Romney, Ryan use hurricane for campaign event while NYC drowns

Update: Reporters are tweeting from the Romney “hurricane relief charity event” this morning, and they’re horrified at the politicking they’re seeing.  Romney campaign videos are being shown, the “charity donation” table is small and roped off in a corner, and the entire event has been renamed a “Romney/Ryan victor Rally.”

NYC Must Be the 47%

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan really are a piece of work.

While New York City is quite literally drowning, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan flip-flopped tonight on their promise not to hold any campaign events tomorrow, out of respect for the disaster this country is facing.  Romney and Ryan will be holding separate “hurricane relief” events tomorrow morning, while America deals with a national catastrophe.

Here are the titles of two press releases Team Romney just sent out:

Mitt Romney Attends Storm Relief Event In Ohio On Tuesday

Paul Ryan to Collect Donations for Storm Relief Efforts at Victory Centers in Wisconsin on Tuesday

The scene in NYC, right now.

You might recall that earlier today, Mitt Romney “canceled” all of his events for tomorrow.

Mitt Romney’s campaign announced Monday morning that it was canceling scheduled rallies in Wisconsin and Florida later in the day, as well as events planned for Tuesday, as Hurricane Sandy continued to batter the Eastern Seaboard.

It also canceled events for running mate Paul Ryan.

Yeah, that lasted about as long as Mitt Romney’s opposition to the auto bailout.

Romney’s event is bad enough – claiming it’s a “storm relief event” in Ohio, where he’ll just happen to be speaking and press has been invited.  (Why do you need press? Same reason Romney needed press on his trip to Israel.  It’s always about Romney.)

But Paul Ryan’s event takes the cake.  Paul Ryan will be “visiting” two storm relief efforts in Wisconsin to “thank” volunteers – it sounds like he’s actually visiting campaign offices that are somehow doing something for hurricane relief. It seems they didn’t learn their earlier lesson about impeding storm relief efforts by holding these phony events that don’t address the real needs of the disaster relief agencies: money.

Which means whatever they’re doing for storm relief – and it isn’t entirely sure what, as they say they’re “delivering” needed items, delivering them where exactly? – will stop for a few hours while Paul Ryan comes by with the Secret Service.

Ryan’s event smacks of the phony visit he made to a closed soup kitchen a few weeks ago, where he pretended to clean dishes just until enough photos were taken, then the dishes were abandoned. Romney/Ryan voters then tried to destroy the soup kitchen.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan promised they would cancel their events and not politick tomorrow.  And now, they’re not only politicking, but they’re doing it while Americans are quite literally drowning up and down the eastern seaboard.  And worse, they’re using this disaster as an “opportunity,” as Mitt Romney does with every national disaster.

It’s not about you and me, our family and our homes, it’s about Mitt Romney and his ambitions.  Always.

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332 Responses to “Romney, Ryan use hurricane for campaign event while NYC drowns”

  1. FormerJobsHolder says:

    You people are a bunch of freaks.  From now on Berkely, Madison and Austin residents can’t post.  Bama #1, OBama second.  Now whine you losers

  2. Steveazzara says:

    Wow!  Not too much of a slant on this article. Did Obama’s staff write it?

  3. Proud Dem says:

     While Bush sat in a school classroom reading “My Pet Goat” while the WTC buildings came tumbling down. Also, Bush was off celebrating John McCains birthday while the Gulf Coast was being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina; his first “visit” was a flyover in Air Force One a couple of days after the storm had passed. You can take Fox “New” induced fake outrage about Benghazi and shove it.

  4. Remember, it is not yet Romney’s job or responsibility to move in and take care of the hurricane relief for the people.  THIS IS THE PRESIDENT’S JOB to handle all matters for storm relief for all the people.  Are there other Senators from other states (not affected by the storm) taking responsibility for the hurricane relief? 

    The media is addressing how great Obama is doing in his visit to NJ.  What about the other states that have more of a disaster and need hurricane relief.  This is OBAMA’s JOB.  He needs to do his JOB.  Instead he left these people….to continue his campaign.

    If Bush didn’t do anything when we were attacked by terrorist on 9/11….what would you have thought?

    I hope and pray that Obama does do his JOB and help the American people for hurricane relief in all the affected states….not just NJ, and hope and pray it is not ignored like the terrorist attack in Benghazi with nothing done to date (now 7 weeks later) and the 4 Americans who died for our Country and the People of America.

    See link below on headlines of FEMA money $1 billion left + $6 billion for new year budget started 10/1/12 (still not enough) for Hurricane Relief in DISPUTE while these people are in need RIGHT NOW.  Also, major fires in Texas and Obama tells TX to use same FEMA funded money for help (no money left).  What is going on?  He seems to think he just has to tell people get the money and you will be fine.  What money…he spent it all!


