Romney reopened the issue of his missing taxes

Without knowing it, Romney opened up the issue of his secretive tax documents last night during the second debate. There’s always the possibility that Romney in fact was aware of it, but also knew that the lapdog media would be too busy publishing Paul Ryan’s workout rather than demanding Romney’s tax documents, which are still missing.

Last night Romney admitted that his “blind trust” invests in China, betting against the US, and then tried turning the story around on Obama as though the President were equally guilty in what his pension portfolio invests in.

The problem for Romney is that we do not know what the President’s pension covers, just as we still do not know if Mitt Romney sought IRS amnesty in 2009 – we don’t know enough about Mitt Romney’s investments anywhere because he won’t provide those details.

What exactly is Mitt Romney hiding, and why is he getting a free pass on this when he demanded ten years of returns from Paul Ryan? Obviously Romney knows that 10 years is expected or else he wouldn’t have asked for that many from Ryan.

If the next president is going to make changes to the tax system (as Romney promises to do, if elected) it’s critical that we know this information. Maybe Romney’s taxes are fine and an independent review will confirm what PWC published. (After seeing too many accounting scandals, most of us would prefer an independent review rather than a paid-for review of the books.)

By demanding financial details from the President, when Mitt Romney won’t release his own financial details – something the President has already made public with years-worth of his own tax returns – sets up the question as to why Romney expects more from the President than voters should expect from him.

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