Reporters blast Romney’s “Hurricane relief” stunt

I wrote last night about how it seemed that Mitt Romney was planning on using Hurricane Sandy to camouflage a political event today in Ohio (and similar ones in WI for Paul Ryan).  It turns out I was right.  Reporters on the scene of the “charity” event are horrified by the politickig they’re seeing.  They’re even apparently giving out anti-Obama t-shirts at the “non-partisan” charity relief rally.

Here are a few of their tweets this morning from the event.

USA Today reporter Jackie Kucinich:

Romney fake Hurricane Sandy relief event

Tweet by USA Today reporter Jackie Kucinich
at MItt Romney’s phony Hurricane Sandy “relief event.”

CNN’s Jonathan Karl. And note the tshirt the woman has – it’s clear she didn’t wear it to the rally.  They appear to be giving our anti-Obama t-shirts at the non-partisan disaster relief rally.  Incredible:

Note that that woman must have gotten that Obama t-shirt at the non-partisan disaster relief rally.

Politico’s James Hohman concurs – it’s a campaign party with music and everything!

Fake Romney campaign rally for hurricane relief

Politico’s James Hohman at fake Romney “hurricane relief” rally.

And here’s NPR’s Ari Shapiro:

The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker seems equally confused:

More from CNN’s Jonathan Karl:

Don’t take the reporters’ words for it – the Romney campaign is now calling today’s event a “Victory Rally.”

I warned last night that Mitt Romney was planning on using Hurricane Sandy as an opportunity to get around his promise to not hold any political events today, by holding fake Hurricane “relief” events in states that didn’t even get hurricaned like Ohio and Wisconsin, but which do happen to be important swing states.

And they did just that.

While Mitt Romney is infamous for his flip-flops, and the lack of value to his “word,” he also has a growing infamy for using human tragedy as political opportunity. You’ll recall that in the 47% video, Romney said that he would keep his eyes open for an “opportunity” like the Iran Hostage Crisis – he actually called that crisis an “opportunity” – that he could use to help his campaign.

And Romney’s campaign admitted that they saw the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi as yet another “opportunity” for their campaign.

More from Michael Barbaro, a NYT reporter at the not-really-a-relief event:

Mitt Romney's fake hurricane relief rally

NYT reporter at Romney’s fake hurricane relief rally.

So it should be little surprise that the Romney campaign is holding a Hurricane Sandy relief event that not only is more about Mitt Romney’s ambition than the hurricane, but in fact will actually impede and hinder ongoing disaster relief efforts. You do not collect goods for disaster relief.  It actually sets the relief organizers back when they have to deal with donated goods.  The Red Cross tells you on their Web site not to do it, it hurts.  So what does Romney do?  He keeps collecting goods as donations even though yesterday everyone said “don’t do it, it hurts disaster relief.”

And I quote from the Red Cross Web site:

Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints the Red Cross does not accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items. Items such as collected food, used clothing and shoes must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.

A report just came in that Romney just did a photo opp filling relief boxes.  Doing exactly what you’re not supposed to do, doing something that will actually hurt relief efforts.  And he’s doing it.  And he knows better.  But he doesn’t care, because this event – this presidential race – never was about helping people, it was about helping Mitt Romney’s ambition.

This is probably why Mitt Romney wants to close FEMA. He thinks private bake sales are more than enough of a response to one of the largest natural disasters in American history.

In the same way that his vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, thinks spending 7 minutes in a closed soup kitchen, cleaning already-clean dishes, is a sufficient response to the economic crisis.

Oh, and next time you decide to use the suffering of millions of Americans for your own personal gain, skip the music. And if you have to have music, check the lyrics first, unless this was intentional, which is even worse:

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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128 Responses to “Reporters blast Romney’s “Hurricane relief” stunt”

  1. Rodger Elgar says:

    Obama can stuff Sandy where the sun doesn’t shine

  2. Pdee5069 says:

    So what if they donations came from the campaign. It was an impromtu donation event. You are pathetic.

  3. midea says:

    Of course he has, he needs the tax write off

  4. Sdfsfs says:

    shutup dumbass

  5. Because many of them are white and middle class or upper middle. And because it’s a photo op. And most importantly, because he can be in full swing campaign mode while pretending he’s not.

