Climate Criminals — List of the world’s largest oil and gas companies

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Earlier I suggested that one way to up the ante in the climate war — the war between us and the billionaires who are making sure carbon continues to enter the air — was to launch a Climate Criminals project. Then I put out a to-do listwith a list of questions and actions.

Thanks to everyone who responded. Twitter friend Joan4020 pointed me to this terrific list of the world’s largest companies — sortable by industry, size and location. Excellent source. What you see below are all companies listed in the Oil and Gas sector. A great start.

A reminder — these companies are not the enemy. The CEOs who run them are the enemies. As I explained here, companies are dead things, force extenders for the CEO class. If a CEO with a conscience took over one of these companies, that company would be into alternative energy as fast as the man or woman upstairs could “make it so.”

Thank you, Joan. This is a great start. Feast your eyes, folks. Next task — the blood money. What do those listed CEOs earn, and what is their net worth?

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The world’s largest oil and gas companies

For the full list, click here.

Rank Name Revenue ($billion) Fiscal Year Stock HQ CEO
1 ExxonMobil $486.227 [2] December 31, 2011 NYSEXOM United States Irving, Texas, United States Rex W. Tillerson
2 Royal Dutch Shell $470.171[3] December 31, 2011 LSERDSA United Kingdom London, United Kingdom,NetherlandsThe Hague, Netherlands Peter Voser
4 BP $386.460[5] December 31, 2011 LSEBP United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Robert Dudley
6 Sinopec $273.0 [7] December 31, 2011 SSE600028,SEHK0386 China Beijing, China Jiming Wang
8 Chevron $253.706[9] December 31, 2011 NYSECVX United States San Ramon, California, United States John Watson
9 ConocoPhillips $251.226[10] December 31, 2011 NYSECOP United StatesHouston, Texas, United States James Mulva
12 PetroChina $221.570[13] December 31, 2011 SSE601857,SEHK0857 China Beijing, China Zhou Jiping
13 Total S.A. $220.415[14] December 31, 2011 EuronextFP France Courbevoie, France Christophe de Margerie
17 Saudi Aramco $182.396[18] 2009 Government-owned Saudi Arabia Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Khalid A. Al-Falih
18 Gazprom $158.100[19] 2011 MCXGAZP Russia Moscow, Russia Alexei Miller
23 Petrobras $145.900[24] 2010 Bovespa:PETR3,4 Brazil Rio de Janeiro,Brazil Maria das Graças Foster
28 Eni $129.957 [29] 2010 BITENI Italy Rome, Italy Paolo Scaroni
35 JX Holdings $116.414[36] March 31, 2011 TYO5020 Japan Japan
50 Lukoil $104.956[53] 2010 MCXLKOH Russia Moscow, Russia Vagit Alekperov
51 Pemex $103.538[54] 2010 Government-owned Mexico Mexico City, Mexico Juan José Suárez Coppel
55 Petróleos de Venezuela $94.929[58] 2010 Government-owned Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela Rafael Ramírez
64 Rosneft $91.975[68] 2011 MCXROSN Russia Moscow, Russia Igor Sechin
65 Statoil $90.733[69] 2010 OSESTL Norway Stavanger, Norway Helge Lund
76 Kuwait Petroleum Corporation $84.594[81] March 31, 2010 Government-owned Kuwait Kuwait City,Kuwait Saad Al Shuwaib
80 Valero Energy Corporation $82.233[86] 2010 NYSEVLO United States San Antonio, Texas, United States Bill Klesse
84 Repsol S.A. $80.747[90] 2010 BMADREP Spain Madrid, Spain Antonio Brufau
89 National Iranian Oil Company $79.277[18] 2009 Government-owned Iran Tehran, Iran Masoud Mir Kazemi
94 Petronas $76.822[100] March 31, 2011 Government-owned Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tan Sri Shamsul Azhar Bin Abbas
95 Indian Oil Corporation $75.632[101] March 31, 2011 NSEIOC India Mumbai, India B.M.Bansal
100 Marathon Oil $73.621[107] 2010 NYSEMRO United States Houston, Texas, United States Clarence Cazalot, Jr.
132 PTT Public Company Limited $62.998[141] 2010 SETPTT Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Prasert Bunsumpun
133 Sonatrach $62.989[142] 2010 Government-owned Algeria Algiers, Algeria Djenane El Malik
149 Reliance Industries $59.679[158] March 31, 2011 BSE500325 India Mumbai, India Mukesh Ambani
172 China National Offshore Oil Corporation $53.733[183] 2010 Government-owned China Beijing, China Wang Yilin

I’m adding this bad boy as well, because … well, he and his brother have been bad indeed. The company is listed as a Conglomerate, but we know what they do.

54 Koch Industries $100.0[57] 2009 est. Private United States Wichita, Kansas, United States Charles Koch

Next step, figure out who to focus on — remember, we’re holding CEOs responsible, not their companies; and I’m also inclined to focus on those who are U.S.–based with just a few exceptions.

Big thanks to Joan4020 for getting us well started. If anyone else wants to contribute items listed in our to-do list, please do. More to come.


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