Red Cross had to divert staff to deal with Romney’s phony “relief effort”

Please Ignore the Black Man on the T-shirts

As we warned earlier, because the Romney campaign preferred a political stunt to actually helping Hurricane Sandy victims, the Red Cross is now busy wasting valuable resources processing donations from the Romney campaign that its own Web site admits it does not want.

As you’ll recall, Mitt Romney, after promising not to campaign today, campaigned anyway.  And to add insult to injury, he used the pretense of Hurricane Sandy to hold campaign events wrapped in a cloak of “storm relief.”

Not surprisingly, Romney then turned his “relief” events today into what the campaign called “victory rallies,” including a Romney campaign propaganda video and the distribution of t-shirts saying “Obama, You’re Fired!”  Here is a tweet from CNN’s Jonathan Karl:

Note that that woman must have gotten that
Obama t-shirt at the non-partisan disaster relief rally.

So it’s abundantly clear what kind of non-partisan event this was.  In fact, Mitt Romney used the suffering of millions of Americans as a shield to fend off criticism that this was a political event.  But it was a political event, as countless reporters attested.  (And it was more than a shield.  He used people.  He used their suffering to advance his own ambition. And he got caught.)

Here’s Something You Said You Don’t Want, Hope You Like It

The other way that Romney attempted to camouflage his campaign event as a “relief effort” was by, yet again, asking people to bring donations of supplies that the Red Cross has said repeatedly it does not want, and in fact, they’ve said it will impede hurricane relief efforts.

And I quote from the Red Cross Web site:

Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints the Red Cross does not accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items. Items such as collected food, used clothing and shoes must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.

And that’s what happened as a result of Mitt Romney’s little hurricane stunt earlier today. We learn via a tweet from CNN’s Jim Acosta that the Red Cross is now having to spend staff time dealing with the collected food and other items the Romney campaign gathered today:

Red Cross Romney

From CNN National Political Correspondent Jim Acosta.

Here’s the longer Red Cross statement. Read it, then let’s talk about the criticism of Romney buried between the lines:

“The American Red Cross appreciates the support from the Romney campaign and is working with the campaign to process this donation of supplies,” the statement read. “We are grateful that both the Obama and Romney campaigns have also encouraged the public to send financial donations to the Red Cross. We encourage individuals who want to help to consider making a financial donation or making an appointment to give blood.”

Note that last line: “We encourage individuals who want to help to consider making a financial donation or making an appointment to give blood.”  That’s the equivalent of your grandma saying “thank you so much for the inflatable Elvis doll, honey, and I encourage anyone else wanting to get me a birthday gift next year to try something I can actually use.”

Forget About You, What About Me?

The Red Cross outright told anyone else doing what Romney did today, to collect financial donations or blood – not supplies.  It was a subtle rebuke to the Romney campaign, and an effort by the Red Cross to undo the damage Romney has already done in sending the message to the American people that the Red Cross needs us to donate food, when they don’t, and it will actually hurt their relief efforts by diverting necessary manpower.

And that is exactly what happened today, now that the Red Cross is having to “work with the Romney campaign to process this donation of supplies,” instead of focusing on the actual victims of Hurricane Sandy who need their help in the eastern United States.

Like the catfish that Mitt Romney flip-flopped on earlier this year, Mitt Romney will jump on whatever he can get, not matter how distasteful.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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603 Responses to “Red Cross had to divert staff to deal with Romney’s phony “relief effort””

  1. jelly gamat gold-g says:

    Such hatred in these United States now days. This was a disaster and the Libs are going after the GOP & the GOP are going after the Libs. Get real people and grow up. It is a shame this country is so divided and can’t even help those who are hurting. If you find a GOP needing help you would Libs would just kick him and go on and vice versa. Who cares what Romney did and what Obama did to help these people. At least they Both did something. Did You?

  2. obat maag says:

    OMG You miserable morons are blaming a weather event on the President? Brownie said the President reacted too soon. Christie praises him. Failed Faux News and disgraced ex-fema feeb or the Governor of a state in peril? Who’s opinion would you trust about the job the President is doing?

  3. jual rumah alam sutera says:

    A few volunteers were told to save Paul Ryan a few pans to wash during
    his “visit” because when Paul Ryan came the soup kitchen was already
    closed and the volunteers had to stay so Paul could get the pictures he
    I wish Ron Paul was the one up against Obama, then I would be
    able to vote for GOP and be proud. There’s no way I would vote for
    Romney and Ryan due to their actions. Both are just a couple of snake
    oil salesmen and all you have to do is look at their voting records to
    see that.

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  6. GrizzMann says:

    Lets hope that our President never stoops to such Photo Ops. Like being Travon Martin, police acting stupidly, the return of the dead bodies of the Benghazi mission. our troops returning in body bags, or FAST AND FURIOUS , not the movie

  7. jelly says:

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  8. gamat says:

    For his great photo-opt, all he did was make more work for the Red Cross, not less. Had he ever donated to the Red Cross in his life, he would have known that! The Red Cross is not the Salvation Army. They want blood, donations or volunteers. Now they need even more volunteers to sort through all this damned food.These people need other places to stay. They need money for gas. They will not be working for awhile. Are they supposed to carry about boxes of cans of food? I have some stupid crap before but this one took the cake. Instead of spending $5,000 on his own food, he should have just sent them a check for $5,000. What poor judgement he shows. obat nyeri

  9. asuransi jiwa says:

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  10. jual lampion says:

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  11. logitak says:

    campaign unhealthy, why should bring color … where democracy.

  12. campaign unhealthy, why should bring color … where democracy.

  13. Jack says:

    It’s just another way of distributing economiy from the have to the haven’t :).

  14. Sorry, just saw your post. Yes, me too, baptized but dropped out. I sympathize with Mormons and hold them and LDS in high regard (good people, really), but my overall views on mainstream American religion has done a 360 since the Spring of 2009. No longer refer to myself as Christian at all.

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  17. Lisa Amador says:

    Funny, in hindsight, I’d say it was better to do something than absolutely nothing. At least the Romney’s donated money – a ton of it – and collected another ton of stuff. Sorry it wasn’t the way you wanted it.

  18. Yui says:

    “If the Red Cross did not need this stuff, why did they spend any time sorting. etc? Seems that they had a need for it after all.”No, not necessarily. It’s called not wasting the supplies given to you. Why would you let the supplies sit there….it’s best to have it sorted out and out of the way, for much later usage. 

    I honestly don’t think it matters who it was who stopped in. The same reaction would have been given to such a phony visit for a photo-op.