  5. Let’s see where has Obama been since our northeast coast of America has been devastated by Sandy. 1) Obama went to NJ and that’s it. He didn’t even go to NY. 2) Then he left NJ to take photos. Then he flew to NV to continue his campaign. 3) Then he went to CO and WI for his campaign. And all this time, the American people who are in desperation have no gas, no power, no food, and many with no homes. People are sitting in their cars in lines for hours trying to get gas.  (Also..a man pulled a gun on someone at a gas station).  They have no heat (plus snow storms) in their homes not to even mention all the children. Traffic is horrendous on the highways. And it is so sad to say, people are even eating out of dumpsters. Now where is the President Obama while all this chaotic devastation is happening to the American people? I can’t even explain why this would even be a question for the President of the United States of America. Isn’t this his JOB as President? He should be FIRED. This is so so sad and so cold hearted that anyone especially the President should be right there with the People and doing whatever has to be done for the People. This is very hard for me to even write this comment. I have no words to describe this man and his actions. He is not a man of his words and he has, by his actions, proved to America that he doesn’t even care or believe in us! 

    David Axelrod:  Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said the president and his campaign agreed that his job was to stay in Washington in face-to-face touch with those responsible for recovery.  But Axelrod added: “We passed a threshold here. And we do have an election on Tuesday. So we owe it to folks to make the final arguments and we’re going to do that.” 

    WE OWE IT TO FOLKS????  What does that mean?  Axelrod must be preparing Obama for his next performance, and I am sure he will need time for rehearsal.  Again and again, priorities as a leader of our USA are acted upon only for his self-interest and NOT for the People?  What is more important…people’s lives or his performance for his campaign?  Obama has repeated the same speeches “word for word” that he spoke in 2008….this is a fact. 

    Company:  If you hired someone to do a job and after a period of time realize that the person really doesn’t have the right qualifications and is not doing their job, would you keep that person working for you or would you let them go?  Would it take 4 years for you to realize?

    Individual:  If you hired someone to do work on your house and that person was not doing the work correctly (always issues with the work), would you keep that person working on your house, or would you find someone else to do the work correctly?

    I will also say…the situation in Benghazi is so unbelievable that I can’t understand how the American people can forget our MILITARY men who died for us and accept Obama’s lies and sick excuses why he can’t give answers to the American people. That is correct, any American that cannot see what has happened and still believes this man is here to protect and serve us and our Country….they have to blinded or will not admit that their decision 4 years ago was the wrong man for America.  What is more important..your Pride or your Freedom and our Children’s Future?

    When you VOTE, use your mind and heart for not only who you really believe in…but who believes in you!    GOD BLESS AMERICA…AND BLESS ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN!

  6. Teri that is true.  But as we all know, the two candidates that the votes will count for Presidency are already done.  If you do not vote for Romney, then you basically throughout your vote and gave it to Obama.  Any other party vote will basically do the same.  This would mean one less vote for Romney.

    I don’t mean to sound like I am telling you how to vote….but these are the facts in voting at the polls.


  7. Teri McCall says:

    Vote for a 3rd Party candidate that actually cares about the US Constitution and Don’t be a victim!   Help take back our country from ALL of these opportunist LOSERS!  Kick them all to the curb!  Goode/Clymer 2012 (Constitution Party)

  8. Cheri says:

    Don’t be a VICTIM, don’t fall for more lies from Obama.   Vote for Romney in 2012.  

  9. Dtoyzmom says:

    No, it’s not Romney’s duty (nor is it within his ability) as a former governor to take any action toward disaster relief other than to offer whatever help is needed if he chooses to do so BUT if he chooses to continue campaigning he should CALL it campaigning and not try to campaign under the guise of “disaster relief events”. This type of response proves what a selfish phony he really is which is probably a good thing because obviously people didn’t believe him when he talked behind their backs and said that it “isn’t his job to worry about those people”. This situation has given him the opportunity to show his true colors – and he has. Don’t be a VICTIM – vote Obama 2012

  10. We The People says:

    First of all, it is Obama’s duty as President to protect our Nation “the People” ….just the most recent (our 4 military people in Benghazi and the people affected by Sandy for disaster relief (by the way Obama is not using his campaign funds…he is using our government funds to assist this relief).  It is not Romney’s duty as Governor to step in and take over Obama’s role and duties.  Are any other Governors from other states taking direct action with the disaster relief?  It is my belief that this election has become the most unbelievable political mess created by our current President.  Obama will do anything and has done everything to undermine Romney and intentionally LIED to the American people while obtaining his goal for his own self-interest.  It has even come to the American people focusing more on Obama’s political escapes using Romney than the American people focusing on Obama and what he has planned for our America.  This election is not about Dems/Reps/Libs, it is about the American Dream and our Country, We The People, and most of all our FREEDOM!

