Romney campaign “hindering” and “impeding” Hurricane Sandy relief

UPDATE: Mitt Romney continues to interfere with Hurricane Sandy response in an effort to use Sandy as an “opportunity” to bolster his presidential bona fides.

[email protected]: Gov. Romney has also been in touch with [VA] Governors Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie about storm preparation

Coming on the heels of the Romney campaign apparently confirming Mitt Romney’s earlier promise to shut down FEMA and move its duties to the states, the news that Team Romney’s token “hurricane relief” effort is making things worse for disaster relief agencies is yet another example of how everything Mitt Romney touches – even disasters – end up a disaster.

Yesterday we learned via ABC’s Emily Friedman that Romney campaign was pitching in and gathering supplies to donate for hurricane relief:

Romney hurricane relief

All well and good except, of course, that it’s the opposite of what disaster relief experts advise you to do.  In fact, they warn that such efforts actually “hinder” relief.  Had the Romney campaign bothered reading the Red Cross Web site to see WHAT was needed, or even simply asked someone at the Red Cross,they’d have known this.

And I quote from the Red Cross Web site:

Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints the Red Cross does not accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items. Items such as collected food, used clothing and shoes must be sorted, cleaned, repackaged and transported which impedes the valuable resources of money, time, and personnel.

It “impedes” relief efforts, it doesn’t help.  The Red Cross prefers money because it’s far easier to handle, and can be spent where it’s most needed and on what is most needed.

Why didn’t the Romney campaign contact the Red Cross?  Unless their goal was not to actually help people affected by Hurricane Sandy, but rather to use yet another national tragedy as an “opportunity.”

There’s that devastating word again: “opportunity.”

A real life example of good intentions gone wrong: The Joplin, MO tornado of May 22, 2011.

Look at what the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, under Republican Governor Mitch Daniels, had to say about the damage caused by people donating goods instead of money:

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security has been asked to spread the word that unsolicited goods and volunteers are hindering the effectiveness of response and recovery efforts in Joplin, Missouri.

Emergency responders in Missouri say that critical resources and personnel in the affected area are being redirected from the important work of response and relief to managing what has become a deluge of unneeded donated items and independent volunteers.

The single best way to help disaster survivors is with a cash donation to a legitimate relief agency, such as the American Red Cross, operating in the area.

And putting aside for a moment the Romney campaign’s intent, they botched it either way.  During a national crisis the Romney campaign didn’t have its act together enough to avoid sending the wrong signal to the American people.  They sent the message that Americans should collect relief supplies, and that message will now hinder Hurricane Sandy relief.

He just had to stick his nose in it, as always.

These people are dangerous as candidates.  Imagine what they’d do if they had any power.

CyberDisobedience on Substack | @aravosis | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn. John Aravosis is the Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. He has a joint law degree (JD) and masters in Foreign Service from Georgetown; and has worked in the US Senate, World Bank, Children's Defense Fund, the United Nations Development Programme, and as a stringer for the Economist. He is a frequent TV pundit, having appeared on the O'Reilly Factor, Hardball, World News Tonight, Nightline, AM Joy & Reliable Sources, among others. John lives in Washington, DC. .

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698 Responses to “Romney campaign “hindering” and “impeding” Hurricane Sandy relief”

  1. john smith says:

    It sounds like “trickle down” relief as far as the Red Cross goes. And
    FEMA seems to be a joke, didn’t they learn anything from Katrina

  2. robsytles says:

    It sounds like “trickle down” relief as far as the Red Cross goes. And FEMA seems to be a joke, didn’t they learn anything from Katrina? They were soliciting bids for someone to supply water and distribute it to the victims of the hurricane.

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    Omg, hope everyone is alright. many people must have lost their homes

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  9. eremu says:

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  10. eremu says:

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  11. Jack Tilders says:

    When I read those words I am still in shock “Mitt Romney continues to interfere with Hurricane Sandy response in an
    effort to use Sandy as an “opportunity” to bolster his presidential bona
    fides.”. Horrible, just horrible! Riding off the backs of those poor people who were devastated by Sandy. – Jack Tilders

  12. GracePK says:

    Romney was following the liberal rules.  We are constantly being asked to fill a bag with food. Our kids are taught that you show that you CARE by giving cans of food. There are food drives going on constantly to show how much we CARE.  This kind if ‘GIVING GOODS & FOOD to prove that you CARE is forever being shoved down ours and our children’s throats by Liberals.
    So why is it that Romney collecting goods for people in Sandy’s path is BAD. But President Obama walking along, holding hands with Christy, promising government help that doesn’t come, means Obama is GOOD. Promises by Obama is better than action by Romney.  Okay, that makes sense. NOT !!!!

  13. Rest says:

    What a disgrace and total BS – NO vote for Obama tomorrow for sure………….

  14. CEHE123 says:

    Probably not, we were hit by the tornadoes in April of last year in Alabama. I never saw the Red Cross even one time in my area. We saw neighbors helping neighbors immediately and church groups handing out food for weeks. I think it is very suspicious for an organization to be only asking for money. It didn’t seem too hard for the local groups for our community here to take donations and distribute them. It makes you wonder where the money is going. If they want anything from me, it won’t be money.

  15. truthseeker says:

    Wow, this story is ridiculous. You take some text from the FAQ section of the red cross website asking people not to bring food and used closes to local donation centers and turn it into a BS story that someone that is taking things that people need directly to the disaster site is some how hindering relief efforts. This site and everyone that write for it are a joke!! You should be ashamed. You people don’t know new and journalism from you’re own A$$es! Got to love the internet. Any idiot can say anything.

  16. UhHuh says:

     I suggest that you go back and really read the article.  Then, turn off Fox News and please take the time to listen to just about any other unbiased news source.  What you will hear will be radically different than what you’re used to hearing from the propaganda channels.  Please get your facts straight.

    People aren’t about to praise those who are using tragedy for personal gain.  The only reason you’ve commented here is because “your boy” Romney was caught once more trying to profit from the pain of others, and you’re angry about it!  I only wish that you were “angry” enough to recognize who and what your candidate really is and does, and to realize that he doesn’t have anyone’s interests at heart unless they are also exceedingly rich.