  6. Flstf93 says:

    Romney has donated more money to Charities in 1 year than all you asshats bitching here have combined in your life! Why don’t you donate some of your time and help the relief effort instead of sitting here writing about someone doing it!

  7. L Robles says:

    you must not be in N.J.. The storm must not have  affected you. You have no idea how important it was for Obama to come to Jersey to assess the damages as well as the lack of food, shelter, water, gas, warmth, etc … We needed his presence more than ever & were blessed he came here … Now the work will begin. Obama 2012 for another 4 yrs !!

  8. Kay_mandi_21 says:

    he forgets to mention he donated his tour bus, 5 k in goods as well as the one million in personal funds. The president hasn’t even sent water he is too busy touring the country.

  9. Kay_mandi_21 says:

    lies lies lies, I recently spoke with american red cross they are accepting boxed items and if items are shipped personally then they can be shipped to a red cross location ups will be up and running on thursday. As well, thousands of people in Texas and around the world are collecting such as schools and businesses and families. I think what he is doing is great.

  10. footballmom says:

    It wasn’t a relief rally the Romney campaign bought $5000 worth of food at a local Walmart and gave it to the people to look like they were donating. He didn’t even know where to send it uhhh “I think NJ” and no you’re not going to ship canned food and blankets to where??? He has NO clue as to how the Red Cross works and they dont accept these types of donations they want CASH!!!!  And why have the event in Ohio??? There were parts of NY/NJ not affected by the hurricane, why not here where we need the help.

    What is pitiful is that people are DYING and lives are in ruin, we are sitting in the dark and cold patiently waiting for help to come knowing that some of our neighbors have it so much worse and that man compared our suffering to picking up garbage at a football game………….THATS PITIFUL!!!!!

    He has used our pain as a campaign ploy in a desperately needed swing state, he’s not a man but a pathetic loser.

  11. David Givens says:


  12. Alex McAthry says:


  13. Just Think says:

     Everything has been explained – Romney IS NOT HELPING he is using this as a campaign opportunity, what part of that do you not understand? THE RED CROSS DOES NOT WANT CANNED GOODS OR BLANKETS OR COATS. THEY, unlike Romney know what they are doing and have a system set up that works. Leave them do their work and keep Romney away.

  14. Just Think says:

     His brother doesn’t want nor has  he asked for help. That movie has brainwashed you. Romney gives to his church or cult depending on how you look at it, that is not charity. Charity is helping others, not your own. Charity is done without fan fair or campaign videos playing. This is another clear case of him being opportunistic at the detriment of the people who need the help.

  15. Just Think says:

     If your 6 yr old daughter is afraid of President Obama it isn’t because of his actions, it is because of your hateful words spoken in front of her. Shame on you!

  16. rmthunter says:

     Why?  Romney didn’t — he sold stock to pay for college, his dad bought his first house, and he made his fortune driving companies into bankruptcy and throwing people out of work.

  17. rmthunter says:

     Just what do you think that federal money is going to be used for?  Remember, this is not the Bush administration — they’re not going to be handing out goodies to well-connected crooks.  It’s going to finance rescues, medical services, restoring power, food, shelters, and everything else that needs to be done to get these people back on their feet.

    Romney’s reaching out with actual physical goods that the Red Cross and other relief agencies have asked them not to collect — dealing with the “donations” takes time and money away from what they actually need to be doing.

    And delivering them to who?  Just exactly what is his plan for getting these supplies to the people who need them?  Oh, wait — this is Romney:  he doesn’t need a plan.  His mere presence will solve the whole problem.  (At least, that’s what he said about the economy.)

    You don’t seem to understand how anything actually works.

  18. karmanot says:

     And the Duchess of Kolob is already shopping for China for the White House.

  19. karmanot says:

     Trolls are flying today

  20. RED DOG says:

    I guess it’s OK to campaign if your the President after terrorist attacks but not ok to campaign (EVEN WHEN YOUR NOT THE PRESIDENT) at a relief rally. I guess all those blankets and food are just junk now. WE ALL know the people attending those events are all Republicans and Obama spies waiting to be outraged on the slightest thing. Only those spies find it just fine for the past 4 crap ass years. Pitiful!

  21. Dave Godfrey says:

    Great quote! And you do understand what they are doing! Perfectly.

  22. David L Shaw says:

    LOL Maybe all of you can pitch together and help Obama move on Jan 21.

