Six Hurricane Sandy deaths in NY, two more reported in NJ

Just the news, and it’s hard to report. According to the CBS New York website (my paragraphing):

Superstorm Sandy is being blamed for six confirmed deaths in New York State, including two children in Westchester County and a man in Queens. CBS 2′s Lou Young reported that two children, ages 11 and 13, were killed in North Salem. The two boys were playing outside a small bungalow when a 3-foot-long tree came crashing down on Bloomer Road around 6:45 p.m. The two children were killed instantly, CBS 2′s Tony Aiello reported.

Meanwhile, another victim in Queens died in a fatal accident that happened outside 47-34 166th Street and Lithonia Avenue in East Flushing. Police said the 29-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

A fourth victim died in Ulster County, in the Mid-Hudson region. Details about the fifth victim were not immediately learned.

A woman was found dead at 134th Street and 105th Avenue just off the Van Wyck Expressway, FDNY confirmed to WCBS 880. Fire officials said the woman was electrocuted on electrical wires.

There’s more in the story, including news from New Jersey and Connecticut. So far, trees and electrical wires (and one traffic accident) are the causes. Hopefully this will be the worst, but news is slow. I’m looking for information about landfall relative to high tide. If anyone has that information, please do pass me a link.

Good luck, all. Our prayers are with you.


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64 Responses to “Six Hurricane Sandy deaths in NY, two more reported in NJ”

  1. hollywoodstein says:

    Why is the gin gone?

  2. StatenIlandG25 says:

    Not a horrible person, just an idiot.

  3. hollywoodstein says:

    I think I am.

  4. hollywoodstein says:

    Dear johndurbinn,

    F you, and everyone who thinks like you, johndurbinn.  If your god had any decency he would use his magic powers to stop the suffering in the world instead of wishing it on people for being who he created them to be and loving who they love.  If you had the courage of your convictions you would defend your Dick of a god who sends innocent children to hell because Adams wife gave him an apple.  You sir are a dick, a bigot, and a coward.  Stand up bigot, dick, coward johndurbinn, and defend your bigot dick coward of a god sending my beautiful friends to hell for being the beautiful people he created them to be, and loving the beautiful people he created them to love.  Come on tell us to our face you dick bigot coward, in the freedom of the anonymity of the internet why your god just now got round to sending a storm to inconvenience liberal latte drinkers on the east coast instead of sending thunderbolts of righteousness from his righteous god eyes to kill all of us liberal sinners and the liberal lovers who love us.  Your god does not exist so you will have to find another reason to justify why you are a dick, bigot, coward Mr. johndurbinn.  Early voting returns point to the fact you area a self hating, insecure, closeted gay.  Feel free to make an alternate case, you bigoted, cowardly, closeted, self hating gay dick.   

  5. hollywoodstein says:

    Agreed, but this has been known for decades.  After Rudy slept on the job they did upgrade the data pipes carrying all the money.  Then lotsa toys, and money for stop and frisk, but nothing for a seawall, or improved pumps, or infrastructure, or securing ConEd or making certain the hospital back up generators would work or even a study to tell peeps not to park below 34th street. NOthing.  
    But dont worry.  There will be an investigation and no accountability.  There was money spent but you know, human error.  But if you’re black you can be stopped and frisked three times within three blocks. And beaten and arrested and falsely charged if you assert your Constitutional rights to walk down the muthereffin street unmolested.  And the cop who does that will be promoted.
    And the real enemy  The sea.  She’s still out there. 

  6.  Katrina over 1400 Americans killed, Sandy 16 Got must be telling us to vote Democrat.

  7.  And your plan was?  Sometimes nature is just to big and wild and the best plan is to run and hide.

  8. Soccer_lover0708 says:

    If god needs to send Hurricanes to teach people lessons, then he’s evil and you’re and evil person for worshiping him

  9. hollywoodstein says:

    And what are those wishes?

  10. hollywoodstein says:

    And just what was NYC’s plan for this disaster. Go ahead and let the section A basin flood, go ahead and let the tunnels flood, we’ll clean the sludge out later. It seems that Bloombergs plan was let it flood we’ll clean it up later. 
    And the Dept. of Homeland Security, wasn’t there anything that could’ve been planned to mitigate the effects even if there was nothing that could’ve been done. For all of the money spent it seems no one had a plan.

  11. johndurbinn says:

    Maybe this storm will teach the east coast liberals a few lessons about respect for God and his wishes.

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