    As for Obama, even Republican Governors have praised his response to Hurricane Sandy to the skies.  You can’t ask more of a President than that he do his job exceedingly well…which is far more than Bush, Cheney, or “Heckuva Job Brownie” ever did.

  17. UhHuh says:

     Assuming that what you wrote is actually true, I doubt very much if the Dodd-Frank Act is solely to blame. 

    I also doubt very much if you were ‘…better off before’.  NO ONE except the ultra-rich were ‘…better off before’…Bush, Cheney, Rove, and all their little Wall Street friends made sure of that!

  18. UhHuh says:

     Your post speaks for itself…”Romney has done more to help than any of the loser’s posting on this website, and you all know who you are!  6 more days bitches!”

    Many who have posted here are people with heavy experience volunteering with disasters under their belts. 

    And yet, “Romney has done more to help” than anyone else here has…? 

    You make us all laugh, not just with all your idiotic suppositions but with your utter lack of proper English grammar and punctuation.

    Regarding the election…unless the GOP manages MORE massive voter suppression and fraud to bolster up Romney’s numbers, Obama will win.

    It’s a sad day when one party routinely stoops to fraud, voter suppression, and outright lying and cheating to “win” an election, isn’t it?  The GOP would be hanging their heads in shame, if they had any.

  19. UhHuh says:

     Once again, Flubber, all bluster and no facts. 

    Mormonism HAS been classified as a CULT (albeit a very large and widespread one) by professional cult de-programmers.  Frankly, as long as they kept to themselves and didn’t try to influence elections or enact laws impacting other people, most of us here couldn’t care less WHAT they believed.  But ay, there’s the rub…they DO NOT keep to themselves…and they control the operation and the laws of an entire state.

    Most everyone here recognizes you for the troll that you are. 

  20. Really? says:

     That’s a really funny comment, coming from a right-winger…IT IS THE RIGHT-WING that “plays politics with everything”…living proof of that is the nightmare that Congress has been since 2010, refusing to pass virtually any bill or program on behalf of the American People.  The suffering that has come from their strategy of “playing politics with everything” has occurred on a massive scale…

    If folks are trying to help, then they should do what is most effective, wouldn’t you agree?  That would be much better than posing and giving the APPEARANCE of help, wouldn’t it? 

    At least Obama is doing his job properly, which is more than one could ever say for the likes of Romney, Bush, and “Heckuva-Job Brownie”…

  21. REALRedCrossVolunteer says:

    The thing about donation drives is that they are usually done when nothing is going on.  This gives the RC the time they need to take to go over every item and make sure it is safe and in good shape.

  22. mjazzguitar says:

    It sounds like “trickle down” relief as far as the Red Cross goes. And FEMA seems to be a joke, didn’t they learn anything from Katrina? They were soliciting bids for someone to supply water and distribute it to the victims of the hurricane.
    Where in the article does it say Romney was trying to give it to the Red Cross anyway?

  23. REALRedCrossVolunteer says:

    Wow, 4 million dollars.  How many were affected?  Lets say one million.  That means the RC has $4.00 per person to spend to help them.  I’m thinking it probably is gonna take a lot more money to help everyone out there.  So just what is gonna be left for the RC to abscond with?  Geez.

  24. Edwards says:

    The small financial firm my husband worked for was sold to a larger financial firm. The owners could not stay in business because the monolithic compliance procedures required by the 1700 page Dodd-Frank Act costs so much that it
    would have made the firm insolvent. Because of the sale,90% of the people at the firm lost their jobs. And because so many small banks and financial firms face the same problems, there are no new jobs. So, the bill that was supposed to get the big banks in line, served to eliminate some of their competition and create potentially permanent unemployment for a lot of American people whose plight Obama cares about. Thanks. Dear Obama, do me a favor, stop caring about my plight. I was a lot better off than before!

  25. Edwards says:

    People do donate to FEMA – It’s called taxes.

  26. REALRedCrossVolunteer says:

    Eleanor, thank you for that.  The one thing I do know is that in all the years I have been involved with disasters, I have yet to see Mormon Helping Hands anywhere near.  And your explanation explains it.  Looks like flubber1 has had to throw his unknowledgeable and probably made up troll rebuttal in replay.  I like that he uses that same phrase:  Talk to a Bishop to answer your questions.  I believe that’s a direct quote from MRomney.

  27. REALRedCrossVolunteer says:

    fubber1, for a troll you are a real piece of work.  You don’t like to really read anything either.  Very obvious from your posts.  So here is a little education if you can pay attention long enough:

    Most of the time the ARC is the first to respond, though most people only hear about it if they do not.  As for donations of junk, you would not believe the junk I have seen brought in when we do drives.   One person actually thought it was OK to give us all his used toothbrushes, since he didn’t know where else to get rid of them.  Used, torn clothing, mismatched shoes, expired foods, moldy bread, moldy sheets, I really could go on and on.  Since I’ve been doing this for over 30 years, I have seen a lot.  I’m not running my mouth off, just giving you the benefit of my experience so you don’t have to learn how to research this kind of thing.

    Yes, everyone wants to help, some in specific ways, and there are places that will take that help because they are set up to.  The ARC is not.  Yes, I see what is in people’s hearts, I taught First Aid, CPR, and many disaster classes over the years and got to see into a lot of people’s hearts.  I did Emergency assistance to Families and saw the sorrow and loss in their hearts.  And I worked out in the cold doing damage assessment in a foot of water and watched people heckling from the higher banks.  And I’ve read the comments from many folks on this thread trashing the ARC because they really have no clue.  I have a pretty good idea of who to be nice to.  So give ME a break and stop going on about things you have no knowledge of.

    OK, I will now return this thread to its regularly scheduled trolls and debaters.

  28. UhHuh says:

     No, I read that wrong.  You’re saying that because YOU and your family “prepared”, everyone else who is in a life-or-death situation should just lump it?  As the poster below said, if your house is destroyed, it doesn’t matter how many ‘preparations’ you had…more often than not, all of it would be gone.  Should they just ‘do without’ because their supplies didn’t survive the storm?  What about those who had no extra money to ‘prepare’–should they just refuse all ‘free handouts’ too? 