  23. johndurbinn says:

    He’s doing more than obama, who basically gave the OK to spend more federal money (and that’s it).  Romney’s at least reaching out to those affected with ACTUAL PHYSICAL GOODS, and he’s delivering them with his own buses.  That’s the kind of leadership we need, someone who can get on the ground level like that and provide help to those in need.

  24. Butch1 says:

    He’s proven that all of his little rich life. It’s too bad all of his money is not in Wall Street; I would love to see it crash and see him penniless. How would he react being just like a “common’er?”

  25. citizen_spot says:

     You’ve got to be carefully taught.

  26. Butch1 says:

    The man, his team, and the GOP have no shame. They will exploit any disaster any time, any place, any where, to win this election.

    They must think they are losing bad enough that they just don’t care what people think anymore. They are going to do what they want and the hell with what you think.

  27. Outspoken1 says:

    Maybe Romney could donate all the money he has in offshore accounts to the American Red Cross to help the  recovery!!

  28. rmthunter says:

    Exactly — he doesn’t have the authority to be calling governors (and only Republican governors, although last I heard, New York got hit pretty badly) or organizing “relief” efforts.  I would hope, although based on past behavior it’s a wan hope at best, that he would act like any decent human being with two brain cells to rub together and find out what’s needed before he has a rally to “help” the victims — which is nothing more than a campaign rally (the press passes have “victory rally” printed on them) that’s all about him.  We don’t need him to tell us how great he is — we can see just how great he is, and it’s not pretty.  This is the candidate whose staff sees things like Benghazi and Sandy as “opportunities” for more politicking — that’s disgusting.  And his running mate is the perfect complement — barging into a soup kitchen after hours so he can be photographed “washing” clean pots — and jeapordizing the the soup kitchen’s not-for-profit status, which doesn’t allow it to be involved in political campaigns.  Really classy people, both of them.

    People are hurting on the East Coast.  They don’t need a poseur like Romney distracting from efforts to help.

  29. A. Robertson says:

    I don’t think anyone who isn’t blindly republican ACTUALLY thought this was going to be anything but a campaign rally disguised as an effort to help Sandy victims. And that says something – it says that deception and self-serving actions are EXPECTED from Mitt Romney. Presidential, he is NOT.

  30. A. Robertson says:

    Typical. All accusations, NO EVIDENCE. Meanwhile, fact-checkers are having a field day calculating how many lies Mittens can fit into one campaign.

  31. A. Robertson says:

     Not to mention, a lot of people are lazy and given to voting for a particular party simply because their parents/friends/neighbors/coworkers are of that party. There aren’t enough people thinking for themselves, and too many don’t even know what their political party stands for. Being from a red state, not to mention a mostly republican county, it usually all comes down to four words – “taxes”, “abortion”, and “Bill O’Reilly”.

  32. Deric ross says:

    Biggest romney flip flop yet…. Whys he so suddenly intrested in giving handouts to people. 

  33. Crazyfool_louie says:

    Wow you make being an idiot look easy….wait a second…

  34. Crazyfool_louie says:

    Your phony melodrama lifetime moment with your daughter isn’t fooling anyone. Unemployment is down and we are doing just fine. Please leave your fox new talking points at the door. They will only earn you pity around here.

  35. johndurbinn says:

    Sorry for the poor choice of words, i’ve just been very emotional and worked up lately since I care very much about my country and don’t want to see Obama destroy it any more than he has.  My 6 year old daughter said to me with tears in her eyes today “what will happen if Obama wins?”  Having to comfort her because of the reckless actions of the president is truly something i wouldn’t wish on any parent.  The amount of debt her and her children will have to deal with at the hands of Obama makes me tear up just thinking about it.  We all need to do what’s right and make sure he doesn’t get any more chances to destroy us.

  36. johndurbinn says:

    WTF do you expect Romney to do?  He doesn’t exactly have the authority (yet) to make those types of calls.  This will change once Obummer is thrown the FU*K out of office.

  37. i_love_beige says:

    Found them WMDs yet, buddy?

  38. This info, esp. the tweets from reporter really has to make it to mainstream media–please email news site to include more on this story.

