GOP former state Senator blames victims for Aurora shooting

This is really unbelievable.

This guy, a former state senator from Arizona, wants to know why no one charged the gunman, with his four weapons shooting wildly.  Uh, because they were running for their lives?  He then invokes the famed Flight 93 from September 11.  Yeah, those guys on the plane were heroes, but they also had no way to escape other than charging the terrorist pilots.  In this case, the easiest escape, the safest escape, was the “Exit” door.

Then he trots out the old, they could have stopped it if they all had guns, canard.

Yeah, I suppose 500 people in a smokey movie theater could have opened fire at once.  That would have been interesting.  Hey, if the patrons simply had portable nukes they could have stopped the attack too.

Oh yeah…

Is this what gun nuts now believe, that whenever there’s a crime we should all run at the gunman rather than get our butts out of there?  I suspect the police, who are actually experts on this kind of thing, would beg to differ.

Oh, and he’s a Republican and a gun nut, of course. From ThinkProgress:

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