     I wish I could say that I was shocked by your attitude and total lack of compassion, but since your beliefs seem to be the political platform of the Republican Party these days…I suppose we can’t expect any more that that from you or your ilk. 

    If I had my ‘druthers’, I’d be voting for Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala…candidates who have a long history of caring for all people everywhere.  Since people such as you insist on voting for that tool, Romney, I’m afraid that I have no choice but to vote Obama just to make sure that we don’t end up with another “let-them-eat-cake” type in high political office. 

  29. UhHuh says:

     Really?  You and your family are affected by the storm, and you will refuse the “free handout” aid offered to your family to help them weather this disaster without being harmed…?  WOW.  Isn’t that taking personal pride just a little too far…?!?

  30. UhHuh says:

     Really.  Well, RobK, you’d be wrong there; I have.  As someone who has also volunteered in several disaster situations, I know far more about all of this than I would care to discuss. 

    The real issue throughout this whole campaign (and this article, for that matter) IS…WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT THE PLIGHT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?  The real facts are there for all who choose to look into them. (I’ll give you a hint: it’s NOT Mr. Romney.)

  31. UhHuh says:

     Yes, they are.  They are watching Obama handle Hurricane Sandy so well that even Republican Governors are praising him to the skies. They are also watching all of the posing and the shenanigans that Mitt & Co. have been doing, both now and throughout this entire campaign. 

    Thank God most of the American People are wise to what is really going on!  They see the massive difference between what Obama has done and what Romney & Co. have done…and they are going to make the correct choice…Obama in 2012.

  32. UhHuh says:

     That’s exactly what Flubber is.  If you read the rest of his posts, they all read the same way: all bluster, no facts. 

    But you know how it is…that’s the right-wing way of coping with reality…the truth hurts so much that they feel like they really have no choice but to spout all the spin that their party dumps their way.

  33. UhHuh says:

     I post FACTS, Flubber.  FACTS MATTER, bud…facts matter!   It’s no accident that you always seem to get yours wrong.  Give us all a break and give it a rest…people just aren’t buying what you’re selling. 

    Now tool on back to Karl and get your paycheck for your trolling here…

  34. UhHuh! says:

     Flubber, as a paid right-wing troll, you’re not in any position to talk.  I’ve been posting FACTS, pal.  FACTS MATTER, Flubber.  FACTS MATTER.

  35. UhHuh says:

     Not so; if you’d been volunteering a lot, you would know that.  Many of those who have posted HAVE ACTUAL EXPERIENCE in this area, Flubber.  I’d be willing to bet a great deal that you’re just another “armchair” poster, like so many others here.

  36. UhHuh says:

     No, I’m not an atheist.  I’m simply wise to all the tricks that the right-wing pulls, is all. 

    Too bad you are not wise to them.

  37. UhHuh says:

     What can I say to any of what you just posted except…WOW.  Clearly you haven’t done any of your own research, have you?  If you had, you’d know that all of that is a bunch of spin to cover up who Romney really IS and what he’s really done. 

    Clearly, you can’t save some people from themselves…this is the case with much of the right-wing out there…

  38. UhHuh says:

     Yes, YOUR blind eyes!  The right-wing would know BEST about THAT subject, since you spend all your time listening to Rush and watching Fox…

  39. UhHuh says:

    “The south always rises to any occasion and disaster. We can be counted
    on!!!  and we don;t look are party affiliation, sex, religion, skin
    color, etc…………..we help everyone in need!!”

    Really.  I don’t know which ‘south’ you’re from…but this completely flies in the face of the way that things really are and have been for a great while. 

  40. UhHuh says:

     Let us hope, then, that you never need them!  If you ever do, you will be singing a different tune.

  41. REALRedCrossVolunteer says:

    Limdamp, you need to do some research before you run your mouth again.  You DO NOT EVER have to pay back what you get from the ARC.   EVER.  It IS NOT a loan.  It is to help you get thru the first few days and no one will ever take it back.  Got it?  Don’t believe me?  Go do some research then.

  42. Mrs. Lovey Howell says:

    You don’t deserve ours either.  Idjit

  43. Guest says:

    We will probably never know since most earnest and sincere people don’t sound an alarm when they give.  

  44. Guest says:

    I don’t think you get what the poster is saying. This is about THE RED CROSS.  Not about random donations to other organizations.  Governor Romney said he intended to donate these items to THE RED CROSS, but didn’t bother to check their donation guidelines.  Since he didn’t, the people who would most benefit from these items won’t get them in time.  Why?  Because of Red Cross guidelines!  The items have to be inspected, cleaned, sorted, stored and transported.

    Had he opted to coordinate with another organization that *does* take these things, or found a way to get these items directly to the people that needed them (IOW, without a middle-mad) there wouldn’t have been a problem.  But again, organizations that you’re going to donate to, even ones I can’t stand like the Red Cross, do have guidelines that should be followed, especially when you’re dealing with a disaster.

  45. Jaclfc says:

    Obama doesn’t deserve my vote or respect

  46. Guest says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Frances.  

  47. Guest says:

    You do realize that a lot of these people DID prepare.  But there’s not much you can do to protect a house in the path of a huge hurricane.  

    Your lack of compassion is not surprising.  But what is surprising, though, is your lack of common sense.  When a storm blows your house down, everything, including all your so-called PREPARATIONS go with it.  DUH.Here’s to hoping that if you are ever faced with a similar tragedy, someone like ME, rather than someone like YOU, will be there to help.

  48. Guest says:

    First of all, Mitt Romney is stupid.  If he had bothered to check with the Red Cross, he would’ve seen that all that “stuff” will just bog down their relief efforts, and God knows they don’t need any outside help getting bogged down.  They do quite well f-ing stuff up on their own.  It would have been just as easy (for photo op purposes) for Romney to collect money at his “relief rally” rather than a bunch of “stuff” that has to be inspected, cleaned and sorted.  

    Secondly, I wouldn’t send the Red Cross a dime.  Not after all the shenanigans during 911, when it was found that not all the money they collected would go to the victims.  They decide IF, WHEN and WHERE the money goes.  Also, during Katrina, it took them forever to get to New Orleans, but the Salvation Army found a way to get a truck into the worst area a day after the storm hit.  They were serving meals and water even before FEMA arrived nearly five days later. Not to mention the fact that the people at the top of the Red Cross’ “charitable” organization make huge salaries.   

