Feingold: “Sneak attack coming” on Medicare, Social Security

Strategizing around the lame duck trainwreck just got more interesting. As you know, there’s an effort among progressives and Senator Sanders to organize Democrats in the Senate to oppose any safety net cuts. (Click here to learn more, including what you can do to help.)

Now Russ Feingold — former U.S. senator and current Obama campaign co-chair — is organizing against these cuts as well. The email below was sent to his full Progressives United list. Note that it organizes against Republicans (natch, given Feingold’s current position) but still — it organizes against the cuts themselves as well.

Medicare, medicaid, social security

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This is very good, since it positions the Progressives United list and crew against any action in the lame duck Congress. And since, by definition, the lame duck session is post-election, Feingold is then free to use his list and group to oppose cuts proposed by anyone.

By the way, the subject line of the Progressives United mailing is:

Sneak attack on Medicare coming

Clever on several counts. Excellent work, sir.

Action opportunity — If you want to join Feingold and give some grief to Republican senators, feel free. Read the Progressives United mailing below and click and act as you choose. Every bit helps. Scott Brown might make an interesting phone call for Massachusetts residents. The list of senate phone numbers is here. Target names are in Feingold’s email (look for a paragraph with links).



Legislators: Will you reject cuts to crucial benefits? Sign the petition.

After the election, there will be a movement in Congress to eviscerate Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits before the inauguration.

This so-called “lame-duck session” is when politicians feel the least accountable to voters — and when they are the most likely to push through massively unpopular legislation like this that does huge damage to average working families.

In order to stop them, we have to get key legislators on record now, while they prepare to face the voters in November.

That’s why members of Progressives United are targeting several Republican Senate candidates in tight races. We’re petitioning them to demand an answer NOW about whether they’ll stand with their constituents or their richest donors.

Sign our petition today. Sen. Scott Brown (MA), Sen. Dean Heller (NV), Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ), Rep. Rick Berg (ND), and Rep. Denny Rehberg (MT) will each vote on eviscerating Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security during the lame-duck session. They must tell voters now whether they will reject cuts to crucial benefits.

For years, big right-wing election spenders have tried to slash crucial programs to pay for massive tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

But America’s priority should be providing a safety net and providing opportunity for those with lower and moderate incomes, not enriching the already-wealthy. We shouldn’t be stripping away crucial benefits for the elderly, the poor, and the disabled while too many of the wealthiest don’t pay their fair share.

It’s my job and yours, as patriotic progressives, to fight for these programs for all Americans.

The intransigent right wing will undoubtedly push for a deal that hits average working families and gives the rich even more. That’s why we must make sure key current and would-be senators in high-visibility races either commit to standing for the middle class — or face the voters on the record about what they would do.

Demand answers from Scott Brown, Dean Heller, Jeff Flake, Rick Berg, and Denny Rehberg: Will you reject benefit cuts to crucial programs, and make the wealthiest pay their fair share?

Right now, before voters go to the polls, is our best chance to ensure our leaders remain accountable to the people. It’s the only way we’ll compete with the big-money interests.

Thank you for uniting as a progressive,

Russ Feingold
Progressives United


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