Romney surrogate: Powell supported Obama because he’s black

The Not-So-Subtle Racism that is Romney

I always find it interesting that Mormons, a people who have spent 150 years fleeing oppression, far too often find it far too easy to be aggressively bigoted towards others.

The Mormon animus towards gays and lesbians is legendary.  The Mormons hate us.  And are happy to spend millions to rip away our civil rights and force us to live under Mormon doctrine.

But the Mormons don’t like blacks either.  They think women are second class.  And they have a really special appreciation for Jews, who they think need to be mass converted in Mormonism, posthumously, against their will.  Especially if they’re Holocaust victims. (Though they also, crassly, converted Obama’s dead mother only months before the 2008 election, and without his permission or even knowledge.)

They’re persistent in their prejudice as well. The Mormons, who often promise to stop forcibly converting dead Jewish Holocaust victims to Mormonism against the wills of their own family and the Jewish community at large, just keep doing it.  Sometimes to the same person.  Poor Anne Frank has been forcibly converted to Mormonism nine times.  That we know of.

And the Racist Hits Just Keep on Coming from Team Romney

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the subtle racism that’s been coming from Mitt Romney throughout this campaign just keeps coming.

This time, its crazy old John Sununu, who’d probably rather be yelling at some (black) kid to get off his yard, telling a TV audience that the only reason Colin Powell is endorsing Barack Obama is because they’re both black.  That seems intended to remind the TV audience that Obama is NOT QUITE LIKE YOU AND ME (unless, of course, you and I are both black, then you’re not voting for Romney anyway, so Sununu and Romney aren’t terribly concerned about your vote – and in any case, the Republican party has moved on from its passing interest in token members of the black community – now they like Latinos).

Of course, it never crossed Sununu’s mind that maybe Colin Powell supports President Obama because Mitt Romney is a bullsh*tter.  Or maybe Sununu simply meant that because Colin Powell is black, he’s particularly smart and realizes that Mitt Romney is a weak, flip-flopping phony:

“I’m not quite sure which Governor Romney we would be getting with respect to foreign policy,” the former secretary of state said on CBS’s This Morning. “I don’t sense he’s thought through these issues as thoroughly as he should have. He gets advice from his campaign staff that he then has to modify as he goes along.”

But it’s not the first time Romney has played the race card.  Remember when, out of nowhere, Romney invoked Rev. Wright earlier this year.

Or the time NBC’s Chris Matthews finally stood up to GOP party Chair Reince Priebus’ race-baiting on behalf of the Romney campaign.

Our own Jon Green did a more in-depth analysis of Romney’s pandering to the nation’s racial subconscious.

Or Romney’s embrace of Ted Nugent and his racism.

Or Mitt Romney’s birther “joke,” intended to inflame the “he’s not like you and me” bigotry of the far-right that controls the GOP, and his embrace of birther Donald Trump and Jerome Corsi.

And then there’s this.

Yeah, Mitt Romney knows a thing or about intolerance.  He practices it often.

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