    Thirdly, speaking of the Salvation Army, the Red Cross isn’t the only game in town.  The Salvation Army has been around since forever and are doing great work across the country.  They helped my family when I was a kid living in a poor neighborhood.  They were there for the community. For this, I will forever be grateful to them.

  49. Solid says:

    YEAH REALLY!!!! you are not only one effected by the storm SO AM I and my family NO MORE FREE HANDOUTS!!!!! Should have prepared!!!! GO MITT

  50. PAM says:


  51. really? says:

    my family is one of many devasted by Sandy, I have to say that I have never been more offended in my life than by some of the comments that I have read below.  I’d like to first state that because I am in a situation does not mean that I will accept anything, nor should I be made to feel that I am suppossed to. 

    Clothing:  Clothing has to be inspected for germs, bacterias and bed bugs.  what good is your help if it makes my family sick anyway.

    Furthermore, used clothing is only as good as the person that it fits, if clothes are a certain size then that article of clothing will sit around until someone that size needs it while others who need will not have anything.

    Food: people that donate food normally start in their cupboaards and almost never pay attention to the expiration date.  

    Secondly, granola bars?  Are kidding me.  The people here want a hot meal, not the human version of a dog biscuit.

    When giving food to a vast majority of people, you have to be conscious of health issues, potential allergies, and religiouns, especially in the greater new york area.  

    Lastly, and most important, why would give a person that has no shelter, heat, hot water, energy, or cooking gas any type of food that requires preparation andor storage.  Idiots is what they are. 

    As for my self, I didn’t need nor would have subcomb myself to the need if I didn’t have to, at first I felt bad for felling that way, but after having read the below comment from apparaently what is the other 53%, I am glad that I didn’t.

    His is worth over 25 million, his campaign collected nearly 1 billioin, the $5000 his aides spent on remanufactured, clone grown food, priceless. 

  52. Lindamp2 says:

    and the money you do get from ARC is in the form of a loan right???  with the exception of maybe $100.00 everything else you have to pay back.  That’s not being  charitable with money that was give as a charitable donation in the first place. 

  53. Lindamp2 says:

    Here in TN were were devasted by the flood of 2010 and obama never came here to survey the damage or even do a fly over.  It was 9 days after the flood that Janet Napatano came to Nahville.  Buy than Tennesseans had joined together and cleaned the place up ourselves. 
    BTW, FEMA is a joke.  I feel sorry for all those people up north, soon they will find out what a joke FEMA is when they start rejecting their claims!!!

  54. Lindamp2 says:

    i’d rather give my time or anything I have to give but I will never donate to the red cross!!  Not after Haiti and Katrina!!!!!  RED CROSS is a huge beauratic scam IMHO.

  55. Alex M says:

    Obana sux at many things but Romney is just doing it all wrong all the time! He cares about fetuses and not about women, tries to implement economic miracle that Bush tried and failed, flip flops on most of the things he says – he’s a recipe for major disaster! 

  56. Lindamp2 says:

    what on earth did people do before expiration dates were put one food products???  my, my my!!Than I guess we need to outlaw all those canned good drives that the US Postals service does twice a year, and what about second harvest food bank? They are from donations given by private citizens?Yea Red Cross did alot of good for those poor souls in Haiti.  Billions of dollars raised for the earthqake releif and still they are living in squaller in Haiti!!.People in NY and NJ are begging for simple supplies like clothing and toilet paper for heaven sake!!!! NOT a fistfull of dollars that they can’t spend right now!!!!

  57. Lindamp2 says:

    You have to understand Bones, you are talking about the south when you mention FL, Al, MS. and LA.  The south is a completely different breed of people.  We help our fellow neighbors in need regardless.  We’ll go thru hell and high water to help.  Look at AL, they drove 4 utility trucks to NJ to help to get their power back on and were turned away because they weren’t union  or  would not comply with union alliliation.
    The south always rises to any occasion and disaster. We can be counted on!!!  and we don;t look are party affiliation, sex, religion, skin color, etc…………..we help everyone in need!!
    Romney would have those truck loads go to whereever they were needed, not necessarily just the Red Cross!!!

  58. Kathyhill007 says:

    I think media is so biased toward Obama, showcasing every move he makes, that it is truly pathetic.
    Romney makes a huge attempt at his own expense to help during the disaster, and it is shot down as a campaign manuever….while once again Obama is exaulted because he is willing to kick in help that doesn’t cost him a dime out of his own pocket.  Justice will be done…maybe not now…..but justice will be done.  How is it that Romney contributed 19% of his income to Charity last year and Obama contributed 3% of his and of course Biden 1%. ?  Why does Romney get the rap for not caring about the poor when he and his family have done mission work before he even had his eyes on leading our country?  People with no heart for the poor do not do mission work!  The Lord hates uneven scales….!!!!!!  A sincere man of God doing all in his power to help and berated to make Obama once again look like the king of all.
    Someone needs to get on their knees and ask forgiveness for the lies and cover ups that have occurred during this campaign…it is a disgrace!!

  59. a person says:

    Funny that a photo op is what Obama’s been after too. Why do both sides act like their candidate is god when both are just men?

  60. Frances says:

    In my humble opinion the “Red Cross” would say that for the reason they do everything else… get people to send your money to the Red Cross. They wouldn’t get a red dime from me under ANY circumstances.  They, along with the HSUS and other giant NON PROFIT organizations, are beneath contempt.

  61. kn2 says:

    the charitable organizations that tell me that what I have to give isn’t good enough –  or that say ” we only want your money”  – will be the LAST organization I give ANYTHING to period. People who have lost every single item of clothing and blankets in a flood or fire, want clothing period. They will gladly take a sack of groceries and a blanket or sweatshirt – not just a debit card that they have no way to use since there is no gas or stores or restaurants open! GIVE TO YOUR CHURCHES or RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION CHARITIES – they know how to best take care of the community and who needs help with in their congregations. Since this is obviously a left liberal blog – I’m sure you  would rather die waiting for a government agency to give you a hand out than take anything from the church.