  19. Jellks says:

    Mecheng, as a Youngstown Ohio native I know a few people who volunteer at that soup kitchen, and I know the FULL story. That was a flat out photo-op and Paul Ryan went there w/o permission of the president of the organization because the organization does everything in their power to stay out of politics on either side. They’re funding comes from donations collected through their church and feeding the poor is their sole priority. They have nothing to gain by stating the facts about Paul Ryan’s actions. Paul Ryan’s visit at the soup kitchen was for a total of 15-20 minutes after he gave a speech at Youngstown State University. A few volunteers were told to save Paul Ryan a few pans to wash during his “visit” because when Paul Ryan came the soup kitchen was already closed and the volunteers had to stay so Paul could get the pictures he wanted.
    I wish Ron Paul was the one up against Obama, then I would be able to vote for GOP and be proud. There’s no way I would vote for Romney and Ryan due to their actions. Both are just a couple of snake oil salesmen and all you have to do is look at their voting records to see that.

  20. Mecheng says:

    If the Red Cross did not need this stuff, why did they spend any time sorting. etc? Seems that they had a need for it after all. Just a chance to bash Romney by compalining about it but aceepting his donations. Wouldn’t surprise me that the Red Cross official(s) making the complaint were Obama supporters. Would they complain if Obama diverted military MRE’s (food) and some federal money instead? Makes a difference in who does what…. Oh, about the Ryan and the soup kitchen. What if Joe Biden had stopped in instead? Would they have complained?

  21. DeeKang says:

    The common sense would have been for the romney campaign TO CALL the Red Cross before pulling this stunt and taking up valuable time and resources. I’ve worked disasters and every company from Mercedes to Kraft knew enough to call and ask what is needed first. So unless you have ever worked a disaster operation you have no idea what it takes for one organization to call and coordinate logistics with another organization in crisis mode. It’s time consuming and takes away from other needed response efforts. This was a selfish, stupid stunt that caused undue stress for people already experiencing high levels. And it’s a good thing those UNION response and rescue personnel were on hand, and some gave their lives helping. Go face the fireman’s family in CT and tell them about how terrible UNIONS are. When you experience a disaster be sure to ask your rescuers if they are UNION or not and, if so, tell them you hate UNIONS and don’t want their help.

  22. Romney also gave a check.  If the Red Cross didn’t want to deal with food and supplies, all they had to do was call the Salvation Army to arrange to meet the bus.  One call … that’s all.  The check (which I am sure was sizeable) for the Red Cross and a busload of canned goods to the Salvation Army.  I just read another article where several utility crews from Alabama were called to New Jersey to help with the cleanup.  Because these people (I don’t know if they were electricians, or which type of utility) were NOT UNION they were turned away.  Only UNION utility people could work on the cleanup.  Tell that to the displaced people.  There was another article showing people having to get canned goods out of dumpsters, where the local government made the store owners throw everything out.  Canned goods would have been useable.  Whatever happened to common sense?????

  23. Klingonjoe says:

    Some of you better get your stupid heads out of your ass.  The Red Cross is a farce.  Just do a little research and read about the controversy regarding the Red Cross 9/11 donations.  Then tell me you want to donate money to that organization.  Here’s an example:

    I’m still amazed that after all these years, and your thousands of dollars of education, that people on here still believe there is a difference between these two political parties.

  24. Jcjmurray says:

    Such hatred in these United States now days. This was a disaster and the Libs are going after the GOP & the GOP are going after the Libs. Get real people and grow up. It is a shame this country is so divided and can’t even help those who are hurting. If you find a GOP needing help you would Libs would just kick him and go on and vice versa. Who cares what Romney did and what Obama did to help these people. At least they Both did something. Did You?

  25. JuanaM says:

    Staten Island Borough President: Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross
    By Colin Campbell 11:46am
    At a press conference this morning on Staten Island, a host of local officials, including Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, …And, although many pols spoke, no one was more impassioned than Borough President James Molinaro, who called the Red Cross an “absolute disgrace” and even urged the public to cease giving them contributions.
    “Because the devastation in Staten Island, the lack of a response,” Mr. Molinaro said to explain his comment to NBC after the press conference. “You know, I went to a shelter Monday night after the storm. People were coming in with no socks, with no shoes. They were in desperate need. Their housing was destroyed. They were crying. Where was the Red Cross? Isn’t that their function? They collect millions of dollars. Whenever there’s a drive in Staten Island, we give openly and honestly. Where are they? Where are they? I was at the South
    Shore yesterday, people were buried in their homes. There the dogs are trying to find bodies. The people there, the neighbors who had no electricity, were making soup. Making soup. It’s very emotional because the lack of a response. The lack of a response. They’re supposed to be here….They should be on the front lines fighting, and helping the people.”
    Several other local officials agreed with Mr. Molinaro’s rage over Staten Island’s situation, although they did not call out the Red Cross specifically.
    “It is as the borough president, Jim Molinaro, said, it’s disgusting, it really is,” State Senator Andy Lanza said, criticizing the city for giving the go-ahead to the New York City Marathon this weekend and the focus on pumping the water out of the East River tunnels. “We’re talking about getting water of the tunnel. Let’s get the water out of the tunnel tomorrow, let’s get the people out of the water today. There’ve been thousands of people who have been displaced.
    There are people who are cold, who are hungry, who are without a place to go, and looking for warmth. There are people still trapped. Yet we’re talking about marathons and tunnels. I walked on the rooftop of a house yesterday, I stepped on it because the debris that surrounded it was level with the rooftop. That’s what happened here on Staten Island.”
    Congressman Michael Grimm concurred.etc…

  26. JaneJaneJanie says:

    Taking donations of supplies is not what the Red Cross does.  They repeatedly asked for financial donations and when donors ignore those guidelines they create MORE work for the Red Cross at a time when they could be helping people directly.  Those gift horses are the Trojan horse, distracting the Red Cross from what they should be actually doing. 

  27. juddpaynter says:

    found written on the wall in Mother Teresa’s home for children in Calcutta:
     People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.  Forgive them anyway.
    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.
    If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.  Succeed anyway.
    If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.  Be honest and sincere anyway.
    What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.
    If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.
    The good you do today, will often be forgotten.  Do good anyway.
    Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.  Give your best anyway.
    In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway.

  28. Ed says:

    It is not all about how the red cross does things, there are other organizations who are helping and would gladly process items that are needed. Beside how much of a dollar given to the red cross actually goes to the aid of disaster victims? As it looks about 60% which is not bad but they need to act grateful for what people are giving up in an economical time as this. Quit look at the gift horse in the mouth!