    Obama has successfully created a division in our Country during this election.  He has not only divided the people (Dems vs. Reps) but has created a weaker America and if the American people give him more time, he will successfully complete his Father’s Dream for our America….not the American Dream for We the People!


  11. Sniglet92 says:

    Please, please, tell us THE TRUTH, oh wise one.

  12. Sniglet92 says:

      Did you even read Shannon’s story?  Romney campaign called her and
    asked her to participate in a campaign event where she would ask Romney
    questions live.  Therefore, Romney’s statement about not campaigning is
    “BS” or not true.
    Where is “the hate” in her simple statement of fact?  No where!
    let’s assume your story about Obama sitting around while “4 good
    Americans die” is accurate.  Which is worse: sitting around while 4
    people die OR using a disaster threatening 50 million as an excuse to

  13. Tecmag Diams says:

    I honestly have no idea why people are getting worked up over this at all. ALL political advocates such as Romney and Obama attempt to use “Charity” to improve their “Wholesome” image. It’s a fact that in part is perpetuated by how important we make it for no reason.

    I think the problems arise from ACTUAL political agendas, you know, the “What they think we should do about ___ and why” parts of the campaign. His agenda in this charitable act is almost certainly a political ploy, but who cares? So he is doing charitable work while trying to improve his image, if you are as shallow as to think him doing a single charitable thing ha any impact on his worth as a president you were lost to start from. Focus on the REAL issues people. What does he actually plan on doing with his political power if granted more? Many of the answer to THAT question are why I don’t like him.

    I honestly don’t know why little things like this even matter to people. So what if it’s for political appearance  that shouldn’t matter if you care about his ACTUAL political agenda, for good or for bad.

  14. Tecmag Diams says:

    “he is a good person and has always been”
    That’s why he has such apparent anti-LGBTQ, anti-women, and anti-middle class agendas right? I mean he thinks war veterans are a burden on the system out of the goodness of his heart. He thinks that already married same-sex couples should be divorced because he has always been a good person.Don’t treat him like a saint. I don’t care what you say, ANY presidential candidate who participates in charity publicly during or near the election IS doing it for their campaign image. If he wasn’t doing it for his campaign image he would help as silently as anyone else. You think Obama any of his charity work “just because he felt like it” or something? No. ALL candidates are trying to make their image more wholesome.

  15. Tecmag Diams says:

    ” There has been no media “invited” to a speaking. Rather, the media sought Romney out in an attempt to demonize him for doing anything that Obama wasn’t doing.”

    Talk about your bias shinning through like a star in the night sky…

  16. Tecmag Diams says:

    “So, if someone doesn’t agree with you… insulting them is the best choice huh?”What a perfect quote for some of the people I’ve seen around these comments, like the user “Poohbear…”I mean really. Please stop acting like Romney is some saint. I would agree that Obama has used many things for campaigning that is a little on the edge of inconsiderate, as I would Romney, and ANY political figure that has made it very far. Don’t act like the Obama administration hasn’t done amazing charitable works either. You can’t claim those are any more generous or political then you can this.

  17. Tecmag Diams says:

    Ha! I loved reading that. It really did boil down to, “Your blind for hating on someone, but I can I can hate on someone and be perfectly right!”

    You keep treating Romney like a saint, when you know him as little as anyone else here. I’m sorry but I can’t get past how two-faced he’s been this entire campaign. THAT’S why I don’t like him. He has been blatantly against Civil Rights on a number of occasions, you call THAT having a heart to help others?

  18. Tecmag Diams says:

    “They certainly don’t want Romney getting his point across how we are a nation which takes care of its’ own.”That is the most ludicrous claim I’ve heard in a long time. Romney sure as sugar doesn’t think we are a nation who takes care of it’s own, as he constantly shows his colors of what he thinks of Americans. His views on women and the middle class are medieval, and his anti-LGBTQ agenda is appalling. He favors the few over the many on countless occasions.

  19. MyrddinWilt says:

    Wrong, actually there were multiple groups involved. Not just one. And it does appear that at least some of them joined in the fight as a result of the video.

    And whether the reason was the video, or 9/11 or Romney’s constant lies it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.

