Apple workers on strike in China

How’s that offshore factory where workers are on call 24×7 going these days for Apple?It’s a good thing they can save a few bucks per phone hand building their phones in China rather than the US. But hey, the workers at Foxconn are on call to do whatever Apple wants.

Thousands of workers went on strike Friday at a Foxconn plant in China that makes Apple Inc’s iPhone 5, paralyzing production of the smartphone, rights advocate China Labor Watch reported.

The reported strike comes at a crucial time for the U.S. corporation, weeks after kicking off its largest-ever global rollout of the smartphone. Apple is already struggling with supply constraints, analysts say.

Citing workers, the labor group said 3,000 to 4,000 workers began their strike at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou complex in the afternoon, incensed by over-exacting quality controls as well as demands they work through the week-long “Golden Week” holidays, which began Monday.

Gizmodo is reporting that the problem is about work conditions at the factory. When you look at the profits for the iPhone (around $400 per phone) it’s not clear why Apple is being so greedy and failing to hire more workers. Then again, I never understood the unbridled greed on Wall Street but obviously enough people find it OK and keep buying from these businesses.

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