  29. CarolO says:

    For his great photo-opt, all he did was make more work for the Red Cross, not less.  Had he ever donated to the Red Cross in his life, he would have known that!  The Red Cross is not the Salvation Army.  They want blood, donations or volunteers.  Now they need even more volunteers to sort through all this damned food.

    These people need other places to stay.  They need money for gas.  They will not be working for awhile.  Are they supposed to carry about boxes of cans of food?   I have some stupid crap before but this one took the cake. Instead of spending $5,000 on his own food, he should have just sent them a check for $5,000. What poor judgement he shows.

  30. TV-Ugly says:

     Katherine, it sounded to me like Michael meant the Romney campain was the one pretending the private organizations could handle it all; not saying that he himself felt that way. At least that’s how I read it.

  31. JaneJaneJanie says:

    If they criticize the “effort” or reject the “donations” they risk alienating Romney supporters and losing donations from them at a time when they desperately need funds.  Something similar happened a few weeks ago when Paul Ryan visited a free meal facility under the false premise of “volunteering” at the facility (which was really a staged photo op). The director of the facility expressed dismay at Ryan’s visit because it jeopardized their non-profit status.  Romney/Ryan supporters inundated the place with complaints and pulled funding.  

  32. A.L. Hern says:

    “We learn via a tweet from CNN’s Jim Acosta that the Red Cross is now having to spend staff time dealing with the collected food and other items the Romney campaign gathered today.”
    Why does the Red Cross have to deal with it at all?  Why doesn’t their representative just say to the Romney people (and I call them “people” merely as a point of reference), “We don’t want it.  Take it back, donate it to a food bank or eat it yourselves.  Mainly, just go away”?

  33. Louis788 says:

    Take’s big BALL’S.

  34. FieryLocks says:

    Once a vulture capitalist, always a vulture.

  35. Mydtuck says:

     The Red Cross doesn’t except green blood :-)

  36. citizen_spot says:

    You can get and print out all text donation receipts made from your phone from the following website (if you need them for tax deduction purposes).

  37. Mydtuck says:

    And how about all these women who now thinks the economy is more important than their personal freedom.  Romney will take credit, if elected,  for turning the economy around, when in fact, it has already turned the corner. If Romney’s elected, I guess us men need to go out and buy a club, to keep our women straight.  3:) 

  38. new_york_loner says:

     Willard is Desperate, Despairing and Despicable….a 3-D threat.

  39. JaneJaneJanie says:

    No, they were concerned they would not get donations since this was a last minute change to the event that was already planned.  They wanted to make it look as though they’d had an outpouring of public donations, when the supplies had actually been purchased by Romney’s campaign. (Couldn’t he just write a $5000 check instead? No, he couldn’t because he was trying to spin it a different way.)

    What they did was when people who had no donations in hand came to meet Romney, staffers instructed them to go get some items from their prop pile to present to Romney as “donations” when they had been provided by the campaign itself.  Then they took their picture while Romney thanked them for their “donation”.  It’s not so unlike going into a soup kitchen to wash dishes for the purpose of having your picture taken while you are “volunteering”.

  40. Reye Leduc says:

     ..Did you not understand that the goods – whatever they were – are a drain on resources? It’s pretty much the same as packaging up your freezer contents and shouting, “Hey! Ship these to those kids in Africa! They’re *starving* over there!”
    You absolutely took the right course of action IN THE END – You collected all the donations AND you found a distribution channel that got them into the peoples’ hands….because THAT is NOT what the Red Cross does best.

    Of course, the self-serving nature of your post is a little Romneyesque, but the main drift of it worked out.

  41. Tpatten says:

    Thank you for effort to support Hurricane Irene’s victims with useful household goods. The  cost of helping those in need requires that the most-needed items are easily sorted, transported, and distributed in the most efficient way possible within a short period of time following the disaster. They have neither the manpower,facilities or time that is needed to properly handle a contribution such as yours, but do appreciate your goals and empathy for those affected.  

  42. BeccaM says:

    Fair enough.

  43. JaneJaneJanie says:

    While the Red Cross wasn’t “obligated” to say anything, their diplomacy and professionalism dictates that they have to respond in some manner.   If they say nothing, they appear callous in not recognizing the donations.  If they praise Romney’s attempt, then they invite in more donations of items they neither want or need.  If they criticize his efforts, they risk alienating Romney voters who might pull support at a time when they desperately need it.  Unfortunately Romney’s actions have put them in a difficult situation and forced their hand.

    The outrage is coming from voters who recognize another brazen and pretentious attempt by the Romney campaign to fake compassion and the spirit of volunteerism.  If he’d really wanted to make an impression, he simply should have pulled out his check book and wrote a check.  

  44. medicvet says:

    Actually, they DO need blood, and lots of it, that’s far from a “make work” or “feel good” thing, trust me on this one.

  45. tigerjmf says:


  46. Hulally says:

     And he returned the donations to Wal Mart? That’s the only thing that would make them fake.

  47.  Dude… it was a campaign event.  He even sold political t-shirts and played a Republican convention video and told people to wait for him to show up … 40 minutes… so that he could have his picture taken while people handed him cans that the Red Cross doesn’t want!

  48. tigerjmf says:


  49. medicvet says:

    Wait, are you seriously actually saying that the Red Cross is making stuff up??? The American Red Cross??? I am literally just shaking my head. I don’t know what world you are living in, but on the real one, if the Red Cross is saying something, believe it, if a known liar like Mitt Romney is saying it, then obviously, based on his past record of flip flops, disinformation, and flat out falsehoods, it is far more likely that he is lying than the Red Cross! Get Real! And food donations are fine to a food bank that has need of them, but when people like the Red Cross who respond to emergencies say what they need is cash to help the most people, then BELIEVE THEM!

  50.  Have you been watching the news?  There is no way private organizations could handle the load of what is going on on the east coast.  You don’t see the governors pushing away federal aid do you?  That’s because there is so much that needs to be done. 

  51.  It’s a one year supply.  I used to be Mormon.  I’m glad I got out of that crazy cult.

  52.  The point is the man did NOT do what Red Cross says it needs and only did what he had to do to get his photo taken carrying a can of corn.  It’s shows that it’s just all about image with him… no substance.

  53. merr7242 says:

    What a sleaze this guy is.  He turned this disaster into a campaign rally.  He is really desperate!

  54.  Yeah I don’t get why he just didn’t do a blood drive.  It’s one of the things that the Red Cross is begging for since they had to cancel 300 blood drives and the photo op of him laying on the table giving his own blood would have been much better than carrying cans of corn that everyone knows is just going to be a problem.