    The lies told by Dufus to start the Iraq war mattered, the lies told by Romney in this campaign matter. This is a disagreement over a fact that was only possibly misinterpreted in the aftermath of an attack, a fact that has no effect whatsoever.

    The only reason this is being brought up is to hide the shame of Romney’s attempt to make the most of the ‘opportunity’.

    The fact that Faux News, the lyingest liars who ever lied is stoking this should tell people everything they know. 

  20. deckbose says:

    Thank you for making my point about how hateful and ignorant GOP supporters have become. Your desperate need to respond to every comment in this thread that you don’t like, and to respond with the lack of substance evidenced above, would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

  21. Poohbear says:

    “Doing his job well…” REALLY? What drugs are you on?

  22. Poohbear says:

    You know what, Dom?  Just reading what you’ve written, you have only proven that you are the heartless buffoon…not Romney. Must be one of the “examples” of Obama’s proposed “civility”. NOT.

  23. Poohbear says:

     How do you know “USA FIRST” is not staying somewhere else as a result? Your critical thinking skills are kaput.

  24. Poohbear says:

     No, it all started with Hillary Clinton and her announcement that it was a video. And for her to coldly state to the father of one of the Navy Seals right at the memorial for his son, that “we are going to get the person who made that video” and for that wuss they have for a press secretary, Carney, to back it up; then, for Rice to go onto a news show and claim EMPHATICALLY that it was the “video” (which only had 17 views on it, at the time); was a pathetic effort by the leftists to cover-up what they REALLY had done.

  25. Poohbear says:

     Go stick your hateful head in the sand, please. Our country needs miserable people like you, like it needs a hole in the head.

  26. Poohbear says:

     Of course! This is all DESIGNED for that purpose. And of course, they all fall for it.

  27. Poohbear says:

     Wow…are you beyond any psychological help…

  28. Poohbear says:

     Won’t YOU be surprised.

  29. Poohbear says:

     True. And THANKFULLY, they don’t endorse Reid, either! Ugh.

  30. Poohbear says:

    I know it’s unfathomable to anyone who cannot understand Romney doing something out of the goodness of his heart, because you all have trust issues. But believe it or not, although he has been portrayed by the media as anything other than charitable, and all of his past efforts of being generous to others have been all but completely ignored, he is a good person and has always been. Of course, to most of the people on this thread, ideology always takes precedence over being American first. Sadly.

  31. Poohbear says:


  32. Poohbear says:

     There has been no media “invited” to a speaking. Rather, the media sought Romney out in an attempt to demonize him for doing anything that Obama wasn’t doing. And Obama, being the one who is not helping with a campaign relief effort, speaks volumes. Whereas, Dems will always find a way to portray what a Republican is doing as something less than what it actually is; charity. Libs never cease to amaze me.

  33. Poohbear says:

     Most likely, because there was no transportation to most parts where Hurricane / Cyclone Sandy happened. There are roads closed all over the place, so Romney went to the nearest place to where he already was (as several air flights had been cancelled, as well), turned his campaign bus into a volunteer relief bus and his campaign web site, into a site where monetary donations to the Red Cross could be sent via texting “REDCROSS” to 90999.

  34. Poohbear says:

    Liberals don’t have a civil bone in their bodies, much less the potential to understand that someone like Romney could possibly have a heart and has in the past done more for others he doesn’t even know, than these pathetic excuses for human beings ever would.

  35. Poohbear says:

     FYI: Romney has done many charitable things in the past, without so much as a blink, for anyone who needed it. None of you know him, because you are in your comfort zones, feeling angry, bitter, envious and resentful toward those who have the heart to help others without asking for anything back.

    How ironic, that you would even so much as mention that what Romney is doing is “self-serving”, while everything Obama does IS self-serving and self-indulgent!

  36. Poohbear says:

     If they would stop believing everything they read and paid attention to what is truthfully going on, then these people would not have made complete fools of themselves, by jumping to conclusions. On the other hand, they would try to FIND something to hate a person for, because they thrive on misery.

  37. Poohbear says:

     As I’ve already stated, they ARE receiving monetary donations, which, pathetically, people like you would ignore, anyway!

  38. Poohbear says:

     I agree wholeheartedly, Mbrjz! Thank you.

  39. Poohbear says:

    They ARE calling for monetary donations, which is more than any of you are willing to acknowledge. They’ve actually changed their campaign site into a monetary donation site to collect funds for the Red Cross, but even THEY are ungrateful. They certainly don’t want Romney getting his point across how we are a nation which takes care of its’ own. Heaven forbid that the gov’t is slower to act upon a disaster than charitable individuals are! After all, that is exactly what this is all about, isn’t it? That Obama’s true colors are showing!

