Mean Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) loses GOP primary; Joe the Plumber wins; and Romney still limping along

You remember her. Nasty nasty nasty Republican congresswoman. And she’s GONE. Of course, the downside is that the guy who beat her is a bigger nut than she is, and he’s expected to win the seat in the fall. He’s against raising the debt ceiling, and wants to repeal health care reform (even though I’ll bet you he can’t name three things the bill even does). Oh, and he’s bummed that we pulled out of Iraq – he thinks the troops should be there permanently, like they are in Germany and Japan. But he says he’s against wasteful spending. Uh huh.

Speak of crazy, Joe the Plumber won his primary in Ohio.

Oh yeah, there were those other races last night.  Mitt Romney appeared to finally win Ohio last night, but only barely, thus guaranteeing that the bruising GOP primary battle will continue for a while.  NYT’s Jim Rutenberg:

Far from bringing new clarity to the race as some in the party had hoped, Tuesday’s results gave every candidate cause to keep driving forward — including Newt Gingrich, who won a definitive victory in Georgia. They also dashed Mr. Romney’s hope of using the night to assert himself as the inevitable nominee.

The battle for Ohio was viewed as the most critical to determining whether Mr. Romney could finally emerge as solidly on his way to winning his party’s nomination or was heading into an even longer fight.

And if Mr. Romney’s aides were hoping that Super Tuesday would spell at least the beginning of the end of the nominating season, his losses in Georgia and Tennessee renewed questions about his political strength in the Republican bastion of the South.

It’s so much more fun watching them tear each other part than watching ourselves.

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