Romney photoshops image to exaggerate crowd size, gets own name wrong


Zeke Miller at Buzzfeed made a great find.

It seems that Team Romney  – actually Mitt Romney himself – sent out a photo on Instagram touting one of his “big” rallies.  The only problem is that the photo is clearly a really bad photoshop (or, as Zeke generously suggest, perhaps a really really awfully done panorama).

You can go over to Buzzflash and see all the spots where the photo is obviously faked, but my favorite is this below.  I took the photo, reversed it so you can see the Romney banner, then blew it up to make it more easily readable – and what does it read?

“ROMNMNEY 2012.”

“ROMNMNEY 2012”.

Now, for the entire photo that Romney sent out.  First,  here’s the “real” photo that I reverse-engineered by getting rid of the obvious photoshoppping, followed by the “original” that Romney sent out. I have them both left justified so you can see the difference.

Original Romney crowd without photshopping

Original Romney crowd without Photshopping (my mock up).

Romney photoshopped version.

Fake photo Romney sent out.

A wee bit of a difference.

I do a lot of panoramic photography, and have for years.  I use some decently expensive software, but have also used Photoshop, and cheaper stuff.  I’ve never seen any automatic panoramic software do this bad a job.  There’s no way the software wouldn’t recognize, for example, the obvious support beam and cement base – it duplicated it, rather than merged them.  Highly unlikely that this was a software accident.

Oh, and one more thing: Those are rocks, or something similar, at the bottom of the photo and to the right.  How convenient that they look like additional heads in the crowd.

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