally pivoted from the election to the Lame Duck. I said back in April that the 2012 election is over, and stand by that. It should never even have been close, as Matt Taibbi has eloquently reminded us. Stay tuned. For the next nine months, this will be my other big theme.


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