Gore, Bloomberg, Cuomo: Hurricane Sandy impacted by Climate Change

While New York Republican mayor Bloomberg has at least mentioned the words “climate change,” he’s an unusual exception in today’s GOP.

For the rest of the Republican Party, climate change doesn’t exist, and mentioning it will only hurt your chances of getting on Fox News.

The hard reality – whether the GOP wants to admit it or not – is that climate change is having an impact on today’s weather. Even if we change our ways today, it will take a very long to have a positive impact. Making jokes about the dire situation, as Republicans do, is a disservice to the country and a slap in the face to the scientific community that has been raising the issue for years, including specific concerns about New York.

The Republicans don’t have to like Al Gore, but they certainly have to admit that he was right.  But they won’t.

Former Vice President Al Gore warned in a blog post today that Hurricane Sandy is a “disturbing sign of things to come” if the world doesn’t quit “dirty energy.”

At 1:21 p.m. ET, with large swaths of the Northeast still swimming in the storm’s mess, the Current TV founder and environmental activist published a statement asking the public to “heed this warning and act quickly to solve the climate crisis.”

More from Bloomberg and Cuomo:

“What’s clear is that the storms that we’ve experienced in the last year or so around this country and around the world are much more severe than before,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a briefing today. “Whether that’s global warming or what, I don’t know. But we’ll have to address those issues.”

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, an early favorite in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, expressed similar concerns, quipping that New Yorkers “have a 100-year flood every two years now.”

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14 Responses to “Gore, Bloomberg, Cuomo: Hurricane Sandy impacted by Climate Change”

  1. Other than the Bible stating that:

     Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And
    let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of
    the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every
    creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

    Did He give us permission to destroy it?

  2.  I remember sister Loretta raising this same point when I was in about the fifth grade in the 50s.

    Anybody know where the church stands on this now?

  3. Bill Perdue says:

    As with almost all of the big questions Obama and Romney both have rotten politics when it comes to the environmental causes of global warming.
    Obama and Romney support the polluters who policies create global warming and the megastorms that have caused havoc.  from hurricanes like Andrew, Katrina, Sandy (they should be named for BP, Obama, Romney, Chevron etc.) and the two outbreaks of killer tornadoes last April 14-16 that killed 38 people in 16 states and the April 27-28 outbreak that destroyed Joplin, Mo., produced 305 tornadoes in half a dozen states and killed  over 300 people.

     “WASHINGTON — In a dramatic reversal, President Barack Obama on Friday scrubbed a clean-air regulation that aimed to reduce health-threatening smog, yielding to bitterly protesting businesses and congressional Republicans who complained the rule would kill jobs in America’s ailing economy. Withdrawal of the proposed regulation marked the latest in a string of retreats by the president in the face of GOP opposition, and it drew quick criticism from liberals. Environmentalists, a key Obama constituency, accused him of caving to corporate polluters…” Huffington Post  09 12 11

    “In a broad appeal to U.S. voters, President Obama said Tuesday that he will open more than 75% of potential offshore oil and gas resources to exploration and, at the same time, produce enough clean energy on public land to power 3 million homes.” Greenhouse 01  24 2012 “Clean” energy is politicspeak for “I’m taking bribes from Big Oil and Big Coal.”

    Romney is just as bad. ” After raising nearly $10 million in Texas oil money in two days, Mitt Romney announces an energy plan on the Texas-New Mexico border later today that includes billions of dollars in giveaways to industry contributors. Romney will call for extensive expansion of oil and gas drilling – including along the coasts of Virginia and the Carolinas – and eliminating most federal safety and environmental standards that govern the development of energy resources on our public lands. This corporate polluter agenda should come as no surprise, as the Washington Post noted: “Romney’s plan caters heavily to oil and coal interests, and oil executives are some of his biggest benefactors.” Think Progress 08 23 2012

    Vote socialist, write in Brad Manning or sit it out. We don’t have a horse in this race.

  4. hollywoodstein says:

    It’s just good business.

  5. quax says:

    “scientific community that has been raising the issue for years” try decades

  6. Dave of the Jungle says:

    I know. Sometimes I do that.

  7. Indigo says:

     That’s very optimistic of you.

  8. AnitaMann says:

     if only.

  9. AnitaMann says:

    But the bible says, “Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up liberal scientists!” 

  10. Dave of the Jungle says:

    Simple denial of reality.

  11. Dave of the Jungle says:

    I’m afraid you may be correct.

  12. cslib says:

     I still have faith in the propagandists abilities to keep the numbers
    of climate change deniers high in this country as compared to the rest
    of world for a long time to come. I have started to just accept the fact that they will continue to deny climate change even with the irrefutable proof staring them in the face. 

  13. mgardener says:

    Republicans are not ignorant. Ignorant is defined as -destitute of knowledge or education.
    Republicans are willfully ignoring the scientific facts of climate change. For whatever reasons they refuse to accept the facts.

  14. Dave of the Jungle says:

    This seems to be the year that widespread denial will crumble and only the propagandists will be singing the same old party line.

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