GOP House hopeful mum on campaign manager’s incendiary, false tweets about Hurricane Sandy

Chris Wight For Congress Owes New Yorkers an Apology

There were a lot of amazing tweets last night about the increasingly dire situation in New York City during the height of Hurricane Sandy, including some extraordinary photos of the damage.

But several of the most inflammatory tweets that went viral, and were used by newsrooms, were a lie.

Buzzfeed’s Jack Stuef discovered that they were posted Shashank Tripathi, a man working as campaign manager for Republican US House candidate Chris Wight, who’s running against Democratic Representative Carolyn Maloney of New York’s 12th congressional district, which includes parts of Manhattan that were flooded by Hurricane Sandy.  According to some reports, Tripathi is Wight’s campaign manager.

Stuef is also a vocal supporter of Mitt Romney, and claims to have organized phone banks for Romney in New York.

A sample of the things Tripathi wrote last night (Buzzfeed has many more):

That’s some pretty incendiary stuff.

Not a Word From Wight About Hoax

So it’s odd that wannabe congressman Chris Wight hasn’t said boo about his staffer trying to incite mass panic in New York last night during a national disaster.

Wight replaced Tripathi as campaign manager with someone else today, but Wight’s statement says absolutely nothing about the scandal committed by own campaign manager.  Not an acknowledgement, not even an apology.

You’d think Chris Wight would issue a statement apologizing to the people of New York, who he hopes to represent.  After all, the hoax was played on his own to-be constituents (should he win).  They deserve an answer.

What’s particularly odd is that Chris Wight replaced

Was this about trying to harm Democrats?  Was it about trying to influence the election in some way?  Did Chris Wight know that his campaign manager was orchestrating this charade?

We don’t know because Chris Wight isn’t talking.

Perhaps it’s time he did.


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7 Responses to “GOP House hopeful mum on campaign manager’s incendiary, false tweets about Hurricane Sandy”

  1. RP_USA says:

     To quote Ann Coulter… retard

  2. TomInCali says:

    Wight has now posted a denouncement of Tripathi:

  3. BeccaM says:

    Tripathi is representative of today’s Republican party: Immature, reckless, and pathologically uncaring of potential harm done to others.

    If even a single police officer, fire fighter, or rescue worker was diverted to check out these phony and criminally irresponsible Tweets, I hope Tripathi is charged. Interfering with emergency services, especially during a natural disaster of this magnitude, is flat out evil.

    Seriously, what the f*ck was he thinking? That this was funny?

  4. MyrddinWilt says:

    Should’t the news reporters who reported this garbage without checking it be held to account as well?

    If news reporters did their job and checked facts then Fox News would have been out of business a decade ago. It is only very recently that they stopped reporting on Faux News stories having worked out that they are all complete fiction.

  5. Guest says:

     “Stuef is also a vocal supporter of Mitt Romney, and claims to have organized phone banks for Romney in New York.” I think you mean Tripathi “is also a vocal
     supporter of Mitt Romney…” (Jack Stuef used to post for Wonkette).

  6. Gregory Williams says:

    Scumbaggers gone wild is the new GOP conservative normal, they have expanded the conservative political farming method of PLANT A LIE AND WATCH IT GROW.

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