Romney photoshops image to exaggerate crowd size, gets own name wrong


Zeke Miller at Buzzfeed made a great find.

It seems that Team Romney  – actually Mitt Romney himself – sent out a photo on Instagram touting one of his “big” rallies.  The only problem is that the photo is clearly a really bad photoshop (or, as Zeke generously suggest, perhaps a really really awfully done panorama).

You can go over to Buzzflash and see all the spots where the photo is obviously faked, but my favorite is this below.  I took the photo, reversed it so you can see the Romney banner, then blew it up to make it more easily readable – and what does it read?

“ROMNMNEY 2012.”

“ROMNMNEY 2012”.

Now, for the entire photo that Romney sent out.  First,  here’s the “real” photo that I reverse-engineered by getting rid of the obvious photoshoppping, followed by the “original” that Romney sent out. I have them both left justified so you can see the difference.

Original Romney crowd without photshopping

Original Romney crowd without Photshopping (my mock up).

Romney photoshopped version.

Fake photo Romney sent out.

A wee bit of a difference.

I do a lot of panoramic photography, and have for years.  I use some decently expensive software, but have also used Photoshop, and cheaper stuff.  I’ve never seen any automatic panoramic software do this bad a job.  There’s no way the software wouldn’t recognize, for example, the obvious support beam and cement base – it duplicated it, rather than merged them.  Highly unlikely that this was a software accident.

Oh, and one more thing: Those are rocks, or something similar, at the bottom of the photo and to the right.  How convenient that they look like additional heads in the crowd.

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305 Responses to “Romney photoshops image to exaggerate crowd size, gets own name wrong”

  1. john smith says:

    Gawdamighty, what a horrible joke of a site. Can’t tell if it’s failing
    at letting me log in or failing at keeping me out. Eats my beautiful
    pictures then doesn’t even let me back in to edit. Ah well, I’ll give
    you poor silly sods the benefit of the doubt and blame

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  4. Burak says:


  5. Burak says:

    Romney best! cracks

  6. Whitley Residences says:

    haha loop hole discovered =P

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    Tembusu Kovan
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  7. Good post really liked it. :)

  8. katherine says:

    I think Romney sent out a fake photo. It’s really obvious. What is SEO

  9. FormerJobsHolder says:

    You people are a bunch of freaks.  From now on Berkely, Madison and Austin residents can’t post.  Bama #1, OBama second.  Now whine you losers

  10.  Gawdamighty, what a horrible joke of a site. Can’t tell  if it’s failing at letting me log in or failing at keeping me out. Eats my beautiful pictures then doesn’t even let me back in to edit. Ah well, I’ll give you poor silly sods the benefit of the doubt and blame it all on this sluggish computer the firm makes me use. Well, I can’t waste any more time here today as I really do need to get back to work. Work — that’s where people willingly give you money for doing productive valuable things.

    Well, tata, my little flibbertygibbets, better stock up on your Prozac for tomorrow night, because this is going to be a landslide for Willard R-Money on the order of Reagan/Carter, maybe even approaching Nixon/McGovern!

    /Haha, ain’t that funny, folks? These people think that calling him “R-Money” is an insult, because they think having money is a bad thing, or something, despite that song, “It’s All About The Benjamins.” Beats the shit out of me what’s in their foggy little heads.

  11.  And here are the originals, showing the sad, sad, truth!

  12. Good morning and wakey wakey, all me little droogs, zoogs, and googs! More Photoshop chicanery from Darth Mitt!  Look at these obviously faked crowd pictures!

  13. Lisa B says:

    Definitely not a panoramic “glitch” because the circular light beam coming in from the open circle at top of the canopy does NOT appear in the first “iteration.” Other changes are evident as well, including the removal of people in the second “aisle,” to prevent detection of the redundancy. This is clearly a fraud, and a bad one at that, but the “corrections” to the image to remove evidence of iteration are evidence that this is fraud, not a panoramic “glitch.”

  14. Gestalt says:

    Your response to illustrating the ills of socialism is to suggest readings that were written about a different historical epoch regarding different socioeconomic realities? That is really terrible advice.

     Go to college and read something contemporary to have an opinion that is relevant to the advice that you want to dispense please. Ayn Rand’s objectivist theories aren’t rooted in facts – they were inspired by her clinically sociopathic lover and dispensed on a weak soapbox in the form of a 1 way monologue. If you’re going to argue in favor of pathetically out-dated models, at least make sure they have some semblance of being dialectic. Something with a tad of influence from the Socratic method, maybe? 

  15. Gestalt3337 says:

    Yawn. Your thoughtless platitudes fail to stir emotion. They are bad and you should feel bad.

