NYT columnist suggests that Hitler was a “progressive”

Digby is right. This kind of garbage has no place in the NYT.

As for Hitler being a progressive, he didn’t like Jews, people with disabilities, gays, transgender people, social democrats or socialists.  While there are large swaths of Americans who don’t like those particular groups either, those Americans don’t generally call the Democratic party their home.

Just sayin’.

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One Response to “NYT columnist suggests that Hitler was a “progressive””

  1. fooledmeagain says:

    Hitler was totally a socialist what are you thinking? He was for big govt, gun control, abortion and animal rights.. .. Because you say he doesn’t like jews – well substitute Jews for Christians and viola you have a nazi leftist progressive..all things aside your greatest misunderstanding is that he hated socialists really – govt control = socialist .. Nazi means ‘National socialist” do you think because he fought the communists he was against socialism ? thats ignorant .. think Trotsky v Lenin .. Its related horizontally just not vertically.

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