Former member of GOP leadership wants health care repeal votes every day this year

Sounds like a great way to put jobs first, by taking health care away from kids under the age of 27, and bringing back pre-existing conditions, annual limits and lifetime limits.

The congresswoman in this video, Marsha Blackburn (R-OH), epitomizes everything that is wrong with the modern Republican party. It’s a party run by southern social conservatives (Blackburn is originally from Mississippi, surprise!) who are constitutionally incapable of an original thought outside of a set of specific, and rather dated, talking points that usually include lowering taxes, increasing defense spending, hating on gays, contraception and Latinos, and something – anything really – about Ronald Reagan.

In this video, Blackburn, who was in the GOP congressional leadership up until this Congress, calls for daily votes to repeal health care reform.  Richard Socarides, who refused to let her spout her bs unchallenged, should have asked Blackburn to name three things that are in the bill besides the individual mandate (Blackburn has a history of insisting that the bill still contains “death panels”).  It’d have been nice to watch her spout her death panel lie, and to see her flounder when asked for specifics of the legislation she wants to repeal.

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