  16. Gestalt says:

    Your ableist slurs are as unifying as a cancerous cyst. 

  17. cherylpet says:

    Romney can’t keep his own platform straight in his mind! No doubt Ann is correct to worry about his “mental well being!”

  18. cherylpet says:

    Until we start talking about opening windows on a plane; I think the Right Wingers have us beat!

  19. cherylpet says:

    Please tell us where we can find Pres. Obama’s photoshopped pics.! I can easily find pictures of Ryan washing clean pots in an empty soup kitchen, or pictures of Romney giving people cans of food, so they could pretend to be bringing it to his rally, (but those are real, and very pathetic!)  Of course, Romney has much more to worry about than photoshopped pics! Someone keep him from opening an airplane window! (unless he is alone, that is!) Ann said she was worried about Mitt’s mental well being; I can easily understand why!

  20. cherylpet says:

    There are duplicates of people! It is really OBVIOUS! Romney/Ryan just don’t have an ethical bone between them, do they?

  21. John B. says:

    The only “mental disorder” I see is the one where you GOP dreamers pretend that it doesn’t completely sicken you to watch Romney prostrate himself to the moderate middle, knowing your fringe 1950s bullshit can’t win you an election, and that your ilk would have flayed to shreds any GOP hopeful that dared espouse such “wimpy” thought during the primaries. Doesn’t this degree of extreme cognitive dissonance mess with your sleep and complexion, guys?

    Your guy no longer represents much of anything your camp aired during the primaries, when you basically had flat-out full bore anti-intellectual religious extremists in the race, but you act like nothing’s amiss. Well, guess what? We all notice, and we all know you can’t actually win an election in this country without having to very literally pretend your candidates aren’t fringe nutbars.

  22. LSA says:

    No president who was owned (by the likes of Rove, Cheney, and several others) to the degree of Bush Jr. can ever, ever be truly remembered as a “great” president. Greatness requires true leadership, and you don’t possess that if you’re owned. Your degree of wishful thinking is truly bizarre. How can you be so dishonest with yourself? A great president does not openly fumble the last years of such a weighty, charged term, nor does he mislead those he is duly charged to represent and serve.

  23. KL says:

     He proved the image is fake, I’d say. Who would put something like this up?

  24. SKS says:

    Unthinking adherence to the inflated talking points of other people is the enemy of free men. I pray your ilk wakes up to this in time. This talk of “socialism” is a waste of time that this country does not f–king have any longer. Look around. Stop acting like clowns.

  25. KDS says:

    The “right track” does not include slurs against the disabled. The ugly garbage you folks think passes for acceptable mainstream politics strains belief.

  26. JKD says:

    That you think “liberalism” is even a thing tells me you’re the one that’s wholly succumbed to external emotional influence and groupthink, son. Come back with an original thought sometime. Conservatism is not all bad, but your tribalist, reactionary ilk are doing it a fantastic disservice.

  27. Sakman says:

    Mental Disorder? Really? You seem to think it is a mentally healthy thing to do to stand behind someone who is a compulsive liar? Someone who will say or do anything, even after being called out by CEO’s of the major US car companies, you think that’s not a mental disorder? Yes, just as battered woman deny that they are in a harmful situation so goes the republican party. 

  28. Sage says:

    In this day and age where we must seriously question what is legitimate and what is photoshopped, thank god politicians are still stupid enough to make mistakes like this.

  29. YoRpFiSh says:

    Huge fan the silly right wing comments. You backed a dude who lies as a matter of course. It was a stupid idea and it shows. Deal with it with some grace.

    Four more years with Obama not being chained to republitards hell bent on obstruction should be very nice indeed. Good thing I voted early.

  30. Karalad2004 says:

    And if Romney gets into office we will end up with more world wars. Is that really what people want?!!

  31. Freddocorleone says:

    It’s become pretty clear that there is nothing genuine about this clown other than to show up his Daddy and become the first Mormon President so he can finally legitimize his cult.

    He lies, repeatedly stages bogus charity events, and is Photoshopping his events to create a false sense of momentum.

    Not sue whose more pathetic? Him or the haters that pretend they like him. Well if he wins at least we can retire both Jesus and Santa in one fell swoop. That right, Move over Jesus because it’s Mormon in America!

    Smith/Christ 2016

  32. Freddocorleone says:

    Actually, they did so we could have freedom of speech! Yes very proud indeed.

  33. Freddocorleone says:

    Your drugs sound awesome !!

  34. Jules says:

    Bush = Washington? Do you know how stupid you sound? POS

  35. Jules says:

    Romney is sooo phony is sickening.

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