  62. MikeinSanJose says:

     PROVE IT!  Show me a link to any verifiable Non-teabagger or other republican propaganda source that says Romney actually donated money for Hurricane Sandy relief.  I’m not talking the $5000 he spent to buy all the canned goods for his ‘supporters’ to ‘donate’ for his photo opp.  I want HARD EVIDENCE that Mr. Mittens Romney actually made any sort of financial contribution out of the goodness of his heart with no desire for publicity or any other sort of payback.

    $5000 to Mittens is less than a penny to normal folk, and won’t go very far at all in this situation.  Show me something REAL!  Something SUBSTANTIAL!!  And none of this “But but but…  OBAMA” bullshit!  Mitt opened this door, stop trying to distract from the facts, asshole.

    You sound like a trained monkey.

  63. fubber1 says:

    you really don’t have any information do you? You wouldn’t know a cult if it bit you in the butt.

  64. fubber1 says:

    What ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. fubber1 says:

    No! The church has helped other churches of different faiths from Catholic, Baptists and even Muslim religion. Not many churches do that. 

  66. fubber1 says:

    Eleanor, you are  very wrong on every level of your comment. Mormon Helping hands has been helping “Disaster Relief” for many, many years, working with other agencies. Most of the time they are there before Fema even gets there because it is done on a local level. They have helped churches of other faiths to rebuild, given food, clothing, medicine and supplies all over the world. As far as Romney is concerned, he has given to those who need it directly without all of the fanfare that many other prominent or famous people crave so that the media can catch them in the act of them doing it. Yes, he does give tithings and fast offerings which help the poor, and needy. You need to do a lot more research. Go to the actual source instead of a 3rd or 4th party for your information. Go visit an LDS church and talk to a Bishop to answer your questions so that you are more informed. Get the facts. 

  67. fubber1 says:

    I have seen the Red Cross, Fema in action and have had to clean up the mess that Fema created after the fact. True that Red Cross does a lot of good, but on the other hand there is so much red tape that it is hard to get anything done on a timely manner. Some of you make it sound as though the common person is going to go out of their way to give out bad food, water and dirty clothes. Give me a break. Be  nice for a change!!! instead of running the mouth off, see what’s in peoples hearts. Everyone wants to help, just in different ways.

  68. fubber1 says:

    He Did. That was the 1st thing he did. Did Obama??? I doubt it. Oh that’s right he needs to have the media there to prove he did it and make him look good. 

  69. fubber1 says:

    He Did. That was the 1st thing he did. Did Obama??? I doubt it. Oh that’s right he needs to have the media there to prove he did it and make him look good. 

  70. fubber1 says:

    if you would do a little research, Romney did ask what he could do to help and the MEDIA turned it around. But so what else is new.

  71. fubber1 says:

    I think you need to take your own advise. You project a very negative outlook on life in general. It shows with all of the comments you have posted. You can’t seem to understand when someone is trying to do something good, you have to find the bad. What good has Obama done for the common person? Very little!!! How much time has he spent in shmoosing with the late night crowd?? How much golf has he put it? alot!! You see, most people want someone who is not there to entertain the people but to be serious enough to be at every meeting that he is supposed to attend (Your boy, does not have a good record on that, Look it up) Also, he has very little appreciation for the little guy and small businesses. Look it up. You very quickly discredit anyone who disagrees with you. You must have a very sad and lonely life.

  72. fubber1 says:

    Thank you, someone with brains and knows what really is going on. I couldn’t have said it any better.

  73. fubber1 says:

    UhHuh, I think you have said way to much and have spewed to much negative poison for the last 2 days. Go poison some where else. 

  74. fubber1 says:

    No one donates a half-used bottle of shampoo. Get real. have you even seen a Relief Drive???? by the sounds of it you really have no clue. People go out of their way to donate good items, because they know it is what they would want if they needed it. 

  75. fubber1 says:

    He did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. fubber1 says:

    He Did, or don’t you read!!!!!!

  77. fubber1 says:

    At least Romney is doing something, What are you doing to help? Nothing…it’s easier to sit on a bar stool or at home with a can of Coors or something and trash the good things that some people are doing. If you were in the same situation and you were hungry or cold, would you turn down the help or would you scorn it? Something to think about.

  78. fubber1 says:

    You must be an Athiest.

  79. fubber1 says:

    Don’t always believe what you read in the media. How many times did Obama flib flop before he was president? A LOT!! Look it up instead of licking his shoes.

  80. fubber1 says:

    How do you know he doesn’t help them in so many ways? Are you there helping with the bowl. spoon, soup, a blanket, warm clothes? I don’t think so. How do you know he didn’t give all of that to someone along with the table and chair and a warm place to eat it in. Get real and do something, instead of spewing stupid statements.!!!!

  81. fubber1 says:

    UhHuh, you really do not know what you are talking about. #1 there is no Mormon Church Basement. If you knew anything about the church you would have known not to say such a stupid thing as that. Who cares where the money is from as long as it helps those that need it. #2). you really do not know the sacrifices and the actual rolling up the sleeves that Romney has done since he was a youth, which is more than a lot of people have done. You have no idea all of the service that Romney has done for a lot of people. You need to do some actual research before you start spewing poison about other people you have shown you know nothing about.

  82. fubber1 says:

    Truth is in the eye of the beholder or in this case “The Blind Eye”.

  83. fubber1 says:

    I think you need to look some things up. #1). Romney didn’t screw anything up despite what the Left media has to say. He found out what he needed to do and started Relief Efforts in several places so that they could be shipped to where they needed to go and using other agencies who could distribute the items where they are most needed in a more timely manner than what Red Cross and Fema are doing. The gears of the Government run just a bit slower than what people really need. #2). Do you think that Your boy Obama isn’t using this to his advantage? You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not know it. That is why he spent so much time in Jersey. What about the other places that were effected? Another example is all of the different disasters that have happened last year. The president didn’t make a big deal about them. A fly by. A short stop over. Heck there were complete towns completely obliterated and they were denied Federal Funding. #3). Most people know (if they have any brains) that the economy screw ups have been building up or the last 25 years. But what most people are concerned with and for good reason is that Obama has done very little to help the common man. He spends more time playing golf or shmoosing with late night tv hosts than running a country. Get off your high horse and do some research.

