BREAKING: UK parliamentary report finds Murdoch “unfit” to run a global company

This is happening now.  Live feed of the committee.  More to come. “Rupert Murdoch is not fit to run a multinational company.”


Rupert Murdoch “is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company”, MPs have said. The cross-party culture committee questioned journalists and bosses at the now closed paper, as well as police and lawyers for hacking victims. It concluded that Mr Murdoch exhibited “wilful blindness” to what was going on in his media empire. And it said the News of the World and News International misled Parliament about the scale of phone hacking.

Why is the American press not looking into whether Fox and the WSJ were involved in this scandal as well? Three other Murdoch properties were. Reason enough to inquire whether the same thing happened at other Murdoch companies.

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