American Airlines throws kid with Downs Syndrome off flight for no apparent reason


American Airlines throws kid with Downs Syndrome off flight because… well… American claims the kid was a security risk (the child was flying first class, for the first time ever, and suddenly American didn’t like this particular child in first class… hmm).

Video taken at the time shows the boy sitting calmly in a chair holding a hat, doing absolutely nothing, while his mother is sobbing and some jerk from American is threatening the mother because she’s recording him seemingly violating her son’s civil rights. What a horrible story.

Also interesting, American was afraid that the boy was a “security risk” flying first class (with all those rich people) but American had no problem offering to book another flight in coach.

How is the boy a security risk in first but not in couch? American claims it’s because the boy would have been close to the cockpit. Really? American’s security is so piss poor that a 16 year old boy, with the personality of a 4 or 5 year old (according to the mom) could somehow disrupt the pilot while flying? Imagine what an actual terrorist could do if American’s on board security is so bad that a kid could so easily interfere with the pilot while flying.

And to top it off, American is refusing to reimburse the family for the upgrade they already purchased.

I think American did that to ensure that the jury adds on another couple of million. Unbelievable.

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