  55.  Wait wait … you complain about the military still being being in war but you don’t see that Romney would get us into more and more and more wars?!  It’s all he talks about!  Increasing the military going into all these countries.. threatening Iran with saber rattling all for his presidential ambitions.

  56.  That unwanted can of creamed corn sure will go a long way to help people that are flooded from their homes.

  57. citizen_spot says:

     Yes, of course, thanks. I guess I wasn’t very coherent in my original post (I blame the adult beverages).  I was only addressing the text donation situation. For me text donations are money that will max out for account accrual (I don’t use my phone that much), and any additional monthly payments to the phone company just go straight to them once that maximum is reached.  I would rather the money go to a good cause than to AT&T.  I believe that they lifted the donation cap during Haiti, if I recall correctly, and I just wish they would consider lifting it now.

  58. new_york_loner says:

    Romney is passing out political T-shirts at these “relief rallies”?  If so, he is unfit for duty as POTUS….he just does not get it, does he? This ethics-free grandstanding narcissist would be a disaster as POTUS…remember, Sheldon Adelson has pumped tens of millions into the presidential race….Romney would be that man’s lap dog…are white men so disgruntled with our first black POTUS, that they would prefer this draft-dodging con-man as their president?  Let us hope that white men are smarter than they are given credit for.

  59.  The man said he was NOT campaigning, yet handed out anti-Obama T-shirts and gave people food to ” donate”. Sorry, the story is that Mitt Romney has zero concern for anyone that can’t help Mitt Romney, and I’ll bet you are one of those people he calls part of the 47%.

  60. perljammer says:

    The Red Cross was under no obligation to issue a press release at all.  “… working with the campaign to process this donation …” could mean a lot of things, including “We told them to cart this stuff to the local food bank.”  The bottom line is that the Red Cross is much less upset about this than all the third parties expressing all the outrage.

  61. new_york_loner says:

    Romney wants to take FEMA and split it into
    fifty state-run relief agencies…he’s big on states rights…of course,
    these mega storms do not respect state boundaries, so the idea of
    adding red tape, differing or conflicting regulations and more confusion in the wake of
    a major disaster is absolutely stupid….in my most humble of opinions.
    Willard Romney’s basic plan is to be the anti-Obama…for white bigots that’s sufficient reason to support the guy.

  62. Michael says:

    I don’t know about the Mormon thing, but the message of this fake propaganda event was that the awesome spirit of the American people (unlike the awesome spirit of people in any other country apparently) can solve all our problems through private charity and volunteer efforts, making FEMA and every other federal service unnecessary.

  63. Booley says:

    In case someone didn’t know, the reason the red cross wont’ accept “new in the box” stuff or can good is becuase this stuff has to be sorted and checked.
    I’ve done this when I was in high school. Cans especially have to be checked for dents and bloating.  Appliances have to work when the people get them.  
    How much help are we giving if someone gets a blanket full of holes or a flashlight with dead batteries or a can full  creamed corn botulism?
    I would also remind people that the government had (and did) evacuate more people then live in some entire states.  Sandy didnt’ just hit a populated area. It hit one of the most populated areas in the country.

    Get over your stupid Obama hatred and help the country for once.

  64. Michael says:

    Good points. I get it – if people are not aware of the oft repeated thing about how relief organizations don’t really want material donations particularly for far away disasters and brought their cans of mandarin oranges to the event (or were those nice ladies displaying props handed to them by the campaign in order to be in a photo?), then other people are too stupid to get the idea too.

    Still, it seems like they could have somehow shaded things to make them look a little less like doormats for the campaign. I know, their PR person tried, but it’s pretty subtle.

    The PBS Newshour reported the event last night without questioning its legitimacy as well. Frontline doesn’t seem to be particulary afraid of the truth, but the Newshour consistently goes for not ruffling any feathers about anything. Wouldn’t it be great to get real serious critical national TV reporting from the only source capable of supplying it? PBS is certainly afraid of the Republicans. Maybe they figure Republicans don’t watch documentaries.

  65. normalice says:

     well, you have to consider the ‘strangers with candy’ effect. The red cross can not be sure of the quality of ‘opened’ or ‘used’ items. If you want to distribute such things yourself, that’s great! But to ask that the red cross use the ‘guaranteed safety’ of their name to distribute potentially dangerous goods is just not going to happen. Donations of goods must be sorted through to ensure that they are safe, which takes a lot more time (and thus money) than simply going out and buying it.

  66.  By the time Ryan showed up, there were still a “few dishes left.”  Ryan was faking it for the photo op.  The charity was not notified — this disrupted their entire schedule, you have the Secret Service, all the people in his entourage.  They interfered more than helped — all to get a picture of him “helping the homeless.”  Get Real!  And now Romney, while NOT campaigning turns a rally into a “Victory Rally” and asks folks to send canned goods, etc. to the Red Cross.  As with his comments concerning the bombing of our embassy, he doesn’t wait to get the facts — he wants to be the first out on the field.  A President is a leader who KNOWS that he needs to first GET ALL of the FACTS before acting or speaking!!

  67. JaneJaneJanie says:

    BUT you can donate directly to a Red Cross Chapter office as many times as you like and specify that it go to Hurricane Sandy relief.  You can also donate online as often as you like.  

  68. Nick25 says:

    Because genuine compassion is impossible to fake. The real deal shines with sincerity. The R/R version reeks of spin.

  69. JaneJaneJanie says:

    So you’re angry at the Red Cross because of your own misguided opinion of how YOU think they should operate?  The Red Cross has been at this rescue thing for a good long time and they know what they’re doing and how to do it efficiently.  They were not at fault here, it seems the one with his head in a dark area was you.   

    Your idea to distribute this directly to people in need was a good one, though, and that should have been your first option to begin with, NOT taking your stuff to the Red Cross to let them deal with it.  

  70. Tommy Jordan says:

    I’m not defending Romney in this instance at all, but the Red Cross can be a little of a bitch to deal with. Last year during Irene we showed up with a DUMP TRUCK full of food, clothing, and gear from volunteers.. everything from baby strollers and basinets, to boxes to pack your stuff in. People from around the state donated and made huge efforts to help victims from Irene.

    You know what the Red Cross said?

    We don’t take any of that. If it’s not new in the box, it’s unacceptable. 

    I’m sorry?… What the F*** did you just say? Because I just passed 50 miles of people on the way here who were sorting through the remains of their house to find clothes to put on their six year olds, who have been doing that for two days, and you say you don’t want this food, water, and clothing?

    We turned around and drove back to those towns, stood on top of the truck and yelled “Hey. How many of you need food? We’ve got some. Anyone have little kids that need clothes? We’ve got those too.

