Romney laughs at Meatloaf’s butchering of “America the Beautiful”

Imagine had President Obama done such a train wreck with one of our most revered patriotic hymns. Meatloaf was yelling and screaming incoherently. It looked like three out of the four on stage were drunk. They didn’t even get the words right, or finish the song. Listen to the guy at the end, just singing a few more words for the “fun” of it after the song is over.

This is quite possibly the worst thing since Eastwood talked to that chair.

I’m not convinced that a candidate who regularly implies that the his opponent is a socialist, and un-American, should be laughing at the desecration of one of our unofficial national anthems.

I’ll say it again: Watch the video, and then tell me what Mitt Romney would have done had Barack Obama laughed while one of his top supporters stood next to him and made a mockery of “America the Beautiful.”

The bizarre video is below:

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