  39. BeccaM says:

    Handing them out to people, no less, who probably have no electricity or natural gas with which to cook the food…

  40. johndurbinn says:

    LOL.  “as the responsiblities of our president become more and more plentiful”  NO.  NO.  NO.  NO.  His responsiblities are defined by our constitution and laws.  I’m sick of liberals willing to give this kind of power to the guy just because they like him.  I was opposed to Bush’s overreaches as well, and I oppose Obama’s in the same manner!

  41. Keith says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they even told people the aid was for Romney supporters only. That sounds about their level of caring. 

  42. bHarm says:

    This is probably the worst put together report i’ve seen in a while.  If you want an accurate synopsis of what happened at the Romney event read a real news article.  Notice the picture with the ladies and the tshirt is from J. Karl of ABC NO CNN (He doesn’t work for them anymore) the above tweet is probably fake.  Also, that should was brought by those ladies it was not given out at the event.  

  43.  Oh, honey, the only “collecting checks and cash” is for Romney and Rove.  Get real.

  44. pete says:

    psst, that is English.

  45. CP says:

    Maybe…just maybe…he thinks his son’s new (alleged) 10% ballot-flipping voting machine company will actually win him the election for him, and that’s why he’s not really worried about it. All he needs to do is keep it close because there’s enough stupid people already voting for him to make this possible. Remember the 47% he doesn’t care about? Maybe he’s hoping for the 53% to carry him enough that the (alleged) rigged machines will do the rest.

  46. Idiocracy says:

    There was no constitutional authority for the Louisiana Purchase either… The constitution is important, but it should not dictate EVERY SINGLE ACTION of our governing body. It was meant to be flexible, and as the responsibilities of our president become more and more plentiful, there needs to be a way to take action against harms that appear without much warning.

    Also, the 1st Amendment of the Constitution (the Establishment Clause) says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.Essentially, Romney has consistently violated the Constitution, however unlike Obama, it’s not to save thousands of lives and prevent the losses of thousands of homes, but to support his own religious zealotry.

  47. Steven Zeluck says:

    I am probably a lot wealthier than you, and I have worked 40 years without taking advantage of or exploiting anyone. I don’t like Romney because he seems to me a soul less opportunist and I wouldn’t want to acquire wealth in the way he has. As Jesus of Nazareth put it so well: “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:23-24” It’s the Romneys of his day he was thinking of when he said that. As far as you are concerned, learn to not make foolish assumptions about other people. For the next month when you find yourself making an assumption about someone use the foulest language you can against yourself.

  48. Jim Olson says:

    There are enough people who don’t care what Mitt says, so long as he is white.  

  49. Jim Olson says:

    Can you back up your claim with citations?  We have pages and pages of citations where Willard has brazenly and mendaciously lied to the American public.  

  50. Jim Olson says:

    So, put your money where your mouth is.  If your house is on fire, don’t let the fire department help; rely on your neighbors and your own water supply to put it out.  If your house is flooded, do not apply for federal aid to rebuild.  If you lose your home in a hurricane or tornado, don’t bother applying for federal assistance to rebuild it.  Turn down your social security check, your medicare, and your unemployment check if you need it.  Truth is, you’d be right in line with everyone else in your community if it was your house that got washed away in the storm, and you know it. 

  51. FLL says:

    Canned goods and “Fire Obama” t-shirts are not help and support, at least not for people who need their power grids repaired and their subways drained of water. The only thing that Romney’s canned goods and “Fire Obama” t-shirts provide is an excuse for ego masturbation on your part. And by the way, dumping canned goods on disaster-relief agencies only slows things down. No one who thinks they have any chance of winning would behave like this. Romney’s toast.

  52. johndurbinn says:

    Attack, deflect, dismiss, the true liberal way of dealing with logical arguments.  You guys have nothing, hence the personal insults.

  53. johndurbinn says:

    Eradicate FEMA and all other BS federal agencies that leach off of private and state money.  Let we the people handle our own situations and disasters; you guys should be with me on this.  

  54. johndurbinn says:

    You’re a typical rich person hating liberal.  Admit it.  I can see the jealousy seeping through your words.  If you want an “enormous treasure” like his:  GO FU**ING WORK FOR IT YOU LAZY SLOB.

  55. johndurbinn says:

    Typical liberal attacking private charity.  I’m not sure when you guys will get it through your thick heads:  GOVERNMENT CREATES THE PROBLEMS.  IT DOES NOT SOLVE THEM.