    An entire community emptied a dump truck full of supplies in less than half an hour. They had NOTHING after that storm devastated their house and they were eternally grateful to have these things. The Red Cross was sitting in Manteo, 30 miles away still trying to get their heads out of their asses.

    So, from personal experience, don’t exactly take the Red Cross’ word on what’s what. 

    If you want to help, you have to learn the hard way like we did. Find churches or community centers and donate there. They have the volunteers and know the area… they’ll help you disburse goods that the Red Cross says no one needs.

  71. Sophia2206 says:

    Can’t be good at what you never practice.

  72. Sophia2206 says:

    No Mikey, they’re afraid of turning off potential donors who are too stupid to realize Romney is causing more problems and hindering relief efforts with his nonsense.  Sadly there are some who would say “well if they won’t take a can of soup over to that drowning woman, I’m not giving any more to them”.  Yeah, I’ve seen comments like that in other places.  The Red Cross is walking a fine line between being used by Willard and being offensive to donors.  RomFail

  73. Sophia2206 says:

    OMG You miserable morons are blaming a weather event on the President?  Brownie said the President reacted too soon. Christie praises him. Failed Faux News and disgraced ex-fema feeb or the Governor of a state in peril? Who’s opinion would you trust about the job the President is doing? 

  74. LOL oh ok.

  75. Bud Blackwell says:

    And probably hire the Chinese to provide the labor required with a 911 call center in India

  76. He didn’t try to do the right thing.  People have been raising this issue for a good day before Romney decided, yet again, to donate food instead of money, when the Red Cross says donations of food “impede’ their disaster relief work.

  77. Tracieb says:

    Yes Plooger, and the St Vincent De Paul kitchen, recieved THREATS after they said that the kitchen was already clean….I’m sure that has something to do with the so called change of statement by the director…

  78. Budnigma says:

    If Romney really wanted to help – lay down, roll up his sleeve and donate blood – would be a much better and more honest photo op

  79. Guest says:

    Oh, blooey.  Get real.  I’m glad you think every death could have been avoided in an unprecedented natural disaster.  Dream on.  Yes, there’s hate here.  It’s hate for hypocrisy, grandstanding, self-righteousness and crass opportunism. 

  80. Sparker says:

    Don’t you love the roller coaster? Sometimes rational, great pieces show up, and sometimes my buttons are just pushed for no good reason.

  81. TracieB says:

    Nolaredhead, because their “look” of campassion is FAKE…

  82. Tracie B says:

    Get real Kathy, the Red Cross has repeatedly, and it other disasters, explained why these types of donations are a hinderence..But, hey… He’s Mitt Romney, and he does what he wants, no matter what anyone else says, or needs…Nevermind, what’s RIGHT..If he thinks it benefits  him, he will USE anything and anyone… Just ask all those who have lost their jobs in the country over the years..(decades) because Romney would benefit better from it…This is in that SAME genre…It’s all about MITT…

  83. JaneJaneJanie says:

    Not exactly.

    “Mitt Romney was really concerned that his “Storm Relief Event” in Kettering, Ohio yesterday would look like a dud, so he and his team stocked their donation tables with $5,000 worth of supplies at Walmart. The props, according to Buzzfeed’s McKay Coppins, were things like granola bars, canned food, and diapers which were strategically placed to make sure that the photographs taken at Romney’s “Storm Relief” campaign didn’t a show very un-busy, un-stocked relief table (what else do you expect when you give people short notice to donate their canned goods?). But … but … look at how pretty all those fake donations look”

  84. christopher boler says:

    YES, , it is clearly about hatin on Rmney, I am not a supporter of Romney, and people new way before hand, this huricane was coming, it happens, , ,IF any of Obama supporters dont realize, , these deaths could have been avoided, , just like saving our soildiers in Bengazie, dont forget how many other lives would have been saved when Obama promised to pull American troops out of Afghanistan when he ran for President four years ago, , we also would have all this ugly going on if there was more than only Republican, Democrat choice, , and there is, but the third party did not at all get a fair share of their ideas, and the American people wher DEPRIVED of hearing the other candidates, for a fair choice of who would elect for their President, instead ALL U.S. wher stuck listening to the only two parties campaigning, ugly and unprofessionally, and spending over a billion dollars to stir up all this u8gly within the American people of who they want as our President, , HATE on Romney,HATE on Obama, I believe if you have a problem with either one of these two candidates, , , you should look at chosing, one of third party Candidates, , , both Democrat and Republican Candidates have campaigned ugly words against each other instead of explaining the important issues and how they planned on fixing them, , to look at all the supporters of either party, , same thing they rubbed on the people, , and still, , none of either side of supporters know what their candidate proposes for America , , , the hating on Democrat, Republican needs to quit and people need to think about the real issues o0f what would either one of these candidates would do under pressure and how they would handle under pressure. remeber there wher more Candidates running for President seat, , they wher all very qualified for the honorable position, , they all have had great proposals to do what needed to be done, , thay all campaigned with a short budget, and they didnt campaign with ugly name calling, , BUT the American people wher also DEPRIVED of this fair option. if you havent figured all this out by now, you might want to start thinking about your children and what would be best for their future, , you already see the issues about either party, Republican Democrat already, and after all these years, still all ugly, , it really is time for Americans to think for themselves and outside this two party coice, that intentionally given, ,dont deny yourself tha fair opportunity to hear the other Parties, , you deserve the fairness, the country deserves the fairness, your children desreve the fairness, it is their future, , ,because it is not about Republican, Democrat, it is about the U.S.A. and the American people

  85. JaneJaneJanie says:

    Dirty dishes or not, this was a STAGED photo op.  Ryan may indeed have washed a few dirty dishes, but he was not volunteering in any sense, which was the premise for his visit.  Again, it was an insincere and fraudulent PR show for the cameras.  And let’s not forget that the soup kitchen initially LOST donations and sponsors as a direct result of that little PR stunt.  Donations picked up again after people heard that Romney/Ryan supporters were yanking support and basically harassing the director of the soup kitchen.  