  40. Poohbear says:

     Like I’ve said before…these people are so far beyond sanity, that they would find anything (true or not) to make Mitt Romney look worse than the most corrupt “president” this country has ever had. 

  41. Poohbear says:

     Yeah, yeah, yeah…make up whatever stories you can lie about; put on a liberal, hate-spewing blog and try to get what you PERCEIVE as the truth out there, because in reality, you can’t handle the truth.

  42. Poohbear says:

    What do you care, anyway? You’d find something to hate Romney for, regardless of the circumstances…while Obama sat for 7 hours and watched four good Americans die in Benghazi. Just your type, to find something wrong with something good and to completely overlook something that Obama did that was cold, cruel and calculating.

  43. Poohbear says:

     Amen, Cheri. Reason and Common Sense = Conservatives while Hate and Intolerance = Liberals. I cannot even fathom the amount of hate these people spew.

  44. Poohbear says:

    These people are so hatefully blind, that they wouldn’t know a good person, if it looked them in the eye, because they are so overcome with resentfulness toward anyone who doesn’t possess their ideology. So bitter and angry they are, that there is even anyone running AGAINST their lame excuse for a president (heaven forbid), that they are willing to go to any extent to thwart any good that someone does. It’s called “grasping at straws”.

  45. And “Heckuva Job Brownie” went on record critcising President Obama for acting too quickly in mobilizing FEMA and emergency support networks…How quintessentially Republican of him…

  46. WarrenHart says:

    Your just blind to the truth is all.

  47. Butch1 says:

    Naja pallidaTop 50 Keeper of the mongooses.Collapse
    I guess I just don’t understand why they would want to waste their time if they don’t want to either educate, learn, or at least become better informed. Maybe their time just isn’t worth that much to them. I don’t come here to agree with everyone, and I fully expect people to dismantle anything I have to say, that way together we can build a greater understanding and maybe some kind of consensus on reality… but what are we supposed to do with those who just come here to throw their feces at everyone, without offering anything constructive whatsoever? Ignoring them doesn’t seem to work. They just get more overt. Like the child who is trying to get its parent’s attention by constantly escalating in volume, until the parent finally turns away from their adult conversation and responds. Simply reporting them as inappropriate content seems rather petty, when these people could obviously make a positive contribution if they wanted to. They just simply don’t want to.=========================================For some reason, it wouldn’t put a reply with this so I had to “cut and paste” it to another one of your responses.People like this person think they already know everything and are here to “enlighten” us. There is nothing we can teach them. That is why they visit our sites. They aren’t here to debate anything.

  48. thebigjimmyD says:

    Who gives a shit about Benghazi?  4 people died.  Tragic, and probably preventable, yes.  Meanwhile from 2001 – 2008 we had 4,000 citizens die on OUR soil.  3k on 9/11 and another 1k from Katrina.  Either the Bush admin knew about this stuff and let it happen (evil), or they bungled the whole thing (incompetent).  Romney’s staff is chock full of old Bush admin people.  You want to put these hacks back in power?  Obama may not be perfect but if you want to compare body counts, by all means let’s do it.

  49. thebigjimmyD says:

    Al Qaeda terrorists?  Really?  I suppose any dude in a turbin with a grenade launcher is Al Qaeda.  Every legitimate news source calls the people who attacked the embassy part of a militant group LIKE Al Qaeda.  They have to say it like that so simple minded folks understand.  Looks like you couldn’t even digest the dumbed down version.  So, voting for Romney, huh?  Shocker.  

  50. It is a good start for the Romney campaign to solicit cash donations to the Red Cross, but the effort to cloak their political rally in a relief effort is disingenuous and self-serving. It will probably provide little actual relief. The Red Cross has said they were “grateful for Romney donation but prefer people send money or donate blood don’t collect goods NOT best way to help.”

  51. Naja pallida says:

    I guess I just don’t understand why they would want to waste their time if they don’t want to either educate, learn, or at least become better informed. Maybe their time just isn’t worth that much to them. I don’t come here to agree with everyone, and I fully expect people to dismantle anything I have to say, that way together we can build a greater understanding and maybe some kind of consensus on reality… but what are we supposed to do with those who just come here to throw their feces at everyone, without offering anything constructive whatsoever? Ignoring them doesn’t seem to work. They just get more overt. Like the child who is trying to get its parent’s attention by constantly escalating in volume, until the parent finally turns away from their adult conversation and responds. Simply reporting them as inappropriate content seems rather petty, when these people could obviously make a positive contribution if they wanted to. They just simply don’t want to.

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