    Eradicate FEMA and all other BS federal agencies that leach off of private and state money.  Let we the people handle our own situations and disasters; you guys should be with me on this.  Those women are absolutely correct in their approach of providing help on their own INSTEAD OF THE GOVERNMENT, WHY CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THIS

  56. FLL says:

    How comforting for you that you feel you can foretell the future: “…if Obama would happen to get elected again, I would say first, he will not have won fairly…” What kind of blithering idiot would make a statement like that? Not only do you cook up conspiracy theories, but they are conspiracy theories about future events. Please take your tarot cards, your tea leaves, your Ouija board and your crystal ball and shove them all up your ass. You make a lousy fortune teller.

  57. djensenak says:

    What I don’t…can’t…understand, is that there’s an awful lot of people that believe every word that drips from this snakes mouth. Are that many people so stupid that they can’t research a candidate they’re going to vote for personally, instead of thinking Fox News words are gospel truth? Simple logic dictates that this man has no respect for anyone, and would sell his own mother up the river if it got him into the White House. Wake up people!

  58. wesvvv says:

    I can’t wait to watch the Romney campaign bus try to randomly hand out canned goods. Time to pop some popcorn.

  59. lynchie says:

     Why doesn’t he throw in some of his  $250 million he has in the bank. Oh right he only gives to his church.

  60. paulabflat says:

    ring…ring…ring…”hi, ma.”

  61. paulabflat says:

    or zomnie.  that’s the one i like.

  62. AnitaMann says:

    Personal note: I am in the middle of writing a political satire, a book. Right now I hate Romney for one more reason. Because I CANNOT TOP his mendacity and loathsomeness for the candidate in my own story without being completely over the top. He is killing satirists. Killing us.  In my story I had a hurricane hitting on election day too. Oh yes. Mother nature… life imitating half-produced art.

  63. Truth says:

    Obama is the biggest lying president and politician we’ve ever seen…

  64. Naja pallida says:

    Poor to poor, good. Poor to government, better. Government to rich, best!

  65. nukemale says:

    Jeep is moving “all production” to China but not if Mitt can stomp them, and btw, there’s no global warming :) yahoo for the rich guys! Boo for the black guy! 
    Did I miss anything?

  66. Monoceros says:

    Wow, you are a douche, aren’t you?

  67. DL says:

     I totally agree. If Romney is so comfortable with his lead why take this enormous risk of being found out for the panderer that you are? The fact that the Red Cross has told him that he is actually hurting the relief efforts seems to make no difference to him. It’s just full speed ahead and win at all costs. Meanwhile here is the PRES doing his job for the American people.

  68. Guest says:

    Not sure what your complaint is.  The quotation is iconic.  Perhaps you don’t recognize it.  Your problem — as well as Mitt’s,  

  69. HereinDC says:

    Speak English.
    If you can’t put it in your own words, then you don’t really understand what you ” quoted “

  70. Guest says:

    Incidentally, site’s been having access problems today.

  71. cole3244 says:

     i am speechless and impressed all at the same time, thanks colleen 2.

  72. Guest says:

    Had an epiphany of sorts today.  Combination of the Christie remarks (on multiple occasions), the over-the-top Romney lie campaign about the jeep plant in Ohio, and Ann Romney (she’s a pig)’s insults suggesting the President isn’t a grown-up.  The Romney campaign’s internal, private polls are telling them he’s gonna lose.  It’s desperation time for them.  No candidate in his right mind who thinks he has a chance of winning behaves this way.  He’s incapable of projecting confidence in himself.  They’re flailing and throwing shit in all directions, hoping something will stick.  But he knows the game’s over and he’s a LOSER.  I didn’t think that before, but I’m beginning to believe the signs of the times.  

  73. Guest says:

    “Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your father in heaven.  So whenever you give alms, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be praised by others.  Truly,I tell you, they have received their reward.” 

  74. colleen2 says:

    I’m pretty sure that most of them are paid nominal sums to disgrace themselves.

  75. colleen2 says:

     she’s just another Republican whore. Sad, stupid little liars….full of hatred and entitlement. No more brains than a mashed potato…..

  76. cole3244 says:

    they are republicans and it sounds (music) like ny and the ne corridor are not being accorded the proper respect here, actually the opposite.

  77. colleen2 says:

     Lambchop, please stick your head up your ass just a little bit more. I can still see your chin.