  86. JuanaM says:

    from NBC . com: Ryan did wash dirty dishes during soup kitchen visit
    By NBC’s Alex Moe and Betsy Cline 10/16/12 2pm
    LYNCHBURG, VA — Amid questions and criticisms related to Paul Ryan’s visit this weekend to an Ohio soup kitchen, the charity’s president said the Republican vice presidential candidate did, in fact, scrub dirty dishes though his visit wasn’t officially sanctioned.
    The question of whether the Wisconsin congressman cleaned dishes that were actually dirty – as opposed to re-washing already clean dishes so as to get a good photo opportunity — Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society President Brian Antal clarified that Ryan did clean soiled dishes. This differs from what
    Antal had told The Washington Post Monday.
    Speaking Tuesday morning with NBC News, Antal said he was not on-site when Ryan was at the soup kitchen and attributes his earlier comments that the dishes were clean when Ryan washed them to hearing the details second-hand from a volunteer. Following a town hall meeting in Youngstown, OH on Saturday, Ryan — joined
    by his wife and three kids — made a quick stop at the St. Vincent De Paul Society shortly after the homeless people had breakfast. There were only volunteers left inside the building by the time Ryan arrived, as his public
    event ran longer than expected.
    After arriving at the soup kitchen — where Secret Service agents and staff had gathered before the motorcade arrived — the Ryan family put on white aprons and proceeded to wash dishes for several minutes as cameras and still photographers snapped photos nearby.
    In response to questions about Antal’s comments to the Washington Post that Ryan “did nothing” while at the soup kitchen, Antal said his words were mischaracterized. He told NBC News in that Ryan did very little work only compared to the larger context of Saturday morning, when the kitchen fed 180 homeless people breakfast. Antal conceded that Ryan did wash several dirty dishes.
    The head of the charity said a campaign aide who had sought permission for the visit prior to Ryan’s visit was granted access by a volunteer, rather than any person of authority at the soup kitchen. The volunteer, Antal said, had no authority to allow or deny the Republican vice presidential candidate’s stop.
    Ryan has made several quick stops that are unannounced to the general public in the past while campaigning across the country. In response to questions about the stop in the battleground state of Ohio that has raised questions in the media, campaign spokesman Michael Steel said: “It was a great opportunity to
    highlight the importance of volunteerism and local charities.”
    Antal says he is speaking to the media because the organization is non-political and is concerned that being connected to the campaign could negatively impact their support.
    The confusion, though, hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying to turn Ryan’s stop into a political issue.
    The Washington Post posted an updated article online Tuesday morning noting: “The head of an Ohio charity who criticized Mitt Romney’s campaign for staging a ‘photo-op’ at one of the group’s soup kitchens has consistently voted in Democratic primaries.”

  87. JaneJaneJanie says:

    Their response is a typical PR release from the Red Cross.  They are being diplomatic and professional. The Red Cross has class that way.  However, the rest of their statement specifically asked for financial or blood donations and that they don’t want donations of supplies.     

  88. Bevaboo says:

    As he was told prior to and during subsequent events – HE’S NOT HELPING!

  89. JaneJaneJanie says:

    First, because the Red Cross asked for financial donations or blood donors and specifically discouraged donations of food and supplies.  Secondly, because it was an insincere, fraudulent PR stunt.  The campaign spent $5000 on supplies just to have props for the photo ops and passed them out to “donors” so they could take pictures.  And now, the Red Cross has to divert personnel who would be better used to directly address those in need to deal with the Romney “donations”.  

  90. nolaredhead says:

    Sounds innocuous enough until you get to the part where they ask everyone ELSE to send cash or donate blood. 

    Why is it neither Romney nor Ryan can manage to seem compassionate to their fellow Americans without screwing it up???

  91. I spent some time volunteering for the Red Cross. When it comes to feeding people, they do it efficiently and through their own connections. When Mitt collected his canned goods, do you think he even bothered to wonder if people have a way to open the cans? Few people have manual can openers these days. There are other relief agencies in this country that can mobilize in hours, but Mitt Romney is not one of them. He took a natural disaster and turned it into an egotistical event about himself. Writing out a huge check would have been better, but maybe his charitable donation would bring his taxes for 2012 below 13%.  

  92. nolaredhead says:

    Maybe they didn’t want to get attacked like what happened at the food bank Ryan decided to stage a photo op at. 

  93. Guest says:

    It’s not a mater of hate, asshat.  It has to do with the ability to stare reality in the face.  A propaganda stunt does NOTHING for millions of people without power, including old and infirm people stuck in their homes without help.  ANYTHING that gets in the way of the efficient mobilization of PUBLIC and ORGANIZED PRIVATE resources by people who know what they’re doing is not just stupid and unthinking; it’s a positive evil.  Take off your rose-colored glasses and stop wallowing in your own sentimentality.  Amd frankly, lady, I’m willing to bet that you were wanting to get rid of your travel trailer anyway. 

  94. F is for Phoney!

  95. God, please help the haters……..When hurricane katrina hit Mississippi and LA my husband an I donated our travel trailer to the first responders……We did not donate it to the Red Cross. Why bash this man for at least trying to do the right thing… others.

  96. TheVon Lmo says:

    Insights into the CNN stylebook via Acosta’s tweet: cover Romney’s ass at all costs

  97. Michael says:

    If the report is correct, the Red Cross is guilty of collaborating with the Romney campaign, apparently because they are aftaid of joining Planned Parenthood on the Republican shit list. That is really spineless and pathetic of them. They should have said that they do not accept this sort of donation and have stated that many times, it is not even needed, and should go to a local food bank.

  98. perljammer says:

    ““The American Red Cross appreciates the support from the Romney campaign
    and is working with the campaign to process this donation of supplies,”
    the statement read.

    Yeah, they sound really upset.

  99. Admittedly I have not read all about it and have no first hand knowledge, but Romney may have been trying to pull from LDS resources as it is the Mormon custom to have a 2 year food supply. That would give him an additional brag of not having spent any money, either.

  100. HelenRainier says:

    They may not have a “monoply” (a nice corporate term that Romney would love, by the way) but they have been around for decades and they specialize in disaster relief around the world. I worked for the Red Cross years ago in the Service to Military Families section. When it comes to this kind of relief work and effort the Red Cross is the “go-to” agency — whether you wish to acknowledge that fact or not is your choice.

  101. Jimmy Lin says:

    Not only that they also mentioned Obama just to slightly rebuke Romney.  Oh the subtle context… XD.

    While I think the intentions of the Romney voters are good.  Having worked with Red Cross both as a donor and volunteer, I can’t help but sigh at Romney’s stunt…  The only types of supply that could be useful is for example if a company donates canned goods or kits that is prepackaged and presorted.  Also would have to coordinate with Red Cross beforehand.  In all other cases, the Red Cross only use their own supplier since that is much more efficient.

    For canned goods, Romney should have taken it to a food bank near by, and as for blankets and other supplies they should have taken it to a shelter or donate it to smaller relieve organizations that actually lack supplies to distribute.

    Remember, in terms of disaster relieve:  “Do what you can, not what you want.”