  84. fubber1 says:

    Hate to tell you, but when you are starving and cold you would think twice. If you are so worried about tampering there are a lot of people who would be willing to donate their time to look for things like that. I’m sure asked, you would have an army of people who would be more willing to do so. I understand where you are coming from, but not all people have the luxury to donate even $10.00 for relief. There are alot of people who can not donate blood for various reasons. But don’t think that ALL people who donate in other ways are deviant and want to harm someone or are only donating dirty, junky stuff. There are alot of people who really care. 

  85. fubber1 says:

    OH BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. fubber1 says:

    No it doesn’t. Most people donate things that are good, clean, and within the expiration date. I have worked donating to. The Red cross is so tied up in Red Tape that it is hard for anyone to help. They do do a lot of good, but there are others that do just as much good and sometimes faster work than the Red Cross. People need things NOW, not 10 or 15 days from now.

  87. Janne Gee says:

    You know, if you negative people would keep from finding fault things would get done a lot faster. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if it had been “Obama” doing the relief aid, you would PRAISING his name to the highest rafters. Don’t deny it. I am really sick and tired along with more than half of America with negative comments about how awful Romney is. Yet, you will practically lick the shoes that Obama wears and that he can do no wrong. Such one sided reporting. What a disgrace. Everyone is trying to help. There are other agencies who are trying to bring in things without going through the Redcross, which has a habit of being extremely slow in helping. I know, I have seen it with many of the Hurricane relief efforts where we live. I think that putting someone down for not always donating money is wrong. Not everyone can donate money, Remember this is a recession despite what the Democrats say. There are a lot of people who want to give, but have to do it in another way. Get off the negative band wagon and start praising ALL people who try to care.

  88. HardHit says:

    The Red Cross prefers money because when they leave so does the money.  New Jersey will see very little of the millions donated.
    On Day 2 of the storm, there had already been over $4 million donated to the Red Cross, yet they were in New Jersey asking local
    businesses in the hardest struck areas for donations, instead of using that money to purchase the items needed to help the local
    economy that has also been hard struck.   People should donate to FEMA or organizations that are going to actually help NJ recover
    and rebuilt.

  89. RobK says:

     That was directed to whoever you quoted, not you.

  90. RobK says:

     You, my friend, must have never been in a catastrophic situation where you are freezing, starving and have no available cash, water, transportation, etc. Believe me, you would welcome a can of soup, even if it wasn’t handed to you from a Red Cross “emergency expert”. You would eat from a dumpster if you needed to survive. Also, the news was reporting that some areas of NJ were asking for donations of clothing and food because the Red Cross hadn’t arrived yet. Wake up and see the real world.


  91. UhHuh says:

    “Yesterday, Mitt Romney had “relief event” in Ohio. To
    bolster the Romney/Ryan talking point that private charity is more
    effective than government management, they encouraged people to bring
    relief aid to the Victory Rally. Romney held up boxes of clothes, food
    and other goods.

    The only problem is that the Red Cross doesn’t accept them.
    Taking food, clothes and goods from Americans in God knows what
    sanitary conditions requires inspecting, cleansing/sterilizing and
    repackaging, all of which costs extra money and man-hours. It also
    results in a hodge-podge of crap that people wanted to get rid of from
    their closets and cupboards. It’s not tailored to the needs of people in
    a crisis area, and it doesn’t allow groups like the Red Cross to
    purchase necessary goods from areas proximal to the disaster and thus
    support local economies.

    What Romney evidently didn’t know, because evidently
    nobody in charge of this “relief event” did a damn bit of planning, is
    that the best thing for relief organizations, for directly responding to
    the needs of victims and refugees, is money.”

    THAT is why so many have commented here.  Listening is important, facts matter. 

  92. andyou says:

    As a non-American, you might not be aware that “Heck of a job” or more commonly “Heckuva Job”  is a reference to the horribly inept FEMA head under Bush.  My comment is a criticism of Romney.

  93. An Ohioan checking the facts says:

    According to an article in the Columbus Dispatch (, the Romney campaign was aware of the limitations stated by the national Red Cross organization but then learned that the South Jersey chapter of the Red Cross IS accepting donations of canned goods and other supplies.  The Romney campaign did what they were supposed to by contacting a local agency and confirming the goods could be sent and made arrangements directly with the South Jersey chapter.  People really need to check their facts before getting in a tizzy.

  94. RobK says:

    Here’s the plan. Obama comes through with his college and passport records, Trump gives $5 Million to the Red Cross. That’s a lot of cans of soup…  instead of promises of Gov’t help.

  95. 1AUdentist6 says:

    The Left just does not get it…whatever is given by those on the right is always hated by the left.  Tell you what, I will DECREASE my charitable giving to Biden’s level if Obama gets re-elected.  He gave a whopping 1.6% of his income to charity.  I can save a LOT of money by reducing my giving to his levels and I don’t make anything near Biden’s income.  I continually do a great deal of charity out of my practice that I had no idea was so hated by the left…I can stop that too.  Hey, Left…stop hating charitable giving from those on the right or my money can be put to better use!

  96. Mardijohns says:

    Uh….he got all the red tape taken care of in advance so NJ would get aid as soon as possible.  duh!!!!  The Rep. major has been singing Obama’s praises for 3 days now! Don’t you watch the news?

  97. Mardijohns says:

    A blood donation would be awesome because the storm has dealt a huge blow to the available supple. I think I heard they were down some 9000 units in the ny area alone.

  98. Hoop23td says:

    Yeah and who says the Red Cross is the only way to help the people affected by this disaster? There are many other organizations that donate supplies and money that do just as much good as the Red Cross. Just because all the a-holes on this website hate religious groups, and all the great work that they do in our communities every day of the week, don’t delude yourselves into thinking that they are not really helping here. Romney has done more to help than any of the loser’s posting on this website, and you all know who you are! 6 more days bitches!

  99. boost says:

    You realize that the fairness doctrine is actually unconstitutional as it could impede free speech and freedom of the press?  But I guess you wanted to go right along with your big government talking points. 