  78. Dave of the Jungle says:


  79. FunMe says:

    You’re funny. Thanks for the laughs!

  80. FunMe says:

    He’ll get his karma, BAD karma. They all do.  Have you seen Dick Cheney lately?

  81. FunMe says:

    And trolls (or Romney aides) have been coming to OUR blog more often than not. They are SO obvious, and freaking funny. We are laugh AT them, of course.

  82. FunMe says:

    Thank you! I was feeling veeeeeeeeery suspicious. This explains it.

  83. FunMe says:

    Romney LIES … so what else is new?

    I may not be enthusiastic about Obama, but I cannot wait to see Romney LOSE the Presidential election. And he will!

  84. nicho says:

    Can we now call him “Mitt Ramen?”

  85. stratplayer says:

    And how are conditions in Kettering, OH in the wake of the hurricane? Is there an acute need for relief efforts there? Does Mitt have NJ and NY events planned as well? No? I wonder why…

  86. rmthunter says:

    Well, there we have it — the best candidate the Republicans had to offer, and he can’t follow simple instructions.

  87. rmthunter says:

     I thought poor people were supposed to be giving to rich people.

  88. rmthunter says:

     And which of them is holding a campaign rally while the other is in Washington working with the governors of the affected states to make sure they get the relief they need as soon as possible?

  89. nicho says:

    He has never had a real job, nor has he had to look for one. He is a parasite.

  90. nicho says:

    Yup, Christie knows that Mitt is toast. As the old naval saying goes, when the water gets to the bridge, follow the rats. Christie just gave his first campaign speech for 2016.

  91. nicho says:

    Unfortunately, quite a few have. Just look at the trolls here defending him — truly pathetic individuals.

  92. nicho says:

    It’s called “power.” Romney, as the front man for the Mormon cult, lusts after power. It’s not about the money. And maybe we’d know how much he donates to the poor if he would release his tax returns for the past 10 years — like other candidates do.

  93. Nkocal says:

    So are you an ignorant racist or a stupid racist? You are the one that is not listening.  Mitt Romney has been lying throughout the campaign.  Even the other republicans during the primary called Romney a liar.  Your single concern is getting the black guy out of the White House.

  94. Nkocal says:

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan remind me of the senators in Mel Brook’s History of the World Part I, “Fuck the poor”.

  95. emjayay says:

    I listened to Mitt’s campaign speech at the “relief” event. I saw that he ran his campaign bio film and had all the people who were going to appear before the rally was it was renamed. I saw the free T-shirts being handed out, with their obvious reference to ignorant “birther” main supporter Trump. I saw the empty grandstanding. I saw him claim there was some point in collecting food, which everyone knows is ridicuous. I watched him say he wanted to end and privatise FEMA.

  96. emjayay says:

    The food collected was just for show. Everyone knows from previous national disasters, or just common sense – besides reading the Red Cross website – that donating food makes no sense. We don’t need care packages. We need trees cleared and power restored and tunnels pumped.

    The food will not go anywhere. It will be handed over to a local food bank. If it was a real relief event, besides not doing everything they would have done at the renamed rally anyway, they would be collecting checks and cash for the Red Cross. And promising to maintain a reformed, effective FEMA and aid to first responders, not end all that.

  97. Guest says:

    What Christie did was decent.  It was also shrewd.  It tells me he thinks Romney’s a loser, and Christie is beginning to position himself for 2016.

  98. Guest says:

    The money Romney gives to “charity” is the Mormon church.  That’s not a charity.  It’s a cult propaganda conspiracy.

  99. Kathy repass says:

    Hey Mike, maybe you should “listen” yourself to what Mitt said and try to NOT let your beliefs get in the way of the facts….with ppl like you, Romney is damned no matter what he does…it is a lose-lose for him with Obama kool-aid drinkers….You could not recognize the truth if it walked up to you and introduced itself to you…I feel so sorry for ppl who feel as you do…it is sad and if Obama would happen to get elected again, I would say first, he will not have won fairly and secondly, you deserve what you get.

  100. Guest says:

    He’s not providing help.  He’s grandstanding.  And he’s just getting in the way.  If he wanted to hold a “relief rally” that would really accomplish something, he’d take a collection and ask the people who attend to empty their pockets, and give the money to the Red Cross.  But that doesn’t make people feel as smug and self-satisfied, and it would cut into the take for his campaign fund.  The guy’s nothing but a posing parasite.  He’s worse than an empty suit.