    While I hate to trample on people’s good intentions, that is the reality of disaster relieve.  Red Cross might not be able to say it due to complications, but I can.

  102. Techni Myoko says:

    How the hell did he not learn his lesson after the pot-washing incident? His PR team is either dangerously incompetent or they hate him.

  103. FunMe says:

    Romney is going to lose. But why does he insist that he be the laughing stock of the presidential election?

  104. Jim Olson says:

    I should not take troll bait.  *sigh*

  105. Jim Olson says:

    1. If the Red Cross asked for blood and money, thats what should be given.  Certainly food is always needed, it should go to the local food bank so the Red Cross doesn’t have to deal with it. 
    2. I fail to see the evidence that Mr. Romney is a decent human being.  He is a serial liar with no moral center that I can see, and will say anything to get elected.  His treatment of those who are different, those who are poor, those who disagree with him and his petulant, angry attitude whenever questioned does not demonstrate to me that the man has the character to be president.  

  106. Keith says:

    Romney doesn’t give a rats ass about those in need. He wants to turn federal disaster relief into a for-profit business. Profiting from other people’s misfortune is right up his alley

  107. citizen_spot says:

    Unfortunately, you can only donate 3 times a month for a total of $30.  I already maxed out earlier this month so I have to wait until Thursday to give again by text.  It would be nice if they (AT&T in my case) lifted the cap on donations during a crisis.

  108. Guest says:

    The story is that he made himself a collosal, self-absorbed, publically-masturbating jerk. 

  109. Guest says:

    Oh, for crying out loud!  You’re a Romney shil.  This was pure campaign propaganda grandstanding.  If he really wanted to help storm victims, he would have written a large check, which he could well afford — and, mirebile dictu, it would have been tax deductible, so it would have satisfied his self-interest at the same time.  The Red Cross, contrary to your partisan myopia, is the primary private disaster relief organization in this country.  It knows how to mobilize resources to the greatest effect.  Romney certainly doesn’t.  And yeah, given their non-partisan, tax deductible status, they have difficulty criticizing a partisan candidate.  Go away. If you really want to help storm victims, stop wasting our time and write a check yourself. 

    And what’s the point, if this was a relief effort, of handing out T-shirts advocating firing the Black guy.  You’re beneath contempt.  And your guy is gonna LOSE.  These desperation efforts to grab attention are conclusive evidence that everyone in the campaign besides deluded bigots like you knows that.       

  110. benb says:

    Romney’s gonna ship this woman’s $0.98 can of Wal-mart  “Great Value” Mandarin Oranges to the starving victims in New Jersey.  Ridiculous.  Having lived in New Jersey, I can say that they really need Power, Water, and Sanitation—Food is not a problem in NJ.  There’s at least one, if not two, diners within walking distance of each and every person living in the Garden State.

    And shipping old cans of House brand crap there?  You just don’t treat people like that…you really don’t want to do that to people in NJ….

  111. JuanaM says:

     well I do not believe the report that the red cross is saying that they are trying to handle this donations, since they were not intended to be delivered to them. a probable made up story. It is simple, same people support Obama others Romney. One will win. Life will go on, no matter who. Because both are decent people. There is no need to descend to this LOW in order to support your guy, collecting food and donations for people in need is ALWAYS a good thing.

  112. JuanaM says:

    from the washington post:
    Romney Ohio campaign event turns into storm relief

    Posted by Felicia Sonmez on October 30, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    Mitt Romney helps to gather donated goods as he attends
    a storm relief campaign event in Kettering, Ohio, on October 30, 2012. (AFP
    PHOTO/Emmanuel DUNAND)
    KETTERING, Ohio — Mitt Romney kicked off an event here in the battleground of
    Montgomery County, Ohio, on Tuesday morning, one day after Hurricane Sandy made
    landfall on the East Coast, devastating parts of New Jersey and New York.

    The stop was billed as a “storm relief” event, and attendees were asked
    to bring non-perishable foods and other items for those affected by the
    storm. Long white tables to one side of the cavernous James S. Trent Arena
    were piled high with flashlights, batteries, diapers,
    toothbrushes, mini-deodorants, fleece blankets, cereal, toilet paper and canned
    Two large TV screens at the front of the venue bore the logo of the American
    Red Cross and the message: “Sandy: Support the Relief Effort. Text ’REDCROSS’ to
    90999 to make a $10 donation.”
    But there remained many trappings of a campaign rally, including the
    soundtrack and a biographical Romney video.
    Romney stood on a chair and spoke for less than five minutes. As throngs of
    supporters, reporters and TV cameras surrounded him, Romney made note of the
    items on the tables behind him.
    “We’re going to box these things up in just a minute and put them on some
    trucks, and then we’re going to send them into, I think it’s New Jersey. There’s
    a site we’ve identified where we can take these goods and distribute them to
    people who need them,” he said.
    He related a story of cleaning up a field after a high school football game,
    and told the crowd that he remembered when some Katrina evacuees were brought to
    Cape Cod — a destination that was much colder, he joked, than Houston, where the
    evacuees thought they were originally headed.
    “And you know what? There were cars lined up, people dropping off all sorts
    of goods of all kinds, some things that were temporary like food, but others
    that were permanent like TV sets and clothes. It was just amazing to see the
    turnout. Its part of the American way,” Romney said.
    As he wrapped up his remarks, Romney said that “to make this an enjoyable
    work setting, we’ve asked a great entertainer, Randy Owen, of Alabama, to be
    here. He’s an extraordinary guy.” Owen was scheduled to be a featured guest at
    the original rally, scheduled for the same venue, at 3 p.m. Tuesday.
    He joked that the canned goods and other donations were a “cover charge” for
    supporters to hear the band’s performance. And then he hopped down from the
    trunk and, while the band played, he and Portman helped to put items in
    A pool reporter asked Romney nearly half a dozen times whether he would
    eliminate FEMA as president; each time, Romney ignored the question.
    After about half an hour, Romney had exited. Many supporters began streaming
    out of the venue just after Romney had wrapped up his remarks.
    Among them was Mary McGirr, a 63-year-old retired professor and Romney
    supporter from southern Dayton.
    “I thought it was very appropriate,” McGirr said of the event. “I thought it
    was very presidential — not political. I think it gave people a feeling of
    helping out.”
    Later Tuesday, Romney was expected to head to Tampa, Fla.

  113. JuanaM says:

    The RedCross does not have a monopoly in helping victims of the disaster caused by Hurricane Sandy. Romney had an schedule campaign stop there, which he turned into a food collection, spread the word about donating to the RedCross, brought media attention to that subject and to himself, of course. Nothing wrong with that. No story here.

