Romney calls for US military role in Syrian civil war

Mitt Romney called today for American military involvement in Syria.

Yes, because if there’s one thing Americans are begging for these days, it’s another war in the Middle East that drains money and requires more US troops.

If the Romney-class put their own sons and daughters on the front lines it might be more sellable, but when is the last time you saw anyone from Romney’s family, the Bush family, or the Cheney family volunteer for battle?

In the case of Mitt Romney, he protested in favor of the war in Vietnam and then scampered off to a posh palace in a flashy part of Paris.

Oh the wars Romney had to fight over whether to ask the butler for a café au lait or just an ordinary espresso. Oh the humanity!

The fact is, the Romneys of the world are only too happy to volunteer others to fight their wars, but they never step up themselves to do the dirty work. After more than a decade of war – wars which are a large part of the US budget problems – Americans are fed up with never-ending Republican wars. Despite talking a big story about being budget hawks, Republicans freely ignore the runaway costs of the military machine and are only too happy to feed it again and again. Mitt Romney is no different.

In fact, Mitt Romney is probably worse. When has Mitt Romney, ever in his life, had to make a decision based on how much it would cost him? There’s no such thing as “too expensive” in the Romney vocabulary.

Enough is enough. If Romney wants war, let his own kids get off their trust-funds and fight it (and finance it too).

Mitt Romney will call for an escalation of the conflict in Syria by arming rebels with the heavy weapons needed to confront president Bashar al-Assad’s tanks, helicopters and fighter jets.Romney is to make the proposal on Monday in what his campaign team has billed as a major foreign policy speech in Lexington, Virginia.In extracts published in advance, he opened up the prospect, if he becomes president, of a US-Iranian proxy war being fought in Syria.


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