VP debate open thread

Radditz really did a great job.

Ryan’s eyes are seriously bloodshot. If he runs off stage with the munchies…

Biden on Medicare, just got the transcript:

BIDEN: You know, I heard that death panel argument from Sarah Palin. It seems every vice presidential debate I hear this kind of stuff about panels.

But let’s talk about Medicare. What we did is, we saved $716 billion and put it back, applied it to Medicare. We cut the cost of Medicare. We stopped overpaying insurance companies, doctors and hospitals. The AMA supported what we did. AARP endorsed what we did. And it extends the life of Medicare to 2024. They want to wipe this all out.

It also gave more benefits. Any senior out there, ask yourself: Do you have more benefits today? You do. If you’re near the donut hole, you have $800 — $600 more to help your prescription drug costs. You get wellness visits without co-pays. They wipe all of this out, and Medicare goes — becomes insolvent in 2016, number one.

Number two, “guaranteed benefit”? It’s a voucher. When they first proposed — when the congressman had his first voucher program, the CBO said it would cost $6,400 a year, Martha, more for every senior, 55 and below, when they got there. He knew that, yet he got all the guys in Congress and women in the Republican Party to vote for it. Governor Romney, knowing that, said, I would sign it, were I there.

Who you believe, the AMA, me, a guy who’s fought his whole life for this, or somebody who would actually put in motion a plan that knowingly cut — added $6,400 a year more to the cost of Medicare?

Now they got a new plan: “Trust me, it’s not going to cost you any more.” Folks, follow your instincts on this one.

And with regard to Social Security, we will not — we will not privatize it. If we had listened to Romney, Governor Romney, and the congressman during the Bush years, imagine where all those seniors would be now if their money had been in the market.

Their ideas are old and their ideas are bad, and they eliminate the guarantee of Medicare.

Biden really has done quite well, and I don’t even particularly like the man. But I’m impressed.

Biden: Brings up that Ryan doesn’t believe that abortion should be allowed for rape and incest.

Did you know that Ryan is from Janesville? Geez, enough already.

If Ryan’s faith informs what he does in public life then why does the US Conf of Catholic Bishops oppose his budget?

Ryan earlier complaining about 30,000 people dying in Syria, now he says we shouldn’t go into Syria based on humanitarian concerns. So why did you bring up the 30,000 dead?

“This is like a debate between a Founding Father and Ayn Rand’s summer intern.” – Friend posted this on Facebook, not sure who said it.

Republicans are already trashing debate moderator Martha Radditz, which means they think Ryan is losing.

So Paul Ryan would rather have Americans risk their lives for Afghanis than Afghanis risk their lives for Afghanis.

Ryan is getting a bit unsettled.

Bill Maher reportedly just said, “Hello 9-1-1? There’s an old man beating a child on my TV.”

Ryan refuses to say when we’re going to get out of Afghanistan.

Radditz really is good. Knows her stuff.

Biden: Who’s cutting Defense by $1 trillion?

Did Ryan just deny that he wants to increase Defense spending $2 trillion.

Ooh, Ryan won’t promise not to go after the home mortgage interesting deduction.

Massachusetts Republicans ARE Democrats. Including Mitt Romney.

“Now you’re Jack Kennedy.”

Wait, so Ryan said you can’t go after higher income people and get any serious money, but now twice he’s said he’s gonna go after higher income people.

Love that Biden keeps looking at the camera and talking to seniors directly.

Biden: Republicans never liked Medicare or Soc Security.

Radditz: You Ryan stood with President Bush to privatize SS. Ryan: For younger people.

Good that Biden called it $716bn in savings, because that’s what it is, not cuts, but savings.

Ryan brings up death panels? Seriously?

Ryan has the nerve to quote the $716bn that Ryan himself takes from Medicare in his budget? If it’s taking from the Medicare, which it isn’t (it’s simply getting a lower price for the same services so the government doesn’t need to pay as much, and savings $716bn), then Ryan did the same.

Zing. Biden on stimulus and Ryan’s letters in support of his constituents getting some of the “evil” stimulus money. Zing. BTW, interesting that Ryan says getting the stimulus money for his constituents wasn’t hypocritical, then why didn’t the GOP governors who turned down the stimulus also simple use it for their constituents? They at least had the courage of their convictions to turn down the money for their constituents. Ryan didn’t.

Interesting that CNN’s little meter is showing the focus group not liking direct criticism of each other, but that’s what works. Last time Obama didn’t fight back, and he lost because of it.

Zing. Good for Biden blaming the economy on Ryan.

Most Americans can’t afford to pay for another kid’s college who isn’t even their own kid. Too bad Romney isn’t willing to do more to help Americans help their own kids.

Mitt Romney is a car guy. Sure is. Several Cadillacs, as I recall.

Sure sounds like Paul Ryan wants a war in the Middle East.

Biden needs to point out that while was obviously briefed on the right talking points, he doesn’t actually understand the issue (re Iran nuclear). That you have to have experience to understand how all of this actually works.

Biden needs to stop laughing.

Having said that, Ryan’s endless smirk is annoying too.

Biden’s smile is too much. He should respond with a smile, sometimes, but not this much.

Does Ryan color his hair? A friend just asked. Obama and Biden clearly don’t. Romney clearly does. And Ryan is awfully dark-haired for a guy in his 40s. No grey at all.

Martha Radditz’ style is interesting. She interviewing Biden, which is interesting. Though she needs to do the same to Ryan. She seems to be reaching judgment in her questions. Which is only good if it’s fair across the board.

Wow, Ryan says America should apologize some times. That’s not what Romney says.

Zing. Biden points out that Ryan cut hundreds of millions for embassy security. Excellent.

It’s never too early, really Paul? Even your own party members felt it was totally inappropriate for Mitt Romney to enter the fray in the hours after our ambassador was killed.

Pau Ryan attacks, and Biden doesn’t respond. Hello?

So Paul Ryan thinks we should jump the gun and call it a terrorist attack before we even know?

Biden really knows his stuff.

Feel free to join in in the comments.

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