  101. Dee Inwa says:

     His charity is his church which is a tax free entity using donations to support initiatives to deny rights to other citizens.  In addition he contributes to his own personal charity which is used to dole out money to groups and individuals that he thinks may help him politically.  And because of his wealth he is also able to use tax laws not available 99% of us to delay his tax burden for years while making it look like he is such a generous man.  Mitt is for Mitt and that’s about it.

  102. Carl Gorney says:

     This is why you need to stop trolling.

    Get back to . They need their village idiot back.

  103. axzaxis says:

    How perfectly predictable. You were right Mr. Newsman. 

  104. Mike__in__Houston says:

    Dear Troll–

    If you will read the article, which you obviously have not done, you’ll see why this supposed “help and support” is not.

  105. Tralasoul223 says:

    What part of help and support was he giving handing out anti-Obama and the photo opps. This was all about Mitt.

  106. Naja pallida says:

    As long as it is the kind of redistribution Republicans like, poor people giving to other poor people, it’s all good.

  107. devlzadvocate says:

    From the WaPo,”The stop was billed as a “storm relief” event, and attendees were asked to bring non-perishable foods and other items for those affected by the storm”

    Like, “Redistribution”?

  108. ohmary says:

    A message was just left on my answering maching from the Republican National Committee inviting me to an event with Ann Romney in Strongsville, OH telling me the event was free but that they would be collecting non-perishibal food goods at the door for storm victims.  

  109. Tex4Dem says:

    Romney had a golden opportunity to demonstrate his humanity by holding an actual relief rally. Instead, he used it as a disguise for a political rally filled with hatred toward the President. As an American, he should be backing up the President right now. Instead, he’s endorsing “Obama You’re Fired” t-shirts while supporters donate leftover, generic cans of food that most of the relief organizations don’t want. They could better use the cash.

    Romney is despicable. He is dishonest. He is NOT trustworthy.

  110. Tex4Dem says:

    I think the mental disease is more than apparent on the faces of the two women holding up the “Obama You’re Fired” t-shirt and a can of Great Value vegetables (What? Couldn’t spring for some non-generic vegetables?) Romney’s a liar and so are many of his supporters.

  111. Steven Zeluck says:

    He is not providing help and support.  He is providing interference and uselessness.  He would provide support if he raised CASH for the victims, and if he sent part of his enormous treasure to help, say to the tune of a $5 million dollar check.  That’s help.  And I don’t like being called a liberal.  I am an Independent who has voted Republican but this time I will certainly vote for the current occupant of the White House as the only sane choice.

  112. Apparently the cavernbrained GOP members who stumbled upon this article didn’t read it. *shocking*. 

  113. johndurbinn says:

    Lol, look at the liberals all screaming over anything this guy does.  He’s providing help and support to hurricane victims and you guys demonize him for it?  This is exactly why liberalism is a mental disease, and why obama needs to be voted out ASAP.

  114. Just_AC says:

     but NOT if you go to their bosses, like CBS that states “Meanwhile, Mitt Romney canceled all of his campaign events and instead will attend a disaster relief event in Ohio.”

  115. Loritutors says:

    How is this Romney’s personal gain?  He has millions.  He can kick back and live happily ever after. Look at what he is going through because of his love of hit country and desire to help make it great again. Obama’s brother lives in poverty. Obama never helped him. Romaney gives more than 40% of his income to charity a fraction of Obama who only cares about HIS agenda, not what is best for America. 

  116. BeccaM says:

    Only a few words come to mind regarding Mitt Romney’s response to this national crisis: Disgusting. Immoral. Self-serving. Shameless. Utterly lacking in decency.

    And typical for him.

  117. BeccaM says:

    Yeah… I was actually rather impressed with Gov. Christie’s classy and responsible behavior throughout this. Unlike Mitt Romney, Christie does seem to have some decency in him.

  118. PokerKnave says:

    LOL now you know how we felt in the UK when he came to London and tried to p*ss all over the Olympics. The guy has no shame and if your country vote him in as president then you lot have truly lost your mental capacity.

  119. Quilla says:

    Belker to Willard:  “Sit down, dog breath!”

  120. Dsgrrrl says:

    What a complete asshole.

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