Romney stands by pledge to shut down FEMA

UPDATE: A GOP strategist just confirmed Romney’s intention to shut down FEMA, and suggested that at a time like this nobody cares about FEMA anyway.

“We cannot afford to do those things”

We reported earlier this evening on a video from the Republican primary debates in which Mitt Romney responds “absolutely” when asked whether FEMA funding should either no longer be guaranteed and/or the agency disbanded and left to individual states to handle FEMA’s responsibilities.

Tonight, the Huffington Post asked the Romney campaign to comment on what appears to be the suggestion that FEMA be shut down, and the Romney campaign refused to deny the underlying allegation, and then appeared to explain why it’s better to, in essence, block-grant FEMA to the states.

A Romney official sought to clarify the former governor’s remarks Sunday evening.

“Gov. Romney wants to ensure states, who are the first responders and are in the best position to aid impacted individuals and communities, have the resources and assistance they need to cope with natural disasters,” the Romney official said.

That’s clearly not a denial.

So, Romney thinks getting rid of FEMA, and leaving it to bankrupt states to figure out how to save their own citizens when we have a national disaster, is the more “moral” thing to do – Romney calls the current situation “immoral” in his video because it can lead to deficits. Romney added, when talking about FEMA and federal disaster relief: “We cannot afford to do those things.”

Remember: In Romney-land, nothing is more important than money. And the only real people, are corporations.

(Though rest assured that by tomorrow, Mitt Romney will have flip-flopped at least once, probably twice, on this as it’s difficult to formulate national policy when you don’t have your speaking schedule finalized for that day.)

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236 Responses to “Romney stands by pledge to shut down FEMA”

  1. Marry Smith says:

    Agreed! We’ve been hitting for quite a while now…originally began with Kaira Yates and have taken part on most of Tom’s as well. It is incredible! :) Venus Water Ionizer

  2. i will be out fast


  3. Isaac Schneider says:

    He NEVER said that he would get rid of FEMA. This article even complains that he hasn’t said it. Romney’s representative clarified the philosophy of taking the funding and responsibilities from the Federal and make them available to the States, who can organize emergency plans better than outside aide responding AFTER the disaster hits. The ABSENCE of Romney saying he’ll get rid of FEMA is not evidence for a cover-up that he will. Seriously, are you really buying into this lie of reasoning?

  4. An impartial observer says:

    There is no need for FEMA. All those people that lost their homes have only themselves to blame.  They should have stashed away a few million in a Cayman Islands bank account to prepare for events like this.  And if they didn’t, they should just die and stop leeching off the taxpayers’ money.  Isn’t that the Republican mantra?

  5. Karen says:

    And that is what happens when you allow your police and fire departments to join Unions!

  6. Lodatz says:

    But that’s the problem, B. We WON’T come together as a country, regardless of who is president, as these last 4 years have shown. What have we seen these last 4 years? Whole campaigns based around the idea that Obama is secretly a Kenyan, not an American. Even more of them claiming he’s a secret muslim who is helping the terrorists. Then we have the claims that he is the next Stalin, and that the Public Option was going to kill grandma.

    Add to this the moronic Tea Party nonsense, the increased class warfare being waged against the poor by corporate propaganda, and you’ll find that we simply CAN’T come together as one country, because one half of the country is being told a bunch of horseshit, and can’t even agree that Global Warming is real.

    Romney’s point may well have been what you say it is; it’s still wrong and still a stupid viewpoint. All opinions are not created equal, my friend, despite the fact that we each have equal right to hold one.

  7. Bonnie White says:

    Let’s just get rid of countries and divide the world by religions.  You can pick your religion based on your own personal propensities and they will take care of you when you fall.  Let’s see now, there are a couple of religions for pedophilias, a couple for polygamy, lots of them for men who want to own and control their women.  Lots of them for bigots and racists.  A quick overview shows me that collectively they probably hold the most resources.  Looks like they’ll end up on top, controlling the world in the end.  Good thing God intended life to be all about greed and power.

  8. Jerald J says:

    I will be glad when the election comes and Romney wins so this discussion can be over and done with! I guess the rallying cry will be about why and how Obama lost.

  9. Newcreationp says:

     well said and i totally agree.  I feel like the folks here did not listen to anything he just said, filtered it through their “give me a hand out” hearing aid and said “romney’s an idiot! and spoiled”  really?  does context mean anything to you people.  didn’t he also say that if the state is not paying for it the federal government is?  and since the fed gov doesn’t have any more money they are borrowing from our kids?  this generation of people is so effing selfish and we want the government to throw money at everything but them we wonder why our expenses keep going up and jobs keep going down.  use your brain ppl.  if the gov. is funding these broken half ass programs, where is the money coming from?  the middle class!

  10. ConcernedCitizen says:

    *Trillions. He wants to put *trillions* of more dollars into the military  

  11. plooger says:

    > (Though rest assured that by tomorrow, Mitt Romney will have
    flip-flopped at least once, probably twice, on this as it’s difficult to
    formulate national policy when you don’t have your speaking schedule
    finalized for that day.)

    Alas, perhaps if enough reporters had repeatedly challenged Romney on this, in the days leading up to Sandy’s landfall, Romney’s serial 180s on the issue might have been enough to generate a countervailing tornadic effect, to offset and mitigate Sandy’s surge.

  12. TK says:

    Fine with me. Then when all the poorer red states (who already mooch more federal cash in than what they give to DC) face future disasters, the rest of us won’t have to worry about our own tax dollars going to the folks there. But wait…we don’t think like that. We’re America and we help each other out in times of need.

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