GOP strategist: Romney is right, close FEMA, nobody cares about it

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast, GOP strategist Ron Bonjean just said on CNN that Mitt Romney is right, FEMA should be closed.

DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: In 2011, during the Republican primary, Mitt Romney said flat out that he thinks that FEMA should abolished, and should be privatized. Really?  At this moment in time, I think that’s the kind of thing, that’s the kind of comment, that could come back to haunt somebody like Mitt Romney.

GOP STRATEGIST RON BONJEAN: I have to say that I don’t think anyone, most people don’t have a positive impression of FEMA, and I think Mitt Romney is right on the button.  I don’t think anybody cares about that right now.

As background, we’d reported last night that there’s video of Romney during the primaries supporting the closure of FEMA.  Then, last night, the Romney campaign stood by Romney’s promise to shut down FEMA. And now, a Republican strategist representing Mitt Romney’s point of view on CNN confirms that Mitt Romney wants to shut down FEMA, and says he agrees with him because “nobody cares about” FEMA, and nobody likes it.

I suspect the millions threatened by Hurricane Sandy probably have a different point of view.

Here’s the video:

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61 Responses to “GOP strategist: Romney is right, close FEMA, nobody cares about it”

  1. NY-Knights says:

    This is a dangerous planet.. and its not just the weather but how do you think we will look back on all this in a hundred years – will it all be fixed?

  2. O2821091 says:

    You’re splitting hairs too actually. He never said he’d abolish it, just cut funding. It’d still be there, just smaller. 

    And the “morally wrong” was in reference to borrowing money from China and Japan. He doesn’t want to borrow money from them to fund FEMA because we’re putting that debt onto future generations. 

    So he’s saing it’s “morally wrong” to increase the deficit and putting it onto future generations. 

  3. Martoid says:

    Fox has a different read on such it seems…

  4. Eyeball_Kid says:

    That’s about 47% of the likely voters.

  5. Eyeball_Kid says:

    You forgot to include Romney’s statement that having FEMA in place from borrowed money is “morally wrong.” 

    Is that the same “morally wrong” as borrowing billions from China and Japan for anything? Is it morally wrong to borrow money? Or just for FEMA?

    Romney is saying that if/when he has the opportunity send FEMA into the state or private sector, he’ll do it. And of course, if he’s president, he’ll have the opportunity. You’re splitting hairs.

  6. Regh46 says:

    What  these Republicans/Tea Party types do not    teel you is that most if not all states,by their state constitution, must have a balanced budget. So if have a state has a diaster the magnitude of this storm where are they going to  get  the money  to provide relief. If can’t ask the federal government  for help then either   they either  stop   helping when the money runs out or have to cut other progams and or raise taxes. With only individual states   paying for   the emergnecy    the pool of money available  infinitly  smaller,       

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