Limbaugh show twice airs dead air time this afternoon in lieu of ads

I noted earlier today that 56% of Rush Limbaugh’s ads during his radio show yesterday were unpaid free public service announcements. The day before he didn’t run any free PSAs. Today, following the news that the American Heart Association pulled its PSA from Limbaugh’s show, the broadcast aired dead air two different times during today’s show when there should have been advertisements – one was for a minute, and the second for two minutes and 40 seconds.  From Media Matters:

Rush Limbaugh closed the first hour of his radio show on his flagship station, WABC, with 1:03 of dead air Monday.

While advertisers have fled Limbaugh’s show since his misogynistic attacks on Sandra Fluke, the first hour of every show since those attacks aired on March 1 has concluded with at least one ad leading into an ABC News break at the top of the second hour.

Similarly, during the commercial break that led into the show, there was 2:38 of dead air.

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