  114. BeccaM says:

    Some cans of generic-brand vegetables…and an anti-Obama t-shirt that was in all likelihood made in China.

    Yeah, that’ll really help. And how exactly are people without gas or electricity or, in some cases, an actual home, supposed to make use of somebody’s unwanted canned vegetables?

    Wait, I imagine those t-shirts are highly flammable, so I suppose one could make a campfire out of them, and then prop the can on some rocks over the fire…

    Anyway, I know the Red Cross puts “donate blood” on their list of things people can do — and I know why they do it, because people want to feel useful, as if they’re doing something. But in reality, in a natural disaster of this magnitude, I’m sure the thing the Red Cross and other relief organizations need most is simply money, and lots of it. They can buy everything they need, and in locations and quantities far more useful than any random truckload of what people imagine is needed, delivered to who knows where.

  115. BeccaM says:

    Ours says the same thing, the Roadrunner Food Bank. We have a recurring $50/month donation set up with them, and then usually throw some extra their way come the year-end holidays.

  116. taymee says:

    The complaint is that he is taking the supplies to the Red Cross, and if your right about him hiding that fact, more dishonesty should not STILL be outrageous, but is somehow. He is taking it to the Red Cross,. that would be why the Red Cross spokesperson said they are working with the Romney campaign to sort the stuff, but you’re talking like that isn’t the major focus of the article. fact that Romney decided to try to fool people into thinking they weren’t doing what they are doing just goes to show how susceptible you are to following blindly the man who says whatever you want to hear. 

  117. FLL says:

    In a comment below, JuanaM mentioned that the Romney campaign had identified a site for the canned goods to go to, a site that may be a food bank not associated with the Red Cross. That may be so, but that argument ignores the larger mistake. Romney fraudulently called the event in Ohio a “relief event” to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. He even said the destination for the canned goods was “somewhere in New Jersey.” This event, which gained maximum media coverage, was linked in the eyes of the public with relief for Hurricane Sandy because that’s how the Romney campaign described it. The Romney campaign was demonstrating to the public, through their relief event for Hurricane Sandy, that the way to help the victims of the hurricane was by donating canned goods. Romney used his access to media coverage to send a confusing and misleading message to the public. And you know what? He doesn’t give a rat’s ass, and neither do his cynical supporters.

  118. Us at the Red Cross appreciate your blood donations or monetary ones greatly! For a quick $10 donation simply text REDCROSS to 90999. 

  119. nicho says:

    Our local food pantry will take donations of food, but would prefer cash. That way, they can get food they really need, and since they can get special deals, they can get more food for the buck than you can.

  120. nicho says:

    Complaining about Romney holding campaign rallies during a national disaster and collecting a few cans of food so he can call it a “relief effort.” Total fraud.

  121. plooger says:

    And as was made abundantly clear by the St Vincent De Paul food bank incident, the Red Cross dare not directly state that the materials donation was unhelpful and that people should NOT be making such contributions.  If they say anything that could be construed as directly critical of Romney, they could jeopardize their donations.

  122. Guest says:

    “I think it’s New Jersey”?????!!!!!  What planet does this cretin come from?  Oh.  I forgot.  It’s Kolob.  And why doesn’t he just write a big check from his Cayman Islands account to the Red Cross?  Enough of this creep and his apologists.

  123. JuanaM says:

    Romney said:
    “We have a lot of goods here and I know there is more coming in. We’re going to
    box these things up in just a minute, put them on some trucks and then send them
    into, I think it’s New Jersey, a site we have identified that can take these
    goods and distribute them to people who need them.” 

    No mention of Red Cross… he said we had identified a site in New Jersey that can take these goods…

    Meanwhile, on a huge screen it said donate to the Red Cross by texting, blah blah blah, he said it yesterday and today, so did his wife, they both said to donate money to the red cross and blood…

    what are you complaining about?

  124. Litterbox says:

    What a gigantic douchenozzle.

  125. Maybe Mr. Romney could have just written one of those giant checks you see for effect? You know, a 3 foot by 6 foot piece of cardboard worth, oh….. a $10K tax-deductible donation to the Red Cross?

  126. Sally says:

    If they had been the least bit concerned, they would ahve taken that truckload of stuff to Youngstown to the Soup Kitchen Ryan screwed with, who lost donors due to the stunt he pulled. He should have taken it there, with no cameras and no reporters, and offered to do soem REAL work up there. But these guys do nothing that doesn’t benefit them.

  127. Sally says:

    But a natural disaster only brings out more political division from Romney, and more work to be done by ‘you people.’ He would unite no one but the 1%, who are doing quite well on their islands and in their mansions.

  128. Non Partial, Non political says:

    It’s a shame that it takes a national disaster to bring people together, and help people.

  129. Guest says:

    A desperate stunt, and an obscenity of self-congratulation.  On the earlier thread, I posted a quote, which someone took exception to for irrational reasons I don’t understand.  For him, and for those uninitiated, it contained several layers of double entendre.  It was, for one thing, a quotation from the real Gospel of Jesus Christ, as opposed to being from “another Gospel of Jesus Christ” of which Romney is an adherent.  There’s no accident about this.  What’s he’s doing, in addition to craven grandstanding is pure Mormonism.  That cult is Arminianism on steroids.  And make no mistake about it, the Romney campaign is a stealth effort by the Mormon church to legitimize itself and make itself part of the supposed “mainstream” (if there is such a thing) of American religious belief.  That’s reason enough by itself to repudiate this poseur.  His contemptible self-congratulation, revealed today in full blast, should end the debate.  This is desperation season for the Romney campaign.  Their private polls tell them they’re going to lose.  They’re going into hyper-hysterical attack as a result.  And then, to put the icing on the cake, they trot out in Ohio today that bitter old sore loser McCain to attack the President.  To paraphrase a past public figure:  Have you no shame?  (deafening answer of “no” heard(.  

  130. vancitydan says:

    Ha. You forgot the quotation marks around “Right Way”… ;-)

  131. Jessica says:

    You know who needs canned food a lot more than the Red Cross (which says they don’t want it anyway)? Local food pantries. That’s exactly what they’re set up to do: collect non-perishable food and distribute it to people in need within their jurisdictions. 

    Give food to your local food pantry and make a difference in the lives of your neighbors. No matter where you live or how affluent the area, there are people who go to bed each night hungry.

    Take non-perishable food to your food pantry and give blood and money to the Red Cross.

  132. Jim Olson says:

    How do we get Anderson Cooper to cover this the right way? 

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