CNBC is now the Conspiracy News Broadcasting Channel

It’s official, CNBC has gone completely over the top in terms of Tea Party craziness.

They probably should be called the Wall Street Bootlicking Network, but they would have to make too many changes. The network that created the Godfather of the Tea Party movement, Rick Santelli, is putting another conspiracy-laced rant by Santelli on the top of their video page.

Once again, Santelli is doing his usual shtick to his adoring fans who are troubled by reality. Santelli has a long history of bizarre rants during his live “interviews,” and the CNBC crowds lap it up. While it may make for good TV with the oppressed, rich-white-male crowd, it’s flat out nuts to watch for anyone else. CNBC is troubled by facts, so they dismiss them.

Only at CNBC or Fox News could improving jobs numbers be so depressing. And that alone is depressing. But hey, who wants to stand in the way of ratings. It’s not like CNBC had a reputation for reporting actual business news that it needed to preserve.

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