Romney on getting rid of FEMA: “Absolutely”

UPDATE: The Romney campaign appears to stand by Mitt Romney’s earlier statements about FEMA, detailed below.

During the GOP primary debates, Romney was asked about FEMA and whether it should only be funded on a case by case basis, or whether states should take on a greater role for disaster relief rather than the federal government.

Romney’s reply? “Absolutely.”

He then went off on a rant about sending things back to the states, and “even better” to the private sector – suggesting that FEMA’s responsibilities be sent back to the states, or “even better” the private sector.

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225 Responses to “Romney on getting rid of FEMA: “Absolutely””

  1. Online Gym says:

    Chalk it up to a loss for the Republican Party. They are out of touch and need some help. I believe in a strong Republican Party and a strong Democratic party when both are strong nothing can stop this nation.

  2. Ejrjr says:

    Mike Huckabee says Mitt Romney is a fake conservative because he doesn’t have compassion for working people and a true christian has compassion. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC says he is endorsing Obama because Mitt has flip-flopped on so many issues that he can’t be trusted.

  3. Lisalee1a says:

    I felt the same way about a home I bought in a dry ass desert Rondapotter. Until one day that 123 degrees desert had a mud storm and it wasn’t even raining but it was in the city that sat above us and that mud came down and took folks houses out. How happy I was, they told me to bring in more dirt  and build my house higher. I was the only one on my block not affected by the storm from above above.

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