  100. Mya W. says:

    So, are you saying as a representative of the ARC that this was not a coordinated effort between ARC headquarters and Romney? That you know this for a fact? Because every reporter is saying what the website says but no one seems to really know or can state for a fact that this was or was not the case.

  101. And what of Isaac, just last August?  Obama was not going to go the the storm damaged areas until Romney beat him to it.  Guess Obama didn’t want to be the last man out this time.

  102.  Exactly!  How dare they?!  Social Workers want to pretend they are doing good for humanity but just want their check and usually end up dropping the ball and people die.  Look it up — not all social workers mind you, but a lot.

  103.  Why is it that the Red Cross only wants money?  For Profit, much?! 

  104.  Money is not what’s needed.  What is needed is food and supplies like clothes and toiletries!  Do you really think anyone will be getting that money and going to a bank?  Give me a break!  If that’s your only solution to a disaster like this, then you have no idea.

  105.  If you’re a red cross employee — shouldn’t you be WORKING! and not blogging?!  Oh, but then I guess you’re trying to get your $10 that will not go to anyone but the “workers” at the Red Cross.

  106. tammy lane says:

    your an idiot..,.  take heed the American people are paying attention

  107. Colobear2012 says:

    It is called a battery or crank powered AM/FM radio or NOAA Weather Radio. You know, analog, old fashioned radio? You are aware some AM stations are required to have backup generating capacity to continue broadcasting in an emergency, and NOAA Weather Radio is designed for emergencies.

  108. Colobear2012 says:


  109. Colobear2012 says:

    No, it’s not. As a former Red Cross Disaster Relief worker, I can tell you they can’t accept direct donations like that. Think of the huge safety issues this brings up. Potentially expired canned goods, goods laced with poison by some opportunistic psycho. No, really you should donate money to relief organizations. Why? They can go directly to companies and buy pallets of clean, properly packaged and sorted fresh goods that can be used quickly. If someone shows up at a shelter with a car full of canned goods, they’ll be turned away.

    It is one thing to want to help, but there is a such thing as hurting via helping. And donating goods without being solicited hurts.

  110. Mixymix03 says:

    Of course the red cross wants your money instead of donations. They have to pay the president of the red cross her million dollar a year salary! They can’t do that with the things people need like food and supplies.
    The left media will do anything to back up the biggest joke of a president this country has ever seen.
    And try to slander someone who is trying to help just because there conservative. You can bet if it was obama doing the same, no one would say a ward except prays!
    GOD save our country!

  111. htowner says:

    LOVE how the Left can ‘play politics’ with everything. Note: IF FOLKS ARE TRYING TO HELP, LEAVE THEM ALONE!  Who cares what party. Thank GOD, Prez Obama is doing what he SHOULD be doing-even if it’s just to try and get votes! 

  112. Texomakid says:


  113. Bones says:

    What a complete crock.  I personally knew of many people that drove generators, food, ice, water, etc., directly to the people that needed it in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana after Katrina.  I believe the Red Cross when they say it is a hindrance when a bunch of supplies show up unexpectedl at their facilities.  However, if you can deliver directly to shelters, neighborhoods, churches, etc., THAT is a good thing.

  114. the_asp says:

    Mitt Romney’s so called help in Ohio (swing state) was a photo op,  IMHO not too many common sense or critical thinkers here, huh?  He was not a good governor in MA (my state) either!! 

  115.  Jesus your everywhere Amanda

  116. Markeson99 says:

    Only a Romney “hater” would put the negative spin on this.  Mitt Romney has a long history of helping others…closing his company to search for a missing girl…try looking it up.  Many large organizations run drives like this after a disaster and what they are doing is no different.  They will need these supplies as they begin the cleanup. They always do.  When you do all the amazing good deeds that Mitt Romney has than you can talk.

  117. UhHuh says:

     Pale, surely you realize that Last doesn’t even understand what facts are, as evidenced by his other responses.   He’s just another paid minion to do KKKarl Rove’s bidding, on the payroll of the Kock (yes, I said that on purpose) Brothers.

  118. UhHuh says:

    Then I suspect that you’ll be waiting a long time.   Obama will win, unless there’s a massive voter fraud issue on the part of the GOP…which looks likely considering all the outright corruption that your ilk have been up to as of late.  If your ilk does “win”, it won’t be with honor.

  119. Warren says:

    I found it interesting that you put Romney and Jeffs in the same sentence. But after I thought about it, they’re both cut from the same cloth.

  120. UhHuh says:

    PROJECTION–a classic psychological phenomenon that occurs when one person PROJECTS their bad qualities onto someone else, reviling that other person for “having those bad qualities” and therefore, being a “bad” person. 

    Your post is a classic case of that, Pete.  Everything that you say that you “hate” about Obama really describes what Romney has felt, said, and done.   I’m sure that the truth hurts–this is ‘your boy’, after all–but the American People just aren’t buying it, and that’s what REALLY HURTS, isn’t it?

    Facts matter, boy-o.  Facts matter.  Even Republican Governors have praised President Obama to the skies for his quick response to Hurricane Sandy. 

    And Bush’s fool who mishandled Hurricane Katrina so badly–you know him, “Heckuva Job Brownie”–HE has criticized President Obama’s response to Hurricane Sandy as being TOO QUICK!  LOL  

    Man, it must be awful to be a Republican these days!  Corruption, voter fraud, crazy incompetent fools both running for office and in the Congress…you people really do have it bad.  Unfortunately, since you haven’t seceded from the Union yet, we’re also stuck with your problems.

  121. UhHuh says:

     Flinn, even the Red Cross has asked Romney to STOP! 

    Romney is a man who can easily afford to write a big check to help out…in a situation where MONEY is what is most needed, not random crapola that will end up sitting in a warehouse somewhere or in some Mormon Church’s basement (more likely). 

    So, does Romney write that big check…?  NO.  He continues to “collect donations” (aka CAMPAIGN) in OHIO (a swing state), trying desperately to give the APPEARANCE that he cares and that he is actually helping people, while not doing a whole hell of a lot himself. 

    No, making donations is the exclusive province of “the lilttle guy”…those who don’t have much but care enough about others to make a difference with what little they DO have.  At least, that’s Romney’s philosophy.  Let us hope that others are more generous.

  122. UhHuh says:

     Why, they suffer from “compassionate conservatism”, of course.  As in, NO COMPASSION, NO CONSERVATISM AND NOT ONE MINISCULE BIT OF CARING AT ALL FOR ANYONE ELSE BESIDES THEMSELVES. 

  123. UhHuh says:

     Yeah, just like “Heckuva Job Brownie”…a man who is so stupid that he actually criticized Obama for responding to Hurricane Sandy TOO QUICKLY!  So much for ‘compassionate convservatism’, eh?

  124. UhHuh says:

     UPDATE: ‘Heckuva Job Brownie” actually criticized Obama for responding TOO QUICKLY to Hurricane Sandy!  At first I thought that this was a joke…but no…that numbnuts Brownie really IS that much of a stupid fool!  (shaking head)

  125. UhHuh says:

    the Republican party…these days, it’s the party of the ignorant, the
    uneducated, the robber barons, the religious zealots, and the morally

    Clearly our ‘friend’  Last here is one of the ignorant…why else would he post such silly statements?Facts matter, Last.  FACTS MATTER…and somehow you never get yours right!

  126. UhHuh says:

    Ah, the Republican party…these days, it’s the party of the ignorant, the uneducated, the robber barons, the religious zealots, and the morally bankrupt. 

    Clearly our ‘friend’  Last here is one of the ignorant…why else would he post such silly statements?

  127. UhHuh says:

     Thank you.  It’s amazing that we actually have to connect the dots for these people, but we do!  (sigh)

  128. UhHuh says:

     From another poster:  “Speaking of diverse media, did you know that between Romney and Rupert
    Murdoch, they control some 50% of the media outlets in the United
    States? Rupert Murdoch by himself owns more than a quarter of the
    world’s media. And you think Romney, with the assistance of Murdoch,
    will create a more diverse media in this country? LOLOL!!!! There is a
    HUGE reason why they not only helped overturn the Fairness Doctrine
    under Reagan, but why they oppose any effort to bring it back.”

    There is no “leftist press” to speak of.  The right-wing owns almost all news and media outlets.

    As for what Obama has done…EVEN REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS are praising his response to Hurricane Sandy!  And that numbnuts “Heckuva Job Brownie” is criticizing him for responding TOO QUICKLY!  LOL

    So stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!  Facts matter, bub.  FACTS MATTER.

  129. UhHuh says:

    From another poster:  “Speaking of diverse media, did you know that between Romney and Rupert
    Murdoch, they control some 50% of the media outlets in the United
    States? Rupert Murdoch by himself owns more than a quarter of the
    world’s media. And you think Romney, with the assistance of Murdoch,
    will create a more diverse media in this country? LOLOL!!!! There is a
    HUGE reason why they not only helped overturn the Fairness Doctrine
    under Reagan, but why they oppose any effort to bring it back.”

    The “lamestream media” is all owned by the right wing, so you have only yourselves to blame.

  130. Palemoon says:

     Funny, Republicans passed not only NAFTA, but 12 of 12 Free Trade Amendments. I don’t see you calling for a restructuring of the one-way “free trade for Israel” US-Israel Free Trade Agreement that Reagan signed in 1986 that effectively killed our farmers, why is that?? Cat got your tongue? What about the 10 Free Trade Agreements signed under Bush??

    And I will not hold my breath waiting on Romney to cut my pay in half, so how can he raise minimum wage when he’s on record as saying he’s not only against it, but thinks it should be lowered?

    Warrantless wiretapes. That was the domain of Bush advisers/administration members, one of which was John Bolton. Did you realize that John Bolton is now working for Romney? And you seriously think he is going to undo what he did under Bush? HAHAHA!!! You have got to be the World’s… Biggest… IDIOT!!

    But wait, there’s more!! The DC Madam was a whistleblower, threatening to blow the whistle on Republican corruption. How was she protected as a whistleblower when she ended up mysteriously dead after she outed Republican David Vitter??

    Speaking of which, why did Anthony Weiner have to resign for posting pictures of himself in boxers on Twitter, but David Vitter is caught cheating on his wife and his name and address in the possession of several Washington DC area brothels?? Loose lips sink ships, as the military saying goes… and far more damage was done to America by Vitter than Weiner’s pictures ever could.

    Habeas corpus, again, the team of Bush/Bolton stripped that from us. Labor protections? Romney, Ryan, Cantor, etc, have all vowed to kill “unnecessary” parts of the federal government such as OSHA. What does OSHA stand for again? By the way, it was Reagan who fired the FAA’s union. Remember?

    I’m not sure what you mean by “national security letters”, but Reagan holds the all-time record for writing the most executive orders by any President. Obama is far behind Reagan, W Bush and GH W Bush, in that order of the top 3.   ;-)

    As far as the mortgage thing, why is Republican Phil Gramm’s UBS not being held accountable for that? And why are they now laying off 10,000 workers? Why does Republican Phil Gramm get paid more than $1 million a year to sit in the USA in the halls of Congress as a lobbyist for UBS??

    Speaking of diverse media, did you know that between Romney and Rupert Murdoch, they control some 50% of the media outlets in the United States? Rupert Murdoch by himself owns more than a quarter of the world’s media. And you think Romney, with the assistance of Murdoch, will create a more diverse media in this country? LOLOL!!!! There is a HUGE reason why they not only helped overturn the Fairness Doctrine under Reagan, but why they oppose any effort to bring it back.

    Ban on replacement of striking workers? Funny, everyone from Romney to Rush Limpbaugh says that striking workers ought to be fired and their unions dismantled.  7 days of paid sick leave? What planet are you from? You seriously think Romney will give his employees sick leave? LOLOL!!!

  131. Palemoon says:

     What charity? Romney doesn’t have to give up a dime! He’s the master of getting other people to give up something so that he doesn’t have to.

    Question, how many homes does Romney have? How hard is his “suffering” in this economic downturn compared to the Joe on the street who makes $20,000 a year?

  132. Palemoon says:

     And yet, you Republicans consider social workers as living on entitlements and “mugging” the rich elites out of their money. How dare they!!

  133. The best way to help at this point is to donate blood or make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Thank you all so much for helping our neighbors out in this tragedy. the